Saturday, 21 July 2012


Hey Raindrops,

Happy Summer! Well unless you live in the UK where it is currently 15*c and cold! A quick update: yesterday i got back from a lovely holiday staying with a friend in the South of France, four days of sun, sea and Jet Skiing. Today in London, Hyde Park, there's a bloggers meetup! I might be going with my sister and if so i will be looking forward to meeting MANY of you there, but then i might not be able to go due to family relations visiting :/ but either way i hope some of you would be able to make it...

But todays post is about a current want/obsession from Topshop. It's a jacket by a brand called Ashish. Ashish can be found in Topshop, usually in the boutique section and prices between £25-£70. This jacket is on £60 and i think it will look really cool with a pair of jeans, vans and like hair in a cool messy updo! Ahh i need it.

i LOVE the whole american high-school varsity, cheerleader, jock look and would so want to be them! So at least wearing this will make me feel like i'm Quinn from Glee or something like that ahahaa. I think the colours are so cool and i love the yellow striping on the neck, and i hear rumours that maroon will return to the catwalk this winter! 
Link to jacket: here 
Staple for autumn winter?

What do you think of the varsity trend? I love it! Send me a Hug & Kiss to tell me your answer..

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