Saturday, 16 July 2011

Makeup Wish List


Today i think i might make this a series, well it justifies me making more and more wish lists. It is Wish lists! So i could do one on Makeup (today), clothes, books (huge order coming up, need to save up though), holidays something like that? Would ya like dat? 
Well i have a very random makeup wish list, i've been watching youtube videos - as i do on a saturday afternoon and watched Fleur aka FleurDeForce's QVC No.5 British Beauty on Cheryl Cole and she used an eye palette which my facial expression went into one of Blair Waldorf's when Chuck Bass exclaimed his love for her - good metaphor me thinks. Then I watched Nicole's or NikiPhilipi (is it pronounced Niki Philip-ee or Niki Philip-eye???) on 2 face makeup loves and saw another product which my face resembled a hungry lion, only fed jealousy. SHEESH IM ON A ROLE TODAY WITH METAPHORS. So i thought i would blog about it..........

DISCLAIMER: everything i post below are a) pictures from other sources b) would not mind if people sent them to me as gifts :) c) products i really want like would kill for ok not kill, minorly injure. 

My wish list: 
24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion - Urban Decay

Naked Palette - Urban Decay

Fabulous Eye Colour Palette in Diamond - Bare Escentuals 

Fit Me Concealer - Maybelline

Fit Me Foundation - Maybelline

Soleil Tan De - Chanel

Have you or want to try any of these? or what do you want to try? Nails and Skincare also will be other wish lists i'll make, could make this like a seasonal thing hmmm my blog bday is soon! 


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Girl Crush: Jessica Szohr

Unfamiliar name you might say?
Jessica Szohr....
But you might know her face?

do you know her yet?

sheesh that took a long time!
Well anyways lovely blogosphere today's post is on: Jessica Szohr and as the title says, MY NEW GIRL CRUSH! oooooh jeese whilst watching GG this morning i was striving for her attitude, Season 3 Episode 15. WOW. They way she handled the Friends (With benefits) situation was so HILARIOUS(ly amazing), she instantly became my Girl Crush. As 'John Tucker Must Die Says':
The most important thing a cheerleader girls wear are their attitudes!
Then i researched a bit, Jessica got some SERIOUS style:

Besides from having a perfect face: great bone structure, amazing eyes, lips and an amazing figure she ALSO has amazing style and a great personality! You can see from these photos her attitude, especially the one of her in the white shirt,.!!!

I LOVE Vanessa in GG, my new favourite character, whose yours? What do you think of Jessica???

Last night i went to a Ke$ha Concert and she is AMAZING! I think i will do a GC on her as well! I bought my camera with me but left my memory card at home :( STUPID ME! but i got a few bad shots on my phone might put them on  l8ter........Off to the gym now 

XXXXX have a great mid-afternoon!!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Best Blog Award, OMMFG MY FIRS AWARD!!!


Hello my lovely readers,
Guess what?
Awarded by the lovely Neelum @

Yay me!!!!!!!! 
My 1st award, and such a lovely one as well!!!
Now for the Trivia questions/tasks:

1) Link back to the person who gave you the award. (i did above)

2) Share seven random things about yourself.
 - My cat is called Splat
- I love American tv much more then English
- I'm mainly Aquarius, i looked up my Sun, Moon, Rising and Birth sign and 3 of them are Aquarius, one is Gemini
- Youngest daughter
- I have a secret love for Justin Bieber 
- Telephone by Lady Gaga is my ringtone
- I got full marks on the Hinduism section of my EOY RS exam....

3) Award 15 Blogs:
- (more known as Adrienne Adore's)
I'm gonna try and send all of you an email instead of comments btw!

4) Answer the following questions:
What is your favourite colour? Silver
Your favourite song? Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus (don't just, Jessie J wrote it)
Your Favourite Dessert? Waffles and Ice-cream
What is pissing you off? bit**es
When you're upset, you? Cry for a bit then read! or watch gossip girl!
Your favourite pet? I COULD NEVER CHOSE
Black or White? Neither
Biggest fear? I don't have any huge fears but minor fears on heights, spiders, confrontation 
Best feature? My legs but i want to tone them up (two hours of gym later!!)
Everyday attitude? Enthusiastic but can be pessimistic whilst
What is perfection? Happiness 
Guilty Pleasure? American TV 

 Thank you so much Neelum!!
Later i'm heading to the gym again for TWO HOURS then heading straight home, coating myself in glitter and heading to KE$HA!!!!!!!!!!!! Concert!!! Soo excited!!!


Monday, 11 July 2011

My HG Product Review: Collection 2K - 24 Hour Extreme Felt Tip Liner

Bonjourno Pansies,
Whilst scrolling through my dashboard reading my favourite blogs i felt like doing a post. Whilst thinking shall i scroll through websites looking for MORE i'm begging on my knees for i decided i will just do a review on a product, a post i do not do that often since i'm seem to feel that they aren't as interesting to read about high-end products unlikely for my age to have or unlikely others will be able to obtain and then the other reason is it is not my strong point in writing/blogging but i felt if i do a drugstore product of one of my EVERYDAY STAPLES.

Collection 2000, as most of you know, is my FAVOURITE drugstore brand. I think for the price on average £2.99 per product or 2 for £4.99 when the offer is on. I do prefer buying it in Superdrug though not boots because i find the counter is always bigger. Collection 2K seems to almost be the english equivalent of Cover Girl. I love Collection 2K products: the lipsticks, CONCEALER, MASCARAS glitter eye and i want to try the glitter liners and the actual eyeshadows and like EVERYTHING by them but my favourite ever product ISSSSSS:
...As you all know i dislike pencil liner, i like but too tricky for day wear: Liquid liner and i've never tried Gel but i have my eye on the maybelliene one. 
/\ not my pic but forgot the source SORRY....

The packaging is soooo well made. I love it, it is really thin and light weight - certainly is easy to cope with and room in your bag for. The packaging doesn't get dirty like some packagings do and i really like the writing on it, the silver stands out so well against the black and with the sleek black and silver packaging it STAND OUT to you, like that writing just did hehehehe good one i know. The only difficulty i suffer with is if you close the lid TOO tightly (it is one of the pop on pop off lids) it can get jammed and when you pull to get it off and do get it off you usually end up with black against and all over your hand..bUT all together it is 
4 **** For the packaging...

Now for the product on its own:
As you can see the nib of the brush is very small and TRES/very STURDY. This liner due to the fact being so tightly screwed to the base is really easy to manoeuvre over your eye with minimal smudging or mistakes. To be honest after a while of using it i have noticed the nib start to loosen up and that worries me because my last pen eyeliner, a punk-your-eyes one by Scarlet & Crimson, just fell off and fell down my sink! Awful right? Well this one is still going strong and no sign of drying out just yet like Collection 2K Mascaras do if you abandon them! The colour is really dark and is easy to get a thick or thin line with minimal shakes and scratches to it. I have recently started trying out with gel liner and i realised that each time i attempt it is shaky and like rickety effect like its goes up and down and i find with this it is just perfect!!!!! Unlike other eyeliners i find that this has no air bubbles like it is a solid colour with no pigmentation gaps if that makes sense?

Quality - 4****

Thats it for today! 

On wednesday im going to a Ke$ha concert with my sister. I'M SO EXCITED. The tickets were meant to be a gift for me and a friend since my mum won tickets to The Script @ itunes festival and its my sisters fave band they were meant to go but my mum is making me overlooked after and is making me take my sis instead of a friend but oh well shes lucky she gets 2 days of concert! AND I GET COATED IN GLITTAAAAAAAAA, i will post pics of me b4 and after the concert :) 2 go out to get a gym membership now....
Ooooh and HI Kyra!!!!!