Friday, 19 November 2010

Favourite Fictional Characters Tv and Movies

Hey everyone,
Today is a new post of Favourite Fictional Characters.................enjoy

Rachel & Ross (Friends)
Silver & Dixon (90210)
Jack & Rose (Titanic)
The Taylors, Sift and Lautner (Valentines Day)
Annie & (FITTTTT) Liam (90210)
Chandler and Monica (friends)
Edward and Bella (Twilight)
Belle and the Beast (beauty and the beast)
Kat and Patrick (10 things i hate about you - not in black or white just pic is)
x hope u enjoyed

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

tis the season to be dancing...lalalala the spring fling (with un-present jeanette)

Ok imformative post below. beware. beware ma lovelay bloggers. i need all your help as possible (comments, follows and more)

Hi sweeties,

Today i went to my dep head master (The i secretely nicknamed him aka Mr Lel, another one of my faves, ok Mr Lello is his name) so i went to him with my-blogging-friend jeanette, she does amazing posts check her out... and my other amazing friend Iniga who me and j both adore. well we sat down and asked him.......................................


well we can tell u what he did say:

so we had the plan: Decem,ber 10th, winter theme, called Subzero (cool name huh?), we had EVERYTHING practically planned. he said:

so he then suggested Valentine Theme? okkkk all girls school + inviting boys schools (which he kept on talking bout) = AWKWARD
we already thought of a not-s0-deffs name: Spring Fling...its catchy, fun and all american like which kinda inspired me. quots from moves. 'OMG SPRING FLING dance, i wonder who my fling would be with?' while talking bout the boys school and valentine theme Iniga, on the left of me, said 'U should invite Colum?' at this i gave her the biggest kick in the leg ever, with her reply being 'OW', so ruined my cover. colum is not my boyfriend, jeanette if ur reading this lets plot to be mean/kill iniga or as wee call her GAGA (rarara mamamamama gaga oh lala its urrrrrrr bad romance LOL) :)........

ok so its gonna be awkward inviting loads of boys there and we are debating to have it in our schools HUGE hall, which has a lighting box, a stage and lots of space, our gym, smaller more intermit and more access to the courtyard. (small box of space outside) or our cafeteria/lower common has quite a lot of space and has room for food and such but also has access to outside and a lot more (unsafer) buildings around the school....


1. Should the name of the dance be Spring Fling? or do YOU have something better (we were thinking loveStruck (emphesis intended on the S) Ball but kinda lame still)??

2. Where would you hold it? Gym, Cafeteria or Hall?

3. What decorations should be there? chose from ANYTHING, budget can be quite high...

4. Theme: colour theme, layout, clothing theme?

5. Do you have any nice dresses or websites that i should visit?

6. Would you rather have a Winer Disco or Valentines Disco?

7. Would you rather just your year or the year below/above you as well?

email or comment me ur answers or views on this and btw if u FOLLOWme and commentwith answers and say check out my blog im ore then lkely to follow u...


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Tags: My Perfect Imperfections, It's All About Me

hey everyone,

decided 2 do 2 tags today...the first one is Andrea's My Perfect Imperfection and It's All About Me tag...

coming first, My Perfect Imperfections which is 3 things u dont like and 2 u do:


NOSE: I think my nose is 'too' straight, not pointy but its small but its really straight and then the tip is quite big. People like my nose but i think IT has a realllllllly weird tip......i won't ever have a nose job but i think its just really awkward (my nose, not plastic surgery well both actually)....i think if i lose some wait like im trying to do my face would look better thinner and would fit my nose better...

WEIGHT: i do not like my weight, im not fat but im no way near thin. i really want to lose some weight. the places prefered to lose wait are: face, stomach (!), arms. None of them are fat but i think they would look better thinner.

HANDS: ok my hands are just blah. not blah as in BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAH as in puke but blah as in just blah like awkward. they have so many markings they just ALWAYS look dirty, i do have more flattering nail polish on, i think more metallic nail polishes or Matte nail polishes suit my hands more.i have some 'lumps' or like birth marks or my hands which NEVER go away and i have a scar from what i do not know on my left hand finger-next-to-thumb finger and i have a burn from a PGL abseiling (Long story) and i think there really weird. i think a good manicure is in need. im trying to learn to love my hands.

PERFECTIONS (not perfect but 'nice')

HAIR: ok not to be vain but i love my hair. it is really long, annoyingly straight, but i love it. its really 'flexible'. it is a dark ash blondey colour. i can do easy stiling and recently got it done to mid boob level and i think its more wearable like this so it doesnt look overly long and weighing down....i do wish it was lighter, and curly.

LEGS: i like my legs because i think they are quite long and quite toned. i dunno what else 2 say...........

EYES: debating between eyes and weight, since this is a beauty blog the reason why i like my eyes is because how versatile they were with makeup. they can look really big and feline when they are light up with makeup. which also makes my nose look smaller when they are like that :).....

okk so that one done....I TAG ALL OF u to do this and what r ur perfect imperfections..tell me in the commetns or link ur post.

now the It's All About Me tag...

Vital Statistics:
Me: Perdita
Nicknames: Perdi, Perdz, Perd, P, perdiindahouse, Per Diddy, Deetz
Birthday: 5th February 1998
Place Of Birth: London Uk
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: Student
Residence: North London, Regents Park
Screen Name: Watermelonraindropx, MizzCool (no comment)

Hair Colour: Ash Blonde
Hair Length: Long
Eye Colour: Mainly Blue with a hint of Green
Best Feature: Personality (bubbly and fun)
Height: 5ft 7 (i think i dnt really measure)
Braces: Luckily no....
Glasses: No
Peircings: Ears
Tattoos: None
Righty Or Lefty: Lefty!!!!

Your "Firsts"
First Best Friend: Georgia, a girl who went to my nursery but haven't re-united with her since
First Award: Probs some lame hand-writting cup
First Sport You Joined: never :/
First Real Vacation: cant remember
First Concert: top of the pops
First Love: oh lol! well Matt Lanter from 90210 is a love of mine for years , but realistic person a guy called Ignathio/Ethan who i met through a friend during the summer but we never hooked up.

Movies: Epic Movie, Twilight
Tv Show: Pretty Little Liars, 90210
Colour: Pink, Purple, White, Black
Song: Kim (SCARY ) by Eminem, Just the Way You Are (soo cuute) by Bruno Mars
Candy: Choco = Choco Baby from Cyber Candy, Sweets = Drumstick
Restaurant: Skillini, Yo Sushi
Store: MAC or if it counts Westfields cos it has everything!
School: only ever gone 2 one (had prep and senior, senior at the moment) but i lvoe it
Book: Peaches by Josie somethin
Magazine: Fabulous
Shoes: Uggs

Feeling: Sleepy, homework, cba
Single or Taken: Single :( (oooo ethan, why was i only in spain a week, ooo and other guy i'd rather not say cause one of my follower, hi jj, might know or will know him)
Eating: Tangerine, or Satsuma
Typing: This blog post =)
Online: Skype
Listening to: TV, Life Unexpected
Thinking about: the boys mentioned above and this blog post
Wanting: To nap and shop
Watching: Life Unexpected on E4

Want Children?: Yes
Want to be married: Of course
Careers in Mind: Architect, Interior Designer
Where do you want to live: Ibiza, New York, California

Have You Ever:
Kissed a Stranger: no
Had Alcohol: Yes
Smoked: NO
Ran Away from home: No
Broken a bone: Nope but i think i broke a finger ages ago and i think i just broke the same one again
Broken someones heart: Don't think so, but maybe i hope so
Broken up with someone: No
Cried when someone died: Yes
Cried at school: Yes

Do you believe in:
God: No
Miracles: Ish, i think its luck and fate and destiny
Love at First Sight: Been there, Done That
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: No
Soul Mates: Ish
Heaven: No but its nice to think something like that exists
Hell: Earth is
Kissing on the first date: no
Yourself: I try!
Half Full or Half Empty: Half empty if u have drunk from it because u have gone from it being full then drank then half empty...

LOL xxx have a good week at school x