Friday, 12 November 2010

Lush vs. Lush, Oatifix vs. Love Lettuce, Soft Skin vs Spot Fighting (and review)

Hey lovelies,

ok wweeeeellllll the other day i went to lush with a bestie who also blogs..she bought some stuff, i bought some stuff. she has her haul up doing it now so i can do some reviews...i only bought 2 things (for myself) and a prezzie for my sister......

i bought Gingerbread House Bubble Bar, jeanette bought me Oatifix face mask (hi jj if u reading this)and i bought my sister the Boog Bath Bomb..........

ok to the point.... i am gonna do a battle between the face masks , no not like Harry Hill's FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTS but a vs/vs thing.......

love lettuce left and Oatifix right.......................

Love lettuce:
LUSH SAYS: All skin types can benefit from the deep cleansing goodness of Love Lettuce. Fuller's earth and kaolin will act to draw dirt out and cleanse the pores, while almond oil and seaweed gel will soften. Has Polishing Almond. Kaolin and Fullers Earth with Lavender.

I SAY: Amazing product. I used around 2 a week and lasted around 3 weeks bought a while ago but still have sove......i (had) have oily skin and this COMPLETELY dried me out. to the point though i was peeling, i should use only once a week. but it does soften has smooth-as-a-babies-butt skin and i love the feeling of it on ur skin. i usually had what i call a Lush Bath, a bath bomb, a face mask and a good book. It says put it on 5-10 minsbut usually i did round 20 mins. i used it till it felt crumbly and dry... then washed it off...bad thing though once u clean out ur sink or bath or whatevs u washed ur face in pieces of 'gritt' are left all over. i used a thick layer and i looked a bit like a green space monkey with it is an amazing exfoliater and once it is dry while washing it off do it in circular motions is recomended. it has a soft but gritty texture due to the exfoliating bits (i think almond shell) and brightens ur face really well.

WHAT I LIKED: surprisingly the texture, the clean slightly lettucy smell, the after affects = smooth brighter skin. and packaging, and cooling effect

WHAT I DNT LIKE: the remaining bath residue, the constant use of moisturiser afterwords, long time drying but it did help relax...


LUSH SAYS: Oatifix. Oats and bananas are super-softening, and when you come to wash off the mask, you can use the ground almonds in Oatifix to give your skin a very light exfoliating scrub.

WHAT I SAY: i love the oaty sweet honey porridge scent, it has a nice soft texture but kinda lumpy and weird, softens skin......weirdly it does take away undereye darkness and now my dark undereyes parts are lighter!!!!!!1 no idea how that happened but o does soften skin but where my first ever facemask - Love Lettuce dried, i dont think this one does or it will just take ages...

WHAT I LIKED: i liked the scent, the undereye coverage, skin softing powers...

WHAT I DNT LIKE: the lump texture, the long drying process, the does not even help combat spots..............

TIME FOR RESULTS...........................................................................
THE WINNER IS.......................LOVE LETTUCE (woooooo, cheers)

ok wel ya love lettuce one....

ok well now im doing a review on my fave probs ever LUSH PRODUCT....Gingerbread House Bubble Bar....

ok i was feelin sick, as i am now - off school...i think i have tonsillitus, my glands are all blaaaaa.ok well Gingerbread house is the perfect xmas treat sadly its limited addition cause i would love my room endlessly smelling like this... the orange part is the proper ginger part. smells like xmas spices, GOOD ENOUGH to eat. sadly i didnt try it.........the white part smells like vanilla sprinkles...i crubled it in the bath,my first ever bubble bar nd it blossomed into ginger sprinkle bubbles and vanilla ginger ocloured bath water. YUM. i loved it, it took away my f/w blues. i recomen it soooooooooo much....
UPCOMING PURCHASES WILL BE - The Boog bath bomb, more gingerbred hous buble bars, brazened honey face mask , catastrophe cosmetic, bb seaweed or cupcake face masks, breath of fres air cleanser.....:)

hve a gd weekend and dnt get sick xxxxxx

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

aaaaaah my weeknd in pictures, with some words.....

over the weekend i went to a fireworks party.........and there was a photobooth...............

being as obnoxious and vain as i am (jks - ish) I WENT THER LOADS, and i thought i would do an eotd, ootd with it and a notw...... so here are the pics (featring : perdi/me, colum, yasmin, mille, melina, rita, harriet, ella, juno, nabheela, iniga...i<3>

Natural collection coverup cream
natural collection pressed powder in warm
beauty UK 12? palette in no.4 - light grey on lid , dark grey crease, black outer v, cream highlight..
eyeko grafitti pen in black
collection 2000 colour stay PINK Shock lipsick
MAC cremesheen Just Superb

leatherjack - primark
black top ???
back lace skirt - H&M - £14.99
black tights
ankle boots - aldo

l.a colours colour craze Lightning

(pictures labelled l-r)

Perdi, Yasmin, Millie

Yasmin, Colum, Perdi
Iniga, Millie, Perdi
topright, yasmin, perdi, nabheel,a juno, harriet, millie
perdi, nabheela
top row, perdi, colum, yasmin, ella (blonde girl == juno)
yasmin, perdi, melina
yasmin, perdi, melina
again yasmin, melina, perdi
perdi, rita, juno
lol the first one taken - u can see by the calmness....perdi, yasmin
perdi, millie, yasmin
yasmin, colum, perdi.............

hope u like, no everything is clear and it was wild, dnt worry im not drunk nor am i on a hangover, JUST TIRED. tell me ur fave photo and what did u do on the weekend xxxxxxxxxxx

also it was a little update since i rarely post pics of me.......xxxxx

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Late October Favourites

soz for the lack of bloggin been VERY busy with scl soz xxxx


mac 194 brush
mac Stroke of Lust
eyeko Grafitti eyeliner pen

love lettuse face mask from Lush (great exfoliater but tcompletely DRIES out my olily skin but to the point it flakes :/)
Nivea Soft Moisturiser (lightweight beauty)

La Colours Colour Craze - Lightning
BarryM Berry Ice

well soz for the lack of bloggin xxxx