Saturday, 7 April 2012

Girl Crush: Claire Huskie (

Hey Raindrops,

i'm back again with another girl crush, today though not on a celebrity...On someone i know, ok i haven't met her but we tweet all the time :D haha she's one of my best beauty blogger friends and has the most and best skills in the MUA industry I HAVE EVER SEEN. Ok, i love Elle & Blair (AllThatGlitters21/Juicystar07) and everybody else but none of them NONE OF THEM have the skills Claire has...And can you believe it, she didn't get into her MUA course last year? She should of, she has better skills than EVERYONE else there...I secretly think she didn't get in because the like owners couldn't have everyone else would be major fails compared to her.But good news is she got in this year!!! so alls good :D well she kinda had to didn't she, her skills are above the level of great! haaha .....The things she does with makeup i wouldn't even think was possible...Well shall we see the girl and her skills? Ok ok! here she is:
 Soo this is Claire, the girl behind the makeup..How fricken pretty is she?

Some of my favourites:

Using actual sprinkles. u can't see here but on the other side of her head she went into the detail of adding purple into her hairline! She goes to a much extra effort! It must take her hours! 

This look..Wow, she covered herself in silver even her hands and hair! It's amazing

This...words cannot even describe how genius this is..The blue eyes you see are not her actual eyes, she used her eyelids to add the effect of eyes, so they're drawn on! How amazing! 

 This look since it came out has been one of my all-time favourite by her..The detail of sparkles on the eyes and the contacts and the gold lips and the pink contour just sum up her passion of makeup. Nobody needs to go the extra mile, but if you feel the passion to do it, it's easy = Claire in this look and most of her others. The eyebrows as well = amazing


             To the picture on the right: no offence to her, but how can such a pretty girl have the skills to make her self so..HORRIFIC! amazing...

Claire is a truely amazing makeup artist, makeup skills i wish i could have half of! Hmm yes, half please? I think you would all agree her makeup skills are amazing!

For more check out her blog:

I honestly think she has the best makeup skills in the industry, if you can find someone with more skills a) i will be shocked b) comment below with a link/picture so i can check it out c) #claireisthebestatmakeup.

oo quick update i made a youtube account for my life and everything in general called the YoloDiaries (yolo = you only live once) and it'll basically be me during everyday life, random stuff, funny stuff, videos and everything else! soo follow it and enjoy

Perdi @ WMRDX

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring Haul: Topshop, H&M, Jack Wills etc..

Hey Raindrops,

I'm back again with a Spring Haul from various shops, i've done a lot of shopping in the past week and bought some really cute stuff! So here it goes...

 Topshop: Pink Hotpants - £22 
Badges - £6.50
most of you are gonna wonder why i folded them up, it was because i stuck 'OMG' badges on the back pocket and i thought i should show you..... :D theres a story behind these, i went to 'Westfield London' the day i broke up for Spring Break with 2 of my friends, HIII GUYYS if u read this, and me and Char ran round Topshop like 2 wannabe-tumblrgirls which we are and loved the whole collection! It started off with us picking up ALL the same things that we loved nd seen similar things of on tumblr, like white american flag shorts which i reallly wanted but they didnt have my size (Char got them though :D ) and like matching tops and then we found these AND DIED! We both got them and be both stuck the same badges on in the same place! <3, these shorts are amazing! They are quite short, but HOT PINK think NEON PINK and i like the distressed hem at the bottom! I'm going to a Under-18's rave on the 11th and would probably say Helooo to these badgirls on my legs (hiiii vivz - the awesome girl im going to the rave with)..Topshop has loads of colours of these at the mo all for quite a cheap £22, i quite like the Cornsomethign BLue

From H&M i got..

 Mickey Mouse semi-cropped Fringe Top: £9.99
Hahaha me, Martina (one of my besties who came shoppin with me) and Char all got this! And we all gona go matching to school one day, like uber coolkids yaknowbrah..Hahah, i love this, i wear it with the Pink shorts all the time! The actually top comes up to like hip level and then the fringe covers most skin but when moving u can see a bit of skin but not in a im-a-slut way :D

 Fleuro Green Mickey Mouse Top - £9.99
H&M's tops are really good at the moment for really cheap, i would recommend you check it out as soon as possible - perfect for spring....Wow during my shopping trip i did love Mickey Mouse didn't I hahaha and neon...This top didn't pick up it's brightness on camera, it's actually a NEON green top! like bright green! really cute though! It's a bit longer then most tops and im not mad on the sleeves but it is really  cute! 

Jack Wills:
basically a few days ago Jack Wills held a Sample Sale, in Chelsea, and went and picked up 2 things for like the gym and stuff but i got some great deals (Y)

 Grey Athletic Shorts - £19
not really much to say about these, there a jersey material ..Really comfortable and caj :D

 Physical Training Tank Top - £10
I love this, its reallly big and i usually just wear a black bandeau under it, but its white and navy and red and has a really cute racer back! I wear it with a pair of leggings coming up and it does look really cute! Its quite long and light so i love it! 


These were the leggings i just spoke about, i got these for £8 in a stall in Camden, ok yes the quality isn't amazing and there was a whole which i sewed up myself :D but i LOVE them and it's an amazing deal for £8! i wear these with the top above cause the white side is quite sheer and shows your underwear through it so i wear a longer top, AKA THE J/W tank top! i love these! i wear them with white converse and i just love the look! Deffs an amazing statement piece..

Adhoc - £8.50 (from a brand that supplies Adhoc)
 These babies....well i love! Using the well-known Tumblr Stargazer print into a tights form, ok i'd rather them be leggings due to the fact when on they stretch out a bit, making the colour not as vibrant! but i love them! i dont really know what top to pair them with but it has to be longer so it does cover the tight line thing where your crotch is or pair it with shorts or somethign? any ideas?

Recently i've also started collecting bracelets, like handmade string ones but i also picked up these 3 for £2.50 each a Dorothy Perkins haha i love these! 

Have you bought anything recently? What do you think of my purchases? Comment down below!! 

Perdi @ WMRDX

Hair Crushes

Hey Raindrops,

I have another post coming up within the hour but i have a quick post coming up whilst i have highlight foils in my hair like a cool cat, i saw Chloe @  did a post like this earlier! And we both have similar 'Hair Crushes', i have long dead straight dark blonde hair and i hate it! i like the length but i want it longer, and i want more shape to it, once these highlights have been washed out i should be getting some long layers for the first time to help :D, I also don't like the colour, it does not benefit me at all! I want it lighter, or much darker, so i have a variable amount of hair crushes to post in today! 

i love these hairs! 

Perdi @ WMRDX