Sunday, 15 May 2011

Shop Topshop For Summer

Hi Petals
As most of you know i find controversy with Topshop, it's always 50/50- half the time love/half time hate. Recently 0 purchases have gone down there recently, my latest purchase probably in November, owch. But scrawling through their website today i actually saw that for Holiday Shopping it is great! For usual summer day wear it is OK but for Beach Holiday wear it has nothing else but amazing! Well in the summer i am moving house so i won't be going away with the main familam but maybe with my cousins again to Marbella with one of my sisters and hopefully away with a friend. So if i do, i will deffs hit the (Top)Shops.
My many favourites:

Another short post, yet again. i hope you prefer these shorter posts because to me when i ramble i have a set post in mind, but my shorter posts are just for when i feel like posting because i wanna keep in touch with you friends!



  1. i like the first pair of sunglasses! im following now liked you asked so follow me back please?

  2. of course thanks for the follow shannon x