Saturday, 21 May 2011

Summer Loving: New Look becoming My Look

Hola Senorita/s,

Well today is being quite a boring day, its 11am and all i have done is watch 3 episodes of Gossip Girl, have breakfast and sit and stalk my own blog - i'm cool aren't i? ooo and i'm also eating a tiny packet of Haribo Mini Fruities, you know those red and black gummy circle things aka my fave haribo sweet..

Well Sweeties, let's get down to business shopping, last night i was speaking to my Best Friend, Jeanette @, her blogs awesome. and we were planning a spending spree even though i kinda need some chachingchaching and then i was scrounging through my purse and found like a stack of 5 New Look Vouchers, how much is on them i have no idea but i do know one has £25 so J and i were looking through NL's website and found some killer items some of which are sporting great trends: 70's, Lace, Crochet, Floral. i thought i shall show you amazing readers, shall we start:

 Apricot Butterfly Blouse - £25
Highneck Pussybow Top - £18.99

Aztec Slinky Vest - £16.99

 I've been loving mesh and crochet tops so here are my two FAVOURITE ones:
Crochet Crop Top - £21.99
Embroidered Mesh Top - £22.99
 Floral Espadrille Shoes - £6.99

 I've been lovin Espedrilles as you can see from the floral ones to the wedge ones, i also want a plain black flat pair but these are just so cute my favourite are the pink and white striped ones but i don't think they suit me so the black striped are so cute and catching my eye:
Leg Tie Espadrille Wedge - £14.99 £10

BUT NOW FOR MY FAVOURITE 3 THINGS, 3 my third favourite leading up to my 1st:

Lace Printed Top - £14.99 
/\ SO CUTE i love grey nd the lace and the dots!!!!!

These beauts are:
Buckled Suede Shoes - £34.99
i am in love, they are formal and smart yet sexy and fun!!!!!! i need these in my life

Lace Floral Denim Shorts - £19.99
Not only do all three of these go together, maybe if i dressed up my hair so the shoes don't look out of place but i'm literally head over the Buckled Suede Shoes in love with these. Ok now for the story behind them:
as usual Jeanette and I were chillin on skype going online shopping, who said you get bored if you do the same thing everyday?, and she sent me a link saying OMG THESE SHORTS ARE AMAZING LOOK AT THEM, so i did. and wowzies i love em, and surprisingly my mother also likes em oddly enough. they are some SEXAY shorts, not too short, not too tight - sorry boys, nice height if that makes sense. We decided since i always wear my lucky anklet, a baby pink braided one with silver beads, i have another one i'm going to give to jeanette in BRIGHT PINK which suits her personality so well in my view, and then we are both going to get these shorts. AND WE HAVE MATCHING ACCESSORIES FOR THE LEG THEN! Sadly Jeanette doesn't want to wear them at the same time as me, grrrrses (mixture of grrr and curses), i am gonna see what i can do to convince her we should wear them at once hmm any ideas?

But these are everythign i want, have you been loving NL right now? Do you dig Espedrilles?

Hey check out my giveaway, Black and White themed. i personally would love to win it, saddly i wish i could enter myself but nah crba. 
link here:
plz enter!!!!

the one and only: (as far as i know)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Black and White Giveaway, Baby

Hey Cupcakes,
Me again! But today i am here with some big news and a shocking one at that..
If you got by my blog post title, i am:


Yesterday i think i mentioned how i think i will hold a 100 Follower Giveaway but i had this in-the-moment decision since my sister is holding a teeny weenie BarryM Giveaway check it out:
HERE, it looks really good so i even entered it to make her happy but today i was like I will walk down to Superdrug and buy some things for my giveaway and decided i will do one earlier, it is not big but by the time i finished my lil spend up i realised that it was all black and white, well the packagings at least......
So shall we say what i bought the one lucky unknown winner all these lucky goodies:
 As you can see, Black on the Left and White on the Right (rhyme hehehe) and mixture in da middle !

 Sleek IDivine The Primer Palette:
i chose this product from Sleek because it was a palette or a lipstick but not all lipstick suits one so i was choosing between the Original, Sunset, Storm and this and thought well anyone can have these eyeshadows even though i liked all accept the Original which i have previously had and hated it too fallouty and the Storm is the most bought so it was likely people had it and i thought well Primers make everything better and these have a variety of bright highlights: blue, purple and others and then also neutrals which are so pretty, a cream a brown and this is like the most perfect Primer Palette. It is so good and loooks amazing and i spent so much time choosing this.


 Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner Black:
I to have this and it is my favourite liner and i love it. It is a perfect felt tip liner, lasts all day, doesn't smudge, able to thick or thin line and no air bubbles (like solid black not spaces for air to get through) I LOVE IT, and hopefully you will too...
  BarryM Instant Nail Effects Black
A recent classic, everyone has it - accept for me but thought it would be a smart idea and it looks really good on the nail.


BarryM Instant Nail Effects in White
I think this would look much better then the black especially on the tootsies for summer and i just love the idea of a white topping on the nail, like a frosted cupcake!

Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! in Magic 02:
It was out of this and the pure silver, it was inspired to me by a Fleur De Force youtube video, i think it was the Best & Worst Drugstore Concealer and her eyes were just like WOW! I WISH I COULD BUY THOSE, in general she has the most amazing wide eyes but she had this most amazing silver makeup on with insane inner corner colour which was like a pale silver with gold reflects it looked So when i saw this which is a white with gold glitter and silver reflects i thought i had to pick it up and it is practically white so fits in. i love it, i picked it up myself (along with a Collection 2000 Colour Stay lipstick in Sugar Plum). I think it is GREAT. lasts all day, i tested nd the colour just is insatiable on the lid or corner or as a liner on the bottom or top, i'm getting some ideas here...are you?

Well those are the prizes, now the facts:
1) Open to anyone, including international 
2) This giveaway ends on the 19th of June so enter as soon as possible
3) One comment per person
4) Winner will be chosen by
5) Once winner is chosen i will email the lucky gal and leave a comment on her blog if left below. If not there is no response within 48 Hours a new winner will be chosen

1) You MUST be a follower of my blog via Google Friend Connect (the follow button on the side) and list your GFC name in the comments:
e.g: Perdi X
2) Leave a comment saying Enter me! or something of the like
3) Leave your EMAIL and if possible blog name so i can also write on your blog that you won

ENTRY VALUES: (in total values)
Comment saying enter me - 1 Entry
(comment with your twitter name) Retweet @PStollerX is holding a Black N White giveaway at - 2 Entry
(link your blog) Post a link about this giveaway in your sidebar - 3 Entry
(link your blog post) Write a post about my giveaway - 5 entry

Enter and Enjoy


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wednesday Wants, Giveaway Ideas, Curly Hair-Wavy Hair

Hi Daisies, Bella Boo (for isabella), Ivi (Viviana), J (jeanette) and all my other friends,
Long time no post, i know i know but i have been  busy with end of year things eg exams, essays, homeworks etc all the sucky things in life. So today i am doing a post on my wednesday wants, a few ideas i have and a new hair LOVEEEEEEEE 

Wednesday Wants:
Babyliss Waving Wand

Babyliss Curling Wand

Babyliss Glamourous Waves 

Topshop Gel Liner in Ink

Topshop Crayon is Stardust

Topshop Lips in Show Off

Topshop Lips in Ohh La La

Topshop Lips in Girl About Town

Crayon in Equinox
Eyeshadow Mousse in Glint

Eyeshadow Mousse in Tundra

Lipgloss stick in Glisten

Nails in Cyclone

Jack Wills Enford Playsuit

i also have another dress from Jack Wills that i want but that is being kept top secret so i don't jinx it or my friends might get it 

Another thing i wanted to talk about was a Giveaway, i'm thinking of doing a 100 follower giveaway. Would you like that? I was planning on a variation of Collection 2000/Sleek/BarryM/Revlon/L'Oreal/Topshop makeup and other drugstore brands or i could do something like the Urban Decay Naked Palette and an eyeshadow or summin or maybe something from mac like an eyeshadow and lipstick of your choice or 2 eyeshadows or something. What would you want or what do you think would be a bigger hit?

Another thing i have beeeeeeeen LURRRRRRRRRRRRVIN, besides Hellcats (end of season finale was brill especially at the end with Deidre and Marti and the biki and stuff, tell me if you watch it), 90210 (season 3 finale was also AMAZABALLS) and Gossip Girl - which i just got into i've started on season 1 woah so JEALS of Serena V-W i thought i wanted to be Marissa Cooper from the O.C aka Micha Barton but no i would settle for Blake Lively, deffs a girl crush comign on. well besides tv, my playlist and shopping i have deffs been loving CURLS.



sorry for that /\ but yes, i was curling my hair with my foam rollers the other day and woke up took the rollers out to see Jeanette i think on Saturday but then when i took them down one side of my hair had really pretty curls where the other had bland uncontrolled curls accept the very front one which was a stereo typical wave away from the face but just didn't suit me so i decided i will just brush through these and hot roll mine using heating curling rods but they wouldn't brush out. So i decided i will just ignore it and continue on with the hot curlers. So i did. and for the first time in my life when i took them down i had proper curls. CURLS. not spirals. S shape curls without a curling iron. I am in love. wait here are pictures:

At the end of one day when i was trying/re-trying a dress of mine, After a good 8 hours...

Fist try: Severe curls, not crisp just soft and amazing

Later that night, well at like 11pm it turned into these:

Uno school morning i did this: WOWZA

i love these. do you? what is your best non curling iron curl? I am doing these now, currently i have my rollers in, early tomorrow morning i will put my hot ones in.......early morning HELLO

gonna watch an ep of Gossip Girl

Au revoir my friends,

please follow and comment and tell me the answers of all my lil questions below in the Hugs&Kisses sect..


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Shop Topshop For Summer

Hi Petals
As most of you know i find controversy with Topshop, it's always 50/50- half the time love/half time hate. Recently 0 purchases have gone down there recently, my latest purchase probably in November, owch. But scrawling through their website today i actually saw that for Holiday Shopping it is great! For usual summer day wear it is OK but for Beach Holiday wear it has nothing else but amazing! Well in the summer i am moving house so i won't be going away with the main familam but maybe with my cousins again to Marbella with one of my sisters and hopefully away with a friend. So if i do, i will deffs hit the (Top)Shops.
My many favourites:

Another short post, yet again. i hope you prefer these shorter posts because to me when i ramble i have a set post in mind, but my shorter posts are just for when i feel like posting because i wanna keep in touch with you friends!