Monday, 28 November 2011


senoritas! senoritas! i have an announcement! 
today i am posting about my CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! 


Christmas is coming to town baby! 
I'll start off with the rules and extra entries:

- Must be a follower of my blog, leave gfc name in the comments = 1 entry
- one comment per person
- follow my twitter: PStollerX = +1 entry

- follow my bloglovin = +1 entry

- Tweet about my giveaway e.g: ''@PStollerX is holding WMRDXmas giveaway! *insert link* ENTER! RT'' = +1 entry

- Follow my BRAND new fb page = +1 entry

- Do a post dedicated to it = +2 Entry

- Link a picture in your sidebar = +1 Entry

And now for the prize: 

- Lush Christmas Bathtime Favourites Tin
- Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Large Jar
- Christmas Cupcake Large Jar
- Philosophy The Cookie Exchange GiftSet

To enter comment saying enter me with all the requirements, u must include your email and your GFC name! and if you do any others link your fb name/tweet/twitter name and all the other shin digs! 

Good luck! And winner will be! 
it was going to be the 26th but i've extended it to the 20th of January! 
Lots of love! and merry christmas


Holiday Hotties!

Tis' the season to be sexy lalalalalalalalaa

hahaha, i have a sense of De Ja Vu here....did i write that last year? Well let me start off with a little exercise and diet brief of how my active lifestyle goals are coming a long, i'll be updating the Health & Diet page later along with my Playlist page, and i gotta say im starting to notice the difference within myself, it might not be that noticable yet but hopefully soon it will be, currently im quite non-contagiously sick, my hearts in like constant pain and beating really fast and i get like overworked really easily and it hurts to laugh or cough or sneeze or like walk so my appetite has shrunk a bit, to a point when i had a few days of only having 1 meal and a banana and fully satisfied.......but now i'm eating a bit more normally but still getting full after like one bite....In a way it's good for my weight loss plans but bad for my health so i'm trying to eat a bit more but healthily...I haven't gone to the gym for a while though but i'll explain that in my post.

During christmas time everyone is on the hunt for the perfect dresses, i have a few parties and shiz coming up and i just love dresses, i personally like statement black dresses, so something black with something WOW on it, like a huge ruffle (been there done that) and stuff. i do like colour but i htink black is classic so lets see what i found:

 i love this dress so frickin much. Ok lets just start off it has a very flattering shape and neckline, not being too tight/short/low and the backless detail is so creative and sexy but still conservative and adds a lovely detail. then you get to the statement bow. wow o wow. it is amazing. i love this. i can image this with my hair to the side, tousled, casual makeup, like the usej and then maybe statement red lips or just nude lips and statement shoes. or keep all the focus on the bow even. This dress is on ASOS by Paprika and it is called the Velvet Dress with Sequin bow! £35..

me in a skirt? me loves this skirt. i LOVE it in black and this is just like amazing. It's organza and velvet and high waisted and soo slimming. Another cheap ASOS beauty! priced at £33.50, currently on sale from £45! Ahahahahaaaa i need it!
Now this is a beauty i know i can't even achieve....Jack Wills? £398 pounds! worth of is stunning. This Orchard Bank Dress is a dream! it must feel beautiful to hold and to wear and to see in a cupboard...hmmmm too see in a cupboard! it is beautiful! 

Well those are the only beauties i have to show you for next post will be WATERMELON RAINDROP X MAS! woohooooooooo