Saturday, 28 May 2011

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Hey Sweeties,
today is a not amazing day, just some errands to do. I'm going to the Kings Road as well where i will be picking up some treaties for my bestie, Jeanette (yes Yoghurt Coated Honeycomb if she/you - pl, were wondering). Weather is one word - Grey. Just wearing a Jack Wills striped pull over (thin long jumper) and my A&F jeggings, hair up, usual makeup nothing out of the ordinary. Tomorrow i am seeing a long-time-no-see friend of what? 5 years? 6? We used to go to school together till year 6, and then for a few years we went to each others birthday but that was the only contact we had. She's coming over tomorrow evening for dinner, she doesn't live in london so this is like a one-off. Well shall we continue with todays post:

Age: Thirteen
Bed Size: Single but moving in July, so soon-to-be single
Chores you hate: Tidying my bedroom
Dogs: I love them, i have two. A spaniel (Cookie) and a chihuahua (Frosti) :
 Ok they aren't amazing pictures, but oh well....
Essential start to your day: Go back to sleep urmm work out what to wear
Favourite Colour - Rainbow! Jks hmm zebra? Rose or Baby Blue or Baby Pink or Baby Purple
Gold or Silver - gold, or my chains i have are gold accept my lucky-always-on-anklet has silver beads
Height - 5'7'' i think
Instruments Played - I've been playing drums for i think 5 years and i can also play a bit of Piano and Guitar (i can play i gotta feeling by the black Eyed Peas on both) and my favourite THE RECORDER, jks but i did use to play it
Job Title - Flyest girl in the world? Student? Sexy? Awesome? All of the above! 
Kids - I have 5  i want them, i don't mind if they are boys or girls or twins but not triplets but the names i love are: 
      For Boys:                            For Girls:
        Banquo                               Anastasia 
Nathaniel/Nate                        Blair                   

yes - Nathaniel and Blair are both featured in Gossip Girl
Live - London but when older i would hope to have pads in Ibiza, France and America
Mum's Name - Jordana/Jo
Nickname - Perdi, Perdz, Deetz, Per Diddy, P but if you have any other suggestions leave in the Hugs & Kisses section :)
One Wish - To live and die married
Pet Peeve - BAD EATING HABBITS, it sickens me
Quote from a movie - 'The accelerated velocity of my terminological inexactitude' - Easy A
Right or Left Handed - LEFTY!!!
Siblings - 2 older sisters, Tati and Eti
Time you wakeup - 7am for school days, anytime between 7.30-10 on any other day
Underwear - huh? what do u wanna know? I wear them? 
Veg you dislike - Toe-may-toes :) but actually that is a fruit
What makes you run late - bus times
X-rays done - Only on my teeth at the dentist
Yummy food i makeup - i vary but i did once cook lobstre
Zoo animals - i get interested by the fish, and the birds but my favourite are the flamingoes


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Thursday, 26 May 2011

*Heart* Makeup Storage *Heart*

Hello Lovely Jubbly Readers,
As some of you might know i am moving soon, wippidiwoooooo-ish. I'm not superdeduperly excited since i've never moved before and i love my house but there is one plus.....
Oh yeeeeeeeeeeee, scoooooooooooooore.
actually i have the biggest bedroom in my house <3 :) :D and any other cute emoticon you can think of. Even though it is not HUUUUUUGE, it is still much bigger then my current room and what shall i fill it with. One word but it can be hyphenated:
and possibly a bed, but i'm contemplating that. JOKES. i've already posted my curtains for my next bedroom but i shall post them again for all the loooovely new followers:
i love em, the 'black' is actually chocolate brown so i'm hving a brown velvet headboard with silver through cushions and a silver undernet behind the curtains. With all the spare wall space i neeeeeeeeed to have something somewhere so i was planning possibly a writing desk, a vanity/makeup desk and MAKEUP STORAGE. so i thought i shall post a few of my favourites: 

Asda 4 Shelf Storage Cube - £8 
 May i just say THE PRICE. £8. budget breaking, no? sarcasm. I want like 10 of these just for the price but actually i think maximum 4 would be enough, or even just one. It reminds me of what Elle Fowler/allthatglitters21 had with the wall of makeup and she is what kinda inspired this makeup storage ideas. What i would do is buy this, place it on the wall in an appropriate place and paint/beg(pay) my sistem with like baby blue and chocolate flowers, that could look SO CUTE. and i think it would look just so darn cute with some containers containg MAKEUP inside.'s Funky Wall Stand - £29.95
This certainly does break the bank hence why i would buy something like this off amazon or ebay :/ but it just looks so ADORABLE, it holds 60 polishes but u can get one for 90 and i think it just is adorable to put on my wall and there are a few PERFECT places for it, one between my windows but i did have something else planned for that but i'll see. 

Beautyexpress's Polish Stand Stepped Stand - £29.95
 Depending on the amount of nail polishes i have by the time i move, if i have a smaller amount i think these will be the case! Get 2 of these or something for the inner wall box of 4 thing and it is just like Elle's AAAH but again ebay comes in handy :)'s Basic Stack Basket - $5.99 (but does anyone know if it is per basket or a stack)

I love the black and white ones most but they are really cute. They say $5.99 (£3.50?) on the website but not for how many i think it could be per basket which would be sad, but these are such basic staples but if you think cleverly you still need those clear things/compartments to put these:
The Container Store's Crystal Clear Rectangles:

These can vary from $4.99 to $8.99 but i would need the cheaper/smaller ones, these go inside of plastic baskets to keep everything sectioned and organised and they are really simple and cute

Target's Regular Baskets  with Liners Set of 4 - Honey - $27.99
 I would personally use these more as body stuff basket or nonused makeup products or even bath things!!! But they are tooottally cute

Ryman's Osco Acrylic 3 Drawer Chest - £11.99
These are really good for palettes and other things such as cotton buds/swabs, and variable amount of things. if you've not noticed i am a huge fan of clear containers since i prefer the look of them. This is really useful !!!!!!

Rymans Osco Acrylic 5 Tube Pen Pot - £5.99

i think rymans didn't want to admit to sell beauty storage so they labelled it a pen pot, but isn't it 100% amazing for eyeliners, mascara, lipstick, lipgloss, brushes EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. price is good, nice packaging. what the hell is wrong with it. NOTHING. 

the next product elle fowler actually does have this....
HobbyLobby's Large Glass Champagne Mosaic Bowl - $24.99

 this is soo cute. I want this and store all my lush in it! Couldn't it just be the daintiest thing? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE, it would look so cute just sitting in one of the cubes, smellin oh so gooooooooood and looking adorable. i need it.

Do you have any makeup storage tips/ideas/needs?
now for a small ramble bamble. I'm sick, at home. watching gossip girl and chilling with my older sister whose on study leave. BLARGH................hmmm small ramble bamble but oh well OO AND MEGHAN ROSETTE on youtube (meghanrosette) is having this summerhood, colab. AND TO END THIS SMALL RAMBLE BAMBLE I JUST RECEIVED SHOCKING NEWS.
in Oxford Street, next door selfridges. CANT BELIEVE IT, SO EXCITED!!!! AHHHHH FOREVER 21 HITS LONDON! 


Monday, 23 May 2011

OOTD AND a Ramble Bamble Baby

Hey lovelies,
May i just start off with a THANK YOU for my increase of followers, it means so much to me that my blog is actually getting somewhere :).

Sooo what have i been up to, whilst watching Fleur De Force on youtube, a friend of mine and one of my favourite beauty guru's and i am planning a Spring/Summer Look Book post which i'm lookin forward to oo and summer exams have been murdering me
, i finished my art end of year/final today and it huuuurt ok i am not amazing at art, let alone good and deffs shutting up so when im stuck in a boring art exam without talking and to draw fml. but i think i did OK. 

I've asked my sister's friend to help/tutor me for my maths exam, well i am in the top group for maths and i am ok at it, i feel like i'm below parr for my group and we have 24 girls in our group and next year it is going to down 18! And i always make my self have like extra pressure for it since my sisters are amazing at it and i'm really worried so i'm getting help :)..

i might get someone to help with my french as well, for my Oral and probably some writing. Today my English End Of Year Essay was in need of being handed in.....fml, i have done it. i emailed it through to her this morning but i think it is TERRIBLE.. We had to continue ourselves on from Daphne De Maurier's Frenchman's Creek, ya know the gal who wrote Rebecca. Well we did Rebecca as a practise, woopideewoopwoop so no wonder we got another Maurier book......if your every interested in seeing some of my writing just comment below and i can see what i can do :)

My sister made Rose Cupcakes today whilst i was at school:
rose water cupcakes - they are beautiful :')
She used a Hummingbird Cupcake Recipe but added Rose Water, made icing and added marshmallows. They ARE DELICIOUS, i love em...They actually taste like rose. Actually i love all rose food i love rose jam
that isn't the exact one though, the one i get is from a French Farmer's Market in the Kings Road, i lllllllllllurve it. My family eat it with croissants and brioche but my favourite is with plain old toast mmmmm well not literally old but you know what i mean...

OOO Another thing i love is Made In Chelsea. my favourite character is Millie, i just love her. I think her hair is gorgeous and she had a micha barton-esque face for some reason but other characters i love are Vanessa, Ollie and of course the queen bee. Caggie! I love how more real it is, well seems more relatable then TOWIE but i think it is just soo cool. It is funny  how we all love TOWIE, or hate it but either way we do make fun of it because i guess it's because we don't realise how REAL it is but MIC is so real.

And my last thing before my ootd is GOSSIP GIRL, i'm completely obsessed. I am going to do my dream me tag and also the born this way tag can't wait but now for my quick ootd:

Top - New Look 
Pink Tank Top - Miriam
Shorts - Forever 21
Hair Flower Band - New Look

(Picture taken in the morning)
Hair was curled using Superdrug Foam Rollers
Collection 2000 Colour Stay Concealer - Fair
Mac Giggly Blush
Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Pen
Collection 2000 Big Fake Lashes
Mac Underage Lipglass

(i love mac and C2000)

how was your day 2day?
hope your amazing