Saturday, 21 May 2011

Summer Loving: New Look becoming My Look

Hola Senorita/s,

Well today is being quite a boring day, its 11am and all i have done is watch 3 episodes of Gossip Girl, have breakfast and sit and stalk my own blog - i'm cool aren't i? ooo and i'm also eating a tiny packet of Haribo Mini Fruities, you know those red and black gummy circle things aka my fave haribo sweet..

Well Sweeties, let's get down to business shopping, last night i was speaking to my Best Friend, Jeanette @, her blogs awesome. and we were planning a spending spree even though i kinda need some chachingchaching and then i was scrounging through my purse and found like a stack of 5 New Look Vouchers, how much is on them i have no idea but i do know one has £25 so J and i were looking through NL's website and found some killer items some of which are sporting great trends: 70's, Lace, Crochet, Floral. i thought i shall show you amazing readers, shall we start:

 Apricot Butterfly Blouse - £25
Highneck Pussybow Top - £18.99

Aztec Slinky Vest - £16.99

 I've been loving mesh and crochet tops so here are my two FAVOURITE ones:
Crochet Crop Top - £21.99
Embroidered Mesh Top - £22.99
 Floral Espadrille Shoes - £6.99

 I've been lovin Espedrilles as you can see from the floral ones to the wedge ones, i also want a plain black flat pair but these are just so cute my favourite are the pink and white striped ones but i don't think they suit me so the black striped are so cute and catching my eye:
Leg Tie Espadrille Wedge - £14.99 £10

BUT NOW FOR MY FAVOURITE 3 THINGS, 3 my third favourite leading up to my 1st:

Lace Printed Top - £14.99 
/\ SO CUTE i love grey nd the lace and the dots!!!!!

These beauts are:
Buckled Suede Shoes - £34.99
i am in love, they are formal and smart yet sexy and fun!!!!!! i need these in my life

Lace Floral Denim Shorts - £19.99
Not only do all three of these go together, maybe if i dressed up my hair so the shoes don't look out of place but i'm literally head over the Buckled Suede Shoes in love with these. Ok now for the story behind them:
as usual Jeanette and I were chillin on skype going online shopping, who said you get bored if you do the same thing everyday?, and she sent me a link saying OMG THESE SHORTS ARE AMAZING LOOK AT THEM, so i did. and wowzies i love em, and surprisingly my mother also likes em oddly enough. they are some SEXAY shorts, not too short, not too tight - sorry boys, nice height if that makes sense. We decided since i always wear my lucky anklet, a baby pink braided one with silver beads, i have another one i'm going to give to jeanette in BRIGHT PINK which suits her personality so well in my view, and then we are both going to get these shorts. AND WE HAVE MATCHING ACCESSORIES FOR THE LEG THEN! Sadly Jeanette doesn't want to wear them at the same time as me, grrrrses (mixture of grrr and curses), i am gonna see what i can do to convince her we should wear them at once hmm any ideas?

But these are everythign i want, have you been loving NL right now? Do you dig Espedrilles?

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  1. Love the crochet and mesh tops.
    You could easily customise a pair of shorts like those lace ones. Just add some lace to a pair you already have. It'll be a lot cheaper too. I think I might try that myself.

  2. @helen OMG THAT IS AN AMZING IDDEA, i might just do that since it could look good and get some iron on flower prints and

  3. like the blouse its cute :)
    im now following :) xx

  4. Everything is so cute! I really love the blouse in the first picture :) xx