Saturday, 16 July 2011

Makeup Wish List


Today i think i might make this a series, well it justifies me making more and more wish lists. It is Wish lists! So i could do one on Makeup (today), clothes, books (huge order coming up, need to save up though), holidays something like that? Would ya like dat? 
Well i have a very random makeup wish list, i've been watching youtube videos - as i do on a saturday afternoon and watched Fleur aka FleurDeForce's QVC No.5 British Beauty on Cheryl Cole and she used an eye palette which my facial expression went into one of Blair Waldorf's when Chuck Bass exclaimed his love for her - good metaphor me thinks. Then I watched Nicole's or NikiPhilipi (is it pronounced Niki Philip-ee or Niki Philip-eye???) on 2 face makeup loves and saw another product which my face resembled a hungry lion, only fed jealousy. SHEESH IM ON A ROLE TODAY WITH METAPHORS. So i thought i would blog about it..........

DISCLAIMER: everything i post below are a) pictures from other sources b) would not mind if people sent them to me as gifts :) c) products i really want like would kill for ok not kill, minorly injure. 

My wish list: 
24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion - Urban Decay

Naked Palette - Urban Decay

Fabulous Eye Colour Palette in Diamond - Bare Escentuals 

Fit Me Concealer - Maybelline

Fit Me Foundation - Maybelline

Soleil Tan De - Chanel

Have you or want to try any of these? or what do you want to try? Nails and Skincare also will be other wish lists i'll make, could make this like a seasonal thing hmmm my blog bday is soon! 



  1. I wanna try the Soleil tan de Chanel. I own the Vitalumiére aqua and I absolutely LOVE it to bits! I recommend trying that as soon as you can! It's just lovely! I also wanna try the fit me concealer but its not available where I live yet. Iceland is always really really late with everything related to make up :(

  2. @eydis i've never been to Iceland b4 but it seems really cool Fit Me collection isnt out in the UK yet either but still i want it..Vitalumiere seems amazing i want it soo much...Soleil Tan seems awesome x

  3. I bought the Prime time in NY!!!!! it is incredible it is like a see-through gel.
    you should get it xx