Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Trends: Pretty and Preppy Chic

Hey everyone,

New series, which i will finish starting now, obvs u have figured out there is a lot i want and like they always say 'theres a lot of fish in the sea' THE FISH NEED SOME STYAL, so thats where i come in, but instead of saying Wish List because it makes me feel like theres so much i want but will never have i decided to make it into: a NEW SERIES, WOOO...this series is about when you find a trend you like and you write that trends wishlist.

So shall we start with Pretty and Preppy Chic,
for this trend i think the best shops to buy from are: Jack Wills, Abercrombi or Hollister and New Look

This is probably my favourite style any time of the year, my favourite items being the crop top you see just above this the black and white wedges (the black ones and the white ones) , the high waisted light blue shorts, the pink and white striped jackw jumper, the lace skirt, floral skirt and the blue and pink jw bracelt!!! - i <3 jack wills 

XXXX coming up in this series is:
Sporty and Casual Chic
Smart yet Understated Chic
Summer Chic
hmm maybe Summer Dresses Chic
hmm not really planned this well, what Trends do YOU love, what do you think of THIS trend?? i love it!

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Prepare for Summer: Shoes!!!

Sick of them yet?
Welll this is another Prepare For Summer but not on books, SHOES!!!!!

lets get straight into it:


Sunday, 13 March 2011

How To: Use A Lush Face Mask

hey everyone,
I always rave about Lush Face Masks, but never explain how i use them and just incase some of you do not know, after this post. U WILL.

i have had a history with Lush Face Masks, the first one i tried was Love Lettuce, one for very oily skin, it is very abrasive and scrubby so after 2 uses my skin started peeling and ever since my skin has gone to combination because it took out ALL my oils out of my skin. completely, nothing was there except FLAKES. YES FLAKES. THE EWWWWWWWWYNESS OF FLAKES WAS SO UNUSUAL MID-SUMMER but it is good for oilyness just only once in a while, like at the prime of summer i'm sure i'll buy it again to stop the oil in my skin. But after that i felt screwed, WHAT WAS I GONNA USE ON MY FACE. I need something for dry/normal skin but i still have Love Lettuce - but only a bit yet. so i cleaned most of it out, using some on my skin but not a lot - i didnt want my body to flake. soooo i got Oatifix:

Oatifix was my 2nd face mask and probably the one that smells the best. It is a yellowy lumpy mixture that smells of oats and bananas. i used it a few times, it stopped the flakes to the end of it but the only INSTANT effects were lets say some got under my eye it really brightened it which i quite liked, it made my eyes look more awake and in fall/end of summer u kinda need a more awake effect - well i do. It did not do anything amazing to my skin but it did feel quite soft so im not gonna diss it but its not the best. around average, 3 stars?

Then i got Catastrophe Cosmetic, one mainly made out of blueberries, my favourite superfruit,  which SMELT THE BOMB (aka amazing). I loved it. it had the best texture by faaaaaaaar not lumpy. NOT SCRUBBY. but smooth and soft with pieces of blueberry skin :). Once used on skin and washed off it made my skin feel quite soft and special - like ok this might sound weird but if u have ever felt like icing on a cake bun type of thing it was like that, it also helped get rid of any redness or spots but not immediately, it took a few uses but it was the best face mask i tried yet so obvs i re-purchased it, another once. I used Catastrophe Cosmetic, in total, for around 2 MONTHS! and its goooooood. but recently i ran out so when i went to lush i went looking for a fm, and they didnt have CC soo i got:


(the review on this one is at the end of this post, but it might deserve a whole seperate one)

View on inside, inside left, lid right


- Wet face with warm water
- Dip finger into face mask
- Spread over cheeks, chin, nose, forhead, and around.. 
- Rub it on in a circular motion
- Wait till its nearly dry, not solid but not wet - i tend to use it for longer then 5-10 mins like Lush says you should
- Run hands under warm/hot water and wash over face, i usually then get a few baby wipes and wipe it off.
- Wash face with cold water then add some light moisturiser for best results

now for some reviewin'
BB Seaweed - the best one, is amazing.Ok no there is a con to this product but for some people it oculd be a +, IT SMELLS OF ALMOND. ew. ew. ew. but it is good, a small price to pay for such a good product. and talking about small prices ITS UNDER £6, £5.25, it is amazing. It exfoliates, washes, cleanses, moisturises, tones, EVERYTHING. the one thing that it doesn't have is the thing in Oatifix that brightened under my eyes - i think it's the bananas that did that. I love this thing because it feels nice on the skin and u cnt smell it even when its on your nose AND i love the feeling after you use it, it makes your skin silky smooth and spot free INSTANTLY.
if i cn't rave about this enough then ur not listening. cause IM RAVING AWAY

What's you favourite face mask?

Coming up in the next few weeks is:
- Blake Lively post
- OOTD to a shul at a batmitzfah
- Review on my favourite lush product: You Snap The Whip

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