Sunday, 10 April 2011

LOSING WEIGHT....and a shoutout or 2

Hey mes amis,
this morning i'm thinking about what to write, even though it just came to me.....
 i want to lose weight, ok no that did not just come to me but i'm gonna actually TRY THIS TIME!
and since its holiday i have no time for my usual school noshing so it might work, i'm gonna beg my eldest sister to help me - she's the exercise/fitness queen in the family, school, world. So i hope she can make a diet plan for me and i'm gonna use her fitness dvd once a day hopefully....
i will update weekly maybe not on a sseperate post but deffinately IN A POST saying my weight loss/gain amount, i hope to lose............2lbs this week? 

currently i am reading: Peace, Love nd Baby Ducks...which is one of the cutest books i've read well the first 50 pages i've read so far( cut me some slack, i only started it today) but already i feel like i can relate to Carly, the main girl...who always has to live up to her older YOUNGER sister, whose hotter,bigger boobed, popular...her emotions towards her parents are soo desperately malignant.

the next books i am going to order once i finished my next 2 are:
Pretty Little Lies - Lauren Conrad
Sugar & Spice - Lauren Conrad
Beach Blondes - Katherine Applegate
Untamed (houseofnight novel) - P.C Cast
Haunted (hon novel) - P.C Cast
Tempted (Again another HON novel) - P.C Cast

suprisingly these are all series....

hmm a lil update did u ask for? well ok, i've decided i am gonna completely cut myself off from my year for at least 5 days. up to 10, maybe even the rest of the holiday. I WANT A BREAK FOR THE STUPID SCHOOL GIRL DRAMA. i want to sit at home having bbq's with my fam and chilling READING and watching Angus Thongs and perfect Snogging/She's the Man/My little pony the movie ON REPEAT with mes soeurs btw they are both older then me, oo we might add in John Tucker must die as well...then me watching scary movies on my own, speaking of those i can't wait for Scream 4 to come out, recently i watched the first 3 and i just found out a) LUCY HALE IS GOING TO BE IN IT and b) SHENAE GRIMES IS GOING TO BE IN IT...if you did not know Lucy is ARIA in Pretty Little Liars, a fave tv show of mine, and Shenae (pronounced Shenay) is Annie in 90210!! another fave, well mainly matt lanter is a fave, scroll down to the bottom of my blog to see matt in tv and not in the slideshow, oo on ur way click the follow button :) he is dammmmmmmm fine...
my class is just to dramatic, i have no homework. no worries - well none i want to think of. = CARE FREE SPRING BREAK BABY, ok well im English so spring break is just funner to say. Should i go all english on you darlings. Well my little duckie, i have just broken up for Easter on Thursday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus's reincarnation. Bout to have a cup o  tea and biccys, want to join...haha jokin jokin...


of course me haha

hmm shall i do 5 to start off with:

1. Fleur, or Fleur DeForce on youtube...
she is a blog follower of mine, i have met her twice before at meetups and she is one of the loveliest people i know, and one of the coolest. She's so friendly, go check her out if you haven't already...

2. Tati/Tatiana, my eldest sister.
This is the one who will help me later with my dietary requirements this holiday. She is amazing and beautiful. I love her forever. lUSM SIS, i dont think my other sister wants to be link but i'll add Etienne/Eti's blog ici.

3. Siobhan @ starsglittermagic.
she seems so sweet and her blog is just amazing.  i <3 her.

her blog is so fun to read, i look forward to it. i love her flower name thing, she is just the cutest...

5. Jessica @ Starvioletbeauty 
i mentioned her a few times b4 and we have emailed, she is just the nicest most sincere and most colourful person i 'know'. one of my top faves...

 i know by now one special friend is feeling like why shouldn't i be up there. DONT WORRY YOU ARE.

going over 5 but oh well, her blog is probably my favourite...
6. Jeanette @
JJ is probably my best friend..or the closest i have to one. i <3 her with all my heart and her blog is just amazing so PLEASE CHECK IT OUT....

I LOVE YOU ALL, follow my blog plz ooo and a picture to make you smile:

only a fat pig would eat that cake......get it hehehe



  1. As I see no email on your page I thought I'd leave you a quick comment to ask you not to leave comments like that on my blog. It clearly says right above the box to not advertise or promote yourself on my blog. I do not follow on request.