Friday, 29 October 2010

Pretty Little Liars, Good? YES YES YES YES

omg hey sweeties,
well i started watching a show on tv shack since i dont have VIVA..... and it was Pretty Little Liars - PLL.........

Pretty Little Liars (chose pink writting cause i think it suits the show) is about 4/5 girls:
  • Spencer
  • Hanna
  • Aria
  • Emily
  • A/Allison
They used to be all best friends, having a usual sleepover. They wake up and Allison is gone!
Spencer went out looking for her but shes not anywhere. Then Aria goes to Iceland for like a year and all the rest of the girls lose touch. When Aria gets back they face the evil battles of an anonymous texter/emailer/writer/etc...called A. Allison used to sign her texts -A. just like this anon person. A few days l8er Allison is found buried. Died from suffocation. As soon as the funeral is over, they all recieve a text. from -A!!!!!!!!!!!!! there all spooked and they keep on getting these texts. ok, this isnt there only life problems. except all from being ESPECIALLY beautiful (especially Hanna), there lives are all messed up. Spencer kissed her older sisters boyfriend, Hanna's dad is getting married - to a different woman, Aria's parents are fighting and Emily is 'secretly' a lesbian. the girls are scared, Allison was the only person who knew individual secrets, none of them new Allisons. eventually all the secrets come out, including A's identity but only Hanna just finds out, but who hit her with a car - making her (TEMPORARILY) lose her memory. whats gonna happen next? I know.......keep in touch if u want to find out more.
comment if u wanna kno more.......

MADE FROM BOOKS, on viva at 8pm every thursday.


from top left clockwise, Specer, Hanna, Emily, Aria

Emily, Specer, Aria, Hanna Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria

Spencer, Aria, Emily Hanna


enjoy xxxxx

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Coffee And Roses Giveaway

so not only would i love if u gave me coffee and roses but that is a blog, cute name i know. and shes doing a GIVEAWAY. no i am not giving away coffee and roses...

well first the prize is a mac lipstick of ur choice .. wooop

AAAAAAAAAAAAAND that..............

so here is the link

TAAA daaaaaaaaah

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

How much is the kitty in the window!!!

(title inspired by episode 5 or 6 of 90210 season 3 - not out in uk but available online - how much is the liam in the window (i dont care cause id buy him anyways, nomnomnomnomnnom))

so halloween is in the air, mm favey time of year i love that crisp smell and now i cnt wait till the 5th of november- BONFIRE NIGHT i love the smell of burning leaves and bonfires , the cold cripy air mmmmmmmmmm.......... makes me want a hot chocolate thinking about it (i like hot chocolate- OPTIONS ALL THE WAY) and as u probs wouldnt of guess im being a kittycat ma i have a little pre review-test/poll-quiz ur choice thingy..............i went to my nearest superdrug earlier at around 12? maybes and bought 2 lipsticks. yes 2, the dreaded choice which 1!
ok A)

MUA Shade 1 - £1
wowzies ma little fwendies, this traffic stopping plum red is a winner. for a £ a simple uno poundy .......ok ive tried it on my lips with out any thing on - but did use a lip exfoliator by lush last night. and it went on smoothly but quite soft so easily slips. its a nice dark deep red with brown undertones and plum overtones. it is though hard to get off but usually halloween makeup is.... i lick the simple useful packaging - nothing to impressibe but for a pound its what u expect i guess and i like how it shows the colour on the bottom...i like this colour and would look really good with dark makeup - which im doing. PICTURES WILL BE COMING UP AFTER HALLOWEEN of my makeup and outfit.....i love this shade- i did want shade 6 i think which was a barbie glittery pink but out of stock :(
but im happy with this :)

Collection 2000 Pink Shock - £1.99?
WOWOWOW this is a picture off google and its amazin. the camera doesnt pick up the brightness but it is amazing. bright pink! it is matte and really is a bit stiff but hopefully will warm up over time - FEW DAYS. it does look nice on and would need a balm underneath - probs The Blue Tin or vaseline......i like itttttttttt... and i like how the colour in the bottle does come off on the lips - i have shade 100 by barrym and comes of like a white not the barbie pink, and the packaging is soo cute, simple shiny black with a slanted lid with little pink 'beads' on and pink edges..........

so which one??? for nails im doing a BRIGHT coraly pink - la colours Lightning, probs with some black detail. kitty ears, and bunches with rollers in my hair overnight and take them out during the day to get Oomph and a black lace skirt from H&m - last years, a prezzie from my sister never worn and a black plain v-neck tight...with tights and a leather jacket. for makeup i will be using:
  • sleek i-divine original 12 colour palette - the black
  • eyeko graffiti pen in black
  • primark eyeliner or barrym ANY BLACK KOHL PENCIL I CAN FIND
  • concealer
  • powder (i want the pale cakeyish makeup )
  • one of these lipsticks
shoes - no idea!

well thats it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxjust a quickie post! wat u doing for halloween?