Friday, 24 June 2011

Freaky Friday

Ciao Blogosphere,

Finally FRIDAY IS HERE! It's friday friday gotta get down on friday or even better LAST FRIDAY NIGHT... OK moving on from listing random songs with the word friday in...I felt like doing a post but cdn't chose what to do so i just have a bunch of things to say....

Well on wednesday it was meant to be my Sports Day but it was raining and it was cold so it was cancelled luckily my mother was there and took my sisters and i home as soon as they announced the cancellation THANK GOD it cancelled just before my race - i was meant to do the 400m relay and run 100m of it but looking at the actual 100m race it looked sooo long especially for a not so good at running gal like me especially in the rain soo glad i didn't have to run..

Since i was in shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt and in the wind and rain i caught an illness or summin.....That morning i didnt feel soo good but as soon as i was back in my bedroom i fell straight asleep - IT WAS AT LIKE 1PM I NEVER SLEEP DURING THE DAY unless sick, so my mum worked out i must be getting a cold...I have also thrown up a few times and i can't swallow food and can only just drink through a straw ITS HORRIBLE. i hate being ill! - don't we all? I stayed home from school yesterday and today hopefully back on monday but that means i didn't get my end of year results as early as possible which would of been yesterday. But i feel so ill!!!!!!! Practically all i've drank is Ginger Ale since it neutralises the acid in your stomach somethin like dat but since my sister loves it she drank the rest of it, i did let her, so my mother is out now buying some Lucozade. movving on.....

I chose my 'White Day' outfit, 'White Day''s official name is Annual Gathering where form reps and a few certain years and parents have to wear white and listen to this long speech by the headmistress. I am not a form rep but my best friend and good friend (Jeanette and Gabi - linked to their blogs) are for my class but in another class in my year the deputy form rep can't go so i asked to fill in SO I CAN GO!!!!! Yay-ish, i do have to stay at school and listen to a speech on my last day of the school year but it gives me and excuse to buy a new outfit :)....The conditions for the outfit must be white plain or white with a white pattern, pale shoes, white accessories if needed, cover most of your shoulders and look i think i chose my outfit but i haven't ordered it yet:
White Ruffle Toe Post Sandals
White Ruffle Toe Post Sandals - £12
Select Fashion
Harley All Over Lace Ribbon Belted Playsuit

Harley All Over Lace Ribbon Belted Playsuit - £20

i <3 that playsuit...It's so me, lace, playsuit, bow! It's perfect! 

Well that's all i have for now,
Perdi @ wmrdx

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Blog Lovin

probably the shortest post i've ever written,

watermelonraindropx will be ma name x

Monday, 20 June 2011

Spring Lovin - White oo and A NEW GIVEAWAY WINNER

May i start with apologising,
There has been a confusion. With my giveaway, orginally my winner never replied but she just did but i already emailed my new winner, Britt. BRITT i have to say that your my runner up and you will be getting a prize just not the one i announced.i feel terrible. Well congrats to Sam and Britt x

moving on....

Our school has an annual white day/annual gathering, where the students asked to come where White - all white or cream. And it is compulsory for some years but for others only form reps have to come and parents of the children are invited. I am not form rep in my class sadly but my best friend, Jeanette and my good friend, Gabi are. Here are their blogs, they are truly amazing and i really love their blogs. Gabi =  and Jeanette = Back to the point, both my sisters are going and my mum so i wanted to go and i found out a girl, Lauren, couldn't go as her form rep sooooooooooo i asked my dep head and he said i could fill in for her sooo YAY A DAY OF WHITE DRESSES. So whilst scrolling through webs to look for the perfect white dress and accessories i got caught up in the mass of white amazingness so i am doing a spring trend LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE
all on here we go:
Image 4 of Liqourish Embroidery Anglaise Skirt
Liquorish Embroidery Anglais Skirt - Asos
in sale at £22 from £38 - bargain and gorgeous (oh and we can wear skirts)

Image 1 of ASOS Tie Strap One Shoulder Dress
Asos Tie Strap One Shoulder Dress - ASOS
sale on £20 from £40 - ANOTHER BARGAIN 
bit plain but with maybe a brighter lipstick and nail polish but with a cardi - no bare shoulders

Image 1 of ASOS Linen Bandeau Pleated Short Playsuit
Linen Bandeau Pleated Short Playsuit - Asos

White Ruffle Toe Post Sandals
White Ruffle Toe Post Sandals - Select Fashion

Image 1 of River Island One Shoulder Skater Dress
River Island One Shoulder Skater Dress - Asos

and for the overly priced holy grail white dress:
Larkhill Dress
Jack Wills Lark Hill Dress - £69
White, eyelet, open back with a tiny bow. it is perfect. but i cant afford it :(...i do receive donations :)

so that is all i have , white is sooo cute...
What enshamble is your fave from this and congrats Brit for winning x