Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ayia Napa 2012

Hey Raindrops,

As some of you will know i just got back from a holiday, well around a week ago, to Ayia Napa, Cyprus with two friends. One of which had a holiday house there so we stayed with her family for ten days of crazyness!

A picture of the plane we flew on, Agean Airlines.

The first night there, Sushi and Shots well we didn't have shots, but we had mojitos and martinis. Their apple martinis were yum!

Drinks at Nissi Bay Beach Bar..Strawberry Mojito, Strawberry Daquiri and Sex on the Beach (never understood the green top on it)

First night in Ayia Napa town! 

The ferris wheel in the Ayia Napa fairground, we didn't go on many rides except one night we did the Napa Sling Shot! Wow, it was an amazing experience but so scary and fun at the same time

Nissi Beach! 
It is honestly as good as pictures, it's soo nice there and a lot of eye candy..
We didn't complain too much at the view ;)

Me getting ready and doing my makeup before going out one night!

Nissi Bay Beach Bar.
This place was the LIFE of the party, a few days a week they throw major foam parties - so fun but be prepared to be groped and pushed, music pumping up and down the beach and a lot shirtless men. This is before the Sunday foam party, when they were teaching a dance to Follow the Leader.

hahahaha, this is hard to explain.
We visited a really nice beach which had loads of hotels on it, and in one of the hotels we saw this dolphin blow up toy which we really wanted so someone dared me and for jokes we took it :/ ahahaha this is me waiting to go, hiding it.

It was amazing! I loved it. I'd never been to Ayia Napa before this and i would so go again. Think The Inbetweeners Movie but x10, Napa all the way! 
Where have you guys been on holiday this summer?


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fall Fashion: Jeans @ Boohoo (Wishlist)

Hey Raindrops,

I'm back with another wish list, two posts in one day - you lucky raindrops. But either way, as you know fall is coming in and today, in London, it was raining but to me that means Autumn is here and i need to go shopping :) 

One of my loves is jeans, my favourite are the Hollister jeggings that look like jeans with the button but i'm feeling adventurous and want to go for more jeans, i do think jeans are worth the price so when i'm older i will definitely buy pairs of £££ jeans because they WILL last longer but scrolling through i found some amazing jeans that are all different for prices £25 and under! Thats means i could buy two and a half pairs of those jeans for cheaper than one pair of Hollister jeggings. Bargain? And boohoo does have great quality and very on trend pieces that can last for seasons, i think it is one of the best websites out their and one of the cheapest...

Here are my jean choices:

Penny High Waisted Jeans in Wine - £25
ok, i hate the three-button thing but i do want a pair of high-waisted wine/maroon coloured jeans and for the price this is good, i can always cut the buttons off and see up the wholes..hmm, but i love the fact they're skinny and full length since quite a lot of coloured jeans this season are ankle length but these as you can see in the picture, are full length. Wow i sound so stupid, going on about the length of jeans..

Jade Lace Insert Black Jeans - £25
Always have been a fan of the rocker look and always in need of another leather jacket and one of my closest friends, Amberli, does not stop going on and on about how i only wear dark blue jeans and Need (yes, with a capital N) a pair of black jeans and i found these just soo cute. Love.

Julie Tie Dye Super Skinny Jeans - £25
Yes, the hipster style is now going out of trend but i think these could look really hot with like a black tank top or a crisp white shirt ahaha i just think these could be a modern take on the classic navy jeans.

Now the next ones are my favourite..

Sara Super Skinny Zip Panel Trousers - £20
I really want a pair of American Apparel Disco Pants but those are really over the top and really shimmery, these on the other hand are well less than half price of those and a lot more casual and the zip detail is so hot. They go above hip-level so are nearly high waisted and the zips are actual pockets too, i wouldn't put anything in them because the outline would probably show way too much, i just utterly love these! I really need them, no matter what. 

Perdi @ WMRDX