Saturday, 18 June 2011

New Company Alert: Borba

Hello amazing readers,

Today is just a short(Er) post on a company i recently just heard of called:
Borba specialises in skin renewing products, whether it is for the skin or for the face and for any ages on the website they have separate sections for teens, 20's, 30's, 40's and more. I heard about it from Elle Fowler aka Allthatglitters21 on youtube, come on you must know who she is. Well i decided to check it out...

The company currently only ships to the US of A but i do have friends who live in New York so i could always buy it and ship it to them and they send it onwards but not for now anyways.....

But anyways i was scrolling through the website and most things they do is like pro healthiness and they have the coolest things, they have things for like losing weight and skin clearing things like here are some of my favourites:
Mighty Energy Gummi Mice
Mighty Energy Gummi Mice - $14.99
They have 60 in total and around 10 packets of 6 each - the maximum for a day. I think if i got these one packet a day and eat the 6 throughout the day like 3 in the morning then 3 at lunch. Appaz they taste like sweets but they are only 90 caleries a packet and work like an energy drink. They contain multi-vitamin supplements (B6 and B12) and as you see on the box it produces glowing skin and energy = a beautiful awakening. 

Beach Ready Beauty Kit
Beach Ready Beauty Kit - $58.00
Here is when it gets slightly pricey but AWESOME. This kit is described as 'Temperatures are rising fast. Luckily, our newest, hottest beauty kit is packed with 3 must-have products to get you glowing, firmed and toned - just in time for summer.'
The kit contains:
Age Defying Super Creme SPF 100+ - for superior sun protect 
Firming Diamond Shimmer Contour Lotion - tones skin and makes it glow, reduces the look of cellulite
Slimming Chocolate Chews - Helps Control Appetite and firms skin from within. 
The Chocolate chews look awesome, they sound really yummy and fun to eat when your trying to be healthy but with treats. With 30 calories per chew and tasting like a tootsie roll with one leaving you satisfied, i'm not complaining?

Replenishing Skin Balance Water (12 pack)
Replenishing Skin Balance Water - $24.99
It is described as 'Deliciously refreshing Replenishing Skin Balance Water boosts your skin's moisture levels, keeping it smooth, firmed and glowing. Perfect after a workout or night out, this revolutionary bio-vitamin complex includes essential skin-boosting nutrients from the Lychee fruit, plus nourishing Papaya and Guava, vitamins C & E and 4 essential B vitamins to rebalance and rehydrate your body within' They come in like bottles, and you just drink from them. They are:
- Calorie free
- Aspartame Free
- Sugar Free
- Sodium Free
- Made with Natural Flavourings 
- Preservative Free
- Carb Free
so they are really healthy. And they look really yummy. And they help promote healthy skin...
 The Don't Weight, Be Firm Kit
The Don't Weight, Be Firm Kit - $44.00
It contains:
- The chocolate slimming chews
- Two Packettes of Firming Crystalline 
- One Fit and Firm Calcium Chew Package
The thing that looks the awesomest are the Calcium chews, like the chocolate ones . Each delectable chew contains as much Calcium as an 8 ounce glass of milk. They are like 300 calories in a thing and look awesome. The firming crystalline has NO CALORIES AS WELL. 

Clarifying Complexion Repair
Clarifying Complexion Repair - $27.00
An oil absorbing night lotion that is a growing trend inspired by Asian beauty culture, it balances the skin without greasiness or over-drying.
Clarifying Skin Balance Crystalline<BR> (14 Packettes)
Clarifying Skin Balance Crystalline - $28.00
It is formulated to work with your body's chemistry to promote healthy skin. It contains revolutionary cultivated bio-vitamin complex among with a scientifically designed blend of nutrients intended to help skin regenerate its natural support system and improve clarity.
It is like a sachet which you add to water and it makes it taste gooooood.  

Healthy Glow Immunity Drink Mix
Healthy Glow Immunity Drink Mix - $19.99
When we get sick we not only do not feel well but we look even worse. That's why Borba has designed an amazing skin care supplement drink mix that defends you body against radical damage, helps to support natural immunity function and improves metabolism but it helps to provide a natural glow and more. It's caffeine-free and berry flavour.

Well that's today's 2nd post, congrats Sam for the giveaway win..



Hello my good friends,
I know i haven't posted that much recently, i have a new company find coming up, then another review and a few other things as well...

But today i have my giveaway WINNER.
Thank you so much for everyone who entered because I HAD 150 ENTRIES ON IT, well some people had like 3 entries per person so i had many but 150 comments....moving on,
I randomised my entries on and the winner is:

Sam from

Congratulations, i am about to send you an email and i'm following your blog...

Thank you so much for entering, and i'm sure to have another one coming up - in a few months, hopefully with bigger and better prizes and a different theme....

Congrats Sam

and ttyl

Monday, 13 June 2011

Guest Bloggers and Cashz Update

Bonjour Mes Amis,
today is just an update cause well it's been like a week and i felt that i owed you a post COMING up i do have a REVIEW on a HG Collection 2K product and my summer loves maybe with a part 2 of the Summer Besties tag....

Where do i start?

On Saturday, yesterday, it was my amazing sister's birthday. She was turning old fifteen! How i remember the days she was was 2 and i was barely born.....good good times, i recently just saw the cutest photo of me from when i was young, i've never seen a photo of me as a baby only as a toddler but this one im practically just alive actually i'm like a few months but i was just the DAINTIEST thang....well anyways for my soeurs 15th we went to Brighton, with ma mere and my sisters 3 friends and my other sister and her dad came but they were at the Sussex open day so we were only with em for around 2 hours but it was fun...Did you say Photos? Why yes i do have a few!
my glorious sisters, the eldest - Tatiana on the left and the birthday girl Etienne on the right

ay i started writing this on sunday but got busy and didn't finish so Monday has making me take oveR)......Well tomorrow is my french oral. kill me. actually mine might be on wednesday. F.M.L. F.M.L.......did you get the point yet? FML. KMN. (kill me now)....I then have my science practical (the experiment) on wednesday then my killer ones start on friday with 3 and those have to be: Maths, English, Science. KMT (Kill me then). 

New Followers.
Ok this is going to be REALLLLLLLLLLY cheesy but who cares, i'm like that :).  Well i recently have gotten an increase, i know some of you are thinking that 'Your holding a giveaway' or the slightly annoying 'i only followed you for the giveaway' but who gives a beep? I know i'm holding a giveaway which has bribed some of you to follow but i hope once it is over you actually like my blog because my blog is like my pride and joy. I don't care about the follower number, i will blog with 1 follower or 1000 followers (Praise the world if i get there one day) but i love my blog too much to just give it up if i get an unfollow. I read on one of my favourite blogs: Musings of A Makeup Maniac aka Julie well i think it was her, she once wrote if you get overjoyed when you get an increase your gonna be disappointed with a decrease and you should never doubt your blog. Ever since then i never will. never have. I love my blog and i love you for following. Thank you so much. Now moving on from my sappy lovesick follower thank you is..........

Tv Shows, i love tv because it is just well lovely. I do not have satellite/cable in my current home but i used to then the bill went insanely high and my mother worked out i didn't need it, nor did my sisters so we are left with freeview aka E4, PopGirl the basics just not like the film channels, mtv or my guilty pleasure.......Disney Channel - who said a little dose of Sony with A Chance or Wizards of Waverly Place can't make you smile. My friends find me a freak because each time i'm at there house i always beg to watch tv - im interesting aren't i? But recently i realised why be so depressed over some a superficial object when you're so blessed with bless worthy things like a good school, luxuries and a nice bed and a macbook who needs another thing when there are people actually suffering so i decided i will make use of my macbook and watch tv on my computer. I know a few websites and i jsut watch all my favourite tv shows, some i would of never watched because they are not currently out in the UK. I also watch the american tv schedule so i get all the early episodes. i do get like 90210 on tv but i like watching ahead. My favourite shows aree:
- Hellcats that just finished the first season
- 90210 duh
- Pretty Little Liars
- Made in Chelsea
Pretty Little Liars is coming back for SEASON 2 in a few days - in america, on the 14th so i will watch it on the 15th. 

And now for the first part of the blog post title 'GUEST BLOGGERS' you have heard i have exams in a couple of days i want a few guest bloggers to keep in tack my blog with the blog ruitine with posting, i'm looking for 2 or 3 guests to write a post as a guest on my blog. My blog email is:
please email me if your interested i hope you are. Include in the email, your name/age/blog address - you dont need a blog to have one but if you do add/why you want to be a guest/what type of post you will do

That's it for now, soon should be a trends i love and a review but first GUEST POSTS, please send an email