Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Bits & Bobs Haul

Ciao Amici,

Today i'm back with a haul! Instead of doing a three part haul which i was going to do, part 1) presents i opened early 2) Christmas day 3) Boxing Day, i've decided i will just show a few from each, like not my favourites but like my highlights etc so here it is...

 A random variety of presents i received! 

 Cher Lloyd Calendar, ok i'm not ashamed to admit it i'm a Cher fan like a diehard one, i'm going to her tour and everything < Santa bought me her calendar :D

 My mumma then gifted me my favourite perfume, Vera Wang Princess, set! which includes a perfume, a mini body lotion and a solid perfume pencil aha i love this! and it comes with a VW sharpener

Lush's A Wonderful Christmas Time gift box, i bought this myself during the boxing day sales usually £100 but bought it for £50 and it has soo many items! and it has some more like expensive products which i dont usually buy like ultrabalm and pied de pepper so it makes me soo excited to have them in this! waheey

a lovely bracelet by Jack Wills picked out by my sister's, half-sister btw, dad..a lovely surprise because i wanted it but never asked for it! and its lovely, and silver is my favourite colour so double yay

From my Aunt, the Benefit's I'm Glam Therefore I am Palette 

My ever so beautiful wonderful pink laptop case by Ted Baker with hearts like incrusted into them and some have like a TB incrusted in them I LOVE IT! and it smells like new leather...yum!

This is from Oxford Bicester Village Outlet Shopping Centre from Ralph Lauren! It was on sale for only £24.99! I love it, it's navy and v-neck with a ruffle round the v with white stripes. PREPSTER MUCH! i love it, with skinny dark blue jeans and boots! lOVE

This shirt really didn't come up well! It's fully black and formal but with this giant ruffle down the front and it was from £100 to i think £29.99! bargain, don't know when i'm gonna wear it but mi gusta..

This shirt is also from BVOM (bicester village outlet mall), from Jack Wills. I love the jack wills at BV its so cheap! i got this pale pink summerweight jumper for £29.99! i love it! 

this lovely watch was gifted from my mother! and i absolutely love it, it was £75 from Toy Watch, white strap and rose gold rim and knobs and shiz with a mother of pearl face and rose gold diamontes where numbers usually are! its sooo pretty! ILOVE IT

also a quick NOTD:

A PINK AND WHITE KATH KIDSON INSPIRED NAIL! done with Essie's Pink Princess and a L.A Colours white and A TOOTHPICK i love it <3

thats all for now! 


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Felix Navidad!


In the Spirit of Christmas and all joyous holidays i wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS...
I will be doing 3 hauls, one of my pre-xmas presents (ones i opened early etc..), xmas day prezzies, and boxing day haul! early disclaimer: NOT BRAGGING! 

but i love you all, thanks for following and commenting and making my year a good one , i don't know what i would of been like this year without all of you! I've made so many friends through the beauty blogger community and i'm so grateful of everyone one of you that follows, views, comments, tweets me, bloglovin follows me, tumblr follows me: EVERYTHING. it means so much to me that your there and listening to my every post! 

I love you all and merry christmas!


Friday, 23 December 2011


Ciao Bella,

Today i have haul, haven't done one of these in ages! A bitta lush, a bitta boots, a bitta nail polish and btw i finally did the candy cane nails :D 

I'll start off with Lush, a while ago i bought 2 products but didn't use them (like 10 days ago?) and never hauled them so here they are:

This big white powderry beauty is Dragon's Egg! Citrus and white but when in water turns into a golden dragon!

The Comforter bubble bar! ITS HUGE! I usually use this in 3 baths, it smells of raspberries! mm bubbles!

I will then go on to my boots haul just to break it up a bit! 

First thing i got is my first ever Batiste Dry Shampoo in wild, ok well i originally saw it had Leopard Print (eeeep LEOPARD PEINT :D :D :D) packaging and ran, yes ran, to it and i was like NOW I'M FINALLY BUYING IT and i saw it had like a thing it does, like some smell nice (Tropical, Blush etc..) and some have glitter in them (gold, silver) and some are just normal but this is WILD! waaaheeeeeeeey wild! And it adds volume along with the absorption (is that a word, waheeey go me! i just looked it up and it is). And i love volumising products and this is just perfect...and guess what? IT SMELLS LIKE UMBERTO GIANININI TOUSLED BEACH SPRAY thingamajig, the smell i always talk imagine fizzy lavender lemonade! THATS WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE! i spray the U.G product all around my room sometimes :D

this product is the infamous collection 2000 newish mascara in Pump Up The Volume, as some of my regular blog readers you would know i love the C2K11 mascaras more then anything and pick up all the new ones and for only £2.99 each why not? And i expected this one to have a similar brush to the big sexy false lashes one due to the same packaging, red turned yellow and name changed) but its so complex! LOOK AT IT, woooow....

Then i bought 3 basic L.A Colour nail polishes:
a base coat, top coat and basic white - mainly for nail art, such as my candy cane nails i'll feature later!

Now for the rest of the lush haul! 

 Twilight Bath Bomb!

Gingerbread House bubble bar!  

 THE ABOMBINABALL bathbomb! my favourite scent of the year - vanilla, peppermint and orange blossom! 
and look at his LIl face aaaaaaaw

Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask! the lovely blueberry one!

and my candy cane nails:

Red = Revlon Cherry Crush
White = L.A Colours white

I have a few more hauls coming up :) so be excited! and they i have a review as well and then i'm gonna do a personal post on my design book! 

till next time,

WMRDX-MAS GIVEAWAY! Christmas Countdown: 3

senoritas! senoritas! i have an announcement! 
today i am posting about my CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! 

btw i did do a previous post on this and i didn't get enough entries so i'm redoing the post so hopefully more of you will see it! All the other entries WILL be counted so you can enter on that post but this would be preferred! 

Christmas is coming to town baby! 
I'll start off with the rules and extra entries:

- Must be a follower of my blog, leave gfc name in the comments = 1 entry
- one comment per person
- follow my twitter: PStollerX = +1 entry

- follow my bloglovin = +1 entry

- Tweet about my giveaway e.g: ''@PStollerX is holding WMRDXmas giveaway! *insert link* ENTER! RT'' = +1 entry

- Follow my BRAND new fb page = +1 entry

- Do a post dedicated to it = +2 Entry

- Link a picture in your sidebar = +1 Entry

And now for the prize: 

- Lush Christmas Bathtime Favourites Tin
- Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Large Jar
- Christmas Cupcake Large Jar
- Philosophy The Cookie Exchange GiftSet

To enter comment saying enter me with all the requirements, u must include your email and your GFC name! and if you do any others link your fb name/tweet/twitter name and all the other shin digs! 

Good luck! And winner will be! 
it was going to be the 26th but i've extended it to the 20th of January! 
Lots of love! and merry christmas


Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Versatile Blog Award

Ciao Amici,

What a lovely morning to wake up to! Woke up to reading through my comments and found out that the lovely Hannah from has just awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award, thank you very much Hannah!


One of the rules are share 7 Random Facts about me/you:

1) I think i'm actually computer/laptop addicted

2) I might drop out of music this term cause i hate my music lessons and my teacher and i can't wait till next year when i only do my GCSE choice subjects so i'm gonna ask if i can just sit in the library and do homework

3) My favourite subject is Italian and Geography 

4) Ok...Hannah gave me inspiration for this fact..i know practically every Cher Lloyd song off by heart - ok shoot me! I'm a Cher fan! 

5) I wish i had light blonde hair, i have dirty strawberry blonde hair, but my mum won't let me dye it! But i get a half head of highlights every few months! 

6) My blog is my biggest creative outlet! I am terrible at art and music and dance and anything creative or artistic so makeup and fashion is the biggest artistic passion i have. 

7) I love cold peeled tangerines! and my mother who peels them and puts them in the fridge for me to eat! LUSM

now the 15 people i give this award to
(i might only give it to 5-10)

Ok even though Hannah gave me this award i nominate her 2:

Chloe (Hannah's twin) =
Sunday Girl =
Thanks again Hannah! 

Best wishes,

Christmas Countdown: 4!

Ciao amici,

How are you all today? Feeling christmassy? I sure hope ya do, today you're gonna have a DOUBLE whammy of posts! The first one being my Christmas Countdown on my Xmas Nails

I attempted the Candy Cane nails.....
so no. i will not be showing you them. i took them off. 3 times. but i do have my holly nails to show u! 

My holly inspired nail! only one nail is done in holly cause i thought the rest would mess up! 
The blue/silver background is a Collection 2000 colour, the red is a Revlon metallic red (names would probably be at the bottom) and the green is a pretty pale green from miss sporty...
Green = no. 346
Red = Cherry Crush aka no. 760
Blue/Silver = Powder Blue aka no. 230
Start off by getting a tooth pick, or if u have a dotting tool or any preferred utensils grab them, and splodge your red of choice on to a paper/book/cd/anything and then dip ur toothpick in it and dot it on your solid colour background in like a triangle/small mickey mouse in a random place on your nail, i chose to do only 2 holly buds/flowers/bushes/thingymijiggs on my thumb so it wouldn't get messed up. i did the top one first.
Then get another toothpick and dip it into your green! I did this very jaggedly but i would suggest draw the outline first then fill it in! Or do like the first half of the green part and then go on to the outside if that makes sence! but dont try doing it all at once. AND TAKE YOUR TIME.......
It's quite easy and quick actually! 
I'mma try and do candy cane nails soon though! i also should have a haul up soon though! 

Blog i'm loving at the moment:

Chloe's Blog:
Hannah's Blog:

Btw Chloe and Hannah 1 (life-sparkles) are both lovely beauty blogger twins! (DOUBLE WHAMMY hahaha) and Hannah 2 is another lovely beauty blogger!

Merry Christmas!

Perdi @ WMRDX-mas

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Countdown: 5!

Ciao Amici,

Christmas is in 5 days so every day up in till then i'm gonna try and do a christmas post! I might end up with two posts on some days depending if i want a regular post as well! But since it is the giving season and the thankful season i would love to take a second to thank ALL OF YOU! Without you, YES YOU YOU LOOKING HERE I'D LIKE TO THANK YOU ESPECIALLY hahaha, i probs wouldn't be blogging and without you i don't know where i would be. Thank you all for sticking by me and commenting and viewing and followering and entering my giveaways! Thanks so much! I don't know where i would be without blogging - probably the most uncreative person i know since makeup and fashion is the only artsy thing i like and i like to think - GOOD AT! And i love it, i love blogging, bloggers and most of all all of you!


All pictures from weheartit!
Are you all feeling christmassy?
Tomorrow i think i'll be doing a lil Candy Cane NOTD but also include last weeks Holly nails! 

What are you all doing for christmas?!? I love hearing about others peoples traditions so COMMENT THEM DOWN BELOW, i promise i'll comment back ;) i don't bite!

love you all and till next time

p.s: giveaway is still on so get entering