Saturday, 7 August 2010

Top 10 MAC Eyeshadow Wishlist

Thought i would just show a quick Wishlist so you can see what type of things i like and want(/need) in order, all pictures are found on the web and are the closest things to showing the actual colour............


Number 1 - Sable

Sable is a gorgeous bronze colour with minimal red and purple reflects.

Number 2 - All That Glitters

All That Glitters is an AMAZING peachy pink colour, very shimmery!

Number 3 - Black Tied

This is one of MAC's most prized possessions. The blackest black with more then a pinch of glitter. The shimmery black beauty should be a key piece in ALL OF YOUR collections, if you dont like shimmery eyeshadows (grrrrr) chose carbon by MAC, a matte black.

Number 4 - Patina

Patina is sometimes compared to a darker All That Glitters, NO IT IS NOT. It is way darker and is practically gold. The swatch in this picture probs doesnt have it's flash on, it is a gold/bronze shimmery colour. Another staple in a neutral palette.

Number 5 - Mulch

Mulch is another bronzey gold but with slightly less shimmer, but still shimery. IT IS BEEEAUTIFUL...

Number 6 - Woodwinked

Wow, this is gold. WOWY this is beautiful. i love this colour, it is s00 pigmented (no duh) . this picture says it all!

Number 7 - Twinks
Twinks is a dark brown with gold and bronze reflects....Most people where is with Woodwinked, oh how beautiful. I will probs purchase these togevs, maybe maybe not .hahahaha but i love it

Number 8 - Romp

This pic is bad but Romp is a gold with brown reflects. It is so WOWZIES......

Number 9 - Naked Lunch

Probs a lighter less pigmented version of All That Glitters, but still beautiful and is a peachy gold.

Number 10 - Tempting

Tempting is a gorgeous lighter version of Twinks, i loveit. u can even see the little grains of gold beauty in it. WOW

So these are my Top 10! i might get the first 3 next friday! ooooooooooo i forgot to say. who watches fleur de force on utube. i hope all of u say MEMEME...well she and another utube girl is doing a london meet up at 4pm on friday 13th august!!!!!!!! outside the main entrance of selfridges. SHOPPING SPREE HERE WE COME WOOOOHOOOOOOO........i might need to save up though....u should all come, me and my sis's are going, promise ill do a blog bout it......if u come tell me, i might meet u/ I WILL ahhhhh woooooooooo

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

FOTD & OOTD, New Jeans. AND COOKIES.. yummy yummy (the jeans and the cookies. YUMM)

Hello Bloggers,
Big news - ish. Since it 'twas a rainy day, me and my sis (Peachy Pony) baked cookies. Choco chip ones, with many chocolate piece.

THEY ARE THE BOMB. they are so groovy that when u eat them u feel ashamed since u r not worthy. ok ok ok, there not that amazing but they are the bomb. Hey, i gotta idea why dont u all make ur own cookies, and comment about them or do a blog. I PROMISE U, i will read it. <3

okkkkk now onto my new jeans. i'm goin out for dins l8ter, not to a smart restaurent but ma mere is making me et my sistas look smartish, so i put on my jeans, which have shrunk. i have barely worn tthem this summer cause of the heat, so im in shorts, so i neva new, when i put them on today to wear since its slightly colder, they shrunk. i walked down to Select (Fashion) in camden, and tried on 6 pairs of jeans! wow i know, and there was also a 70% sale, ok my jeans were not in the sale but they were only £12.....they have some quite nice dresses in there if u need them for cheap!!....ok i will have a link to my jeans below \/...
they are the nicest pair of jeans ive owned in 4eves!!!
there dark blue, which i wanted, with gold stiching. THEY ARE CE TRES COMFORTABLE!!!
they feel like the comfiness u get with jeggings but look like jeans! there strechy and really pretty.
they have deep pockets (yay) and shaped fantastically.
there skinny but dont feel tight. amazing *claps*...they get narrower nearer to the end but feel
so comfy!! i really recommend them.....


Shirt - Burberry
Jeans - (mentioned above) Select Fashion

Nail Polish
Hands - Summertime, L.A Colors
Toes - Pink Flamingo, BarryM


Face - Natural Collection Cover Up Cream
Natural Collection Pressed Powder in warm
(and i know i do not have a close up but my cam broke so used my sisters phone, only was allowed to take one photo)

Eyes - Louys Mascara
BarryM Eyepencil in Black (no.2?)

Enjoy...HTH xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTTYL

Monday, 2 August 2010

Weekly: I want, I love, I obsess

I WANT: These shoes /\.......there amazing, i love the diomands on top of the nude!!!

I NEED: More money, so next time my fam go to bicester village, i can go to the cco and buy stuff! MAC discontinued (like Et tu bouquet? and 100 Strokes) eyeshadows from £7-£8!!!!!

I OBSESS - Over love-makeups cheep prizes (link below) and MeganHeartsMakeup (on youtube) hair tutorials or just copying her hair style!!! - for the discontinued cheap-ish MAC eyeshadows, mnore on the page


Sunday, 1 August 2010

July Playlist

This is my monthly Top 10 Playist, in no order. HTH

Travie Mccoy ft. Bruno Mars - Billionair

Eminem - Not Afraid

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce - Telephone

JLS - The Club is Alive

Eminem ft. Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie

3oh!3 ft. Ke$ha - My First Kiss

Pixie Lott - Turn It Up

Aggro Santos ft. Kimberly Wyatt - Candy

Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dog - California Gurls