Friday, 21 January 2011

Book Wishlist and Weekly Summery

Hello my 31 followers and everyone else reading-who-should-follow-aka-please-please-please-follow,
today i'm doing a new type of post a long with a weekly summery, this new post is a book wishlist, 
hope u enjoy, the idea was inspired by meganheartsmakeup vlog where she featured books.....

3,2,1 ACTION, book wishlist starting:
Our Little Secret - Allayne Wester
The Truth Behind The Death at Columbine - Books Brown and Rob Merritt

Never Look Away - Linwood Barkley

(Amazon pic)
They're Watching - Gregg Hurwitz
Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

The books i read can be quite disturbing, i prefer mystery, curious, murder, twisten books, i know kinda weird but it is my taste. Currently i'm reading The Enemy (authur forgotten), Bang Bang You're Dead by someone beginning with N and Wanted by Sara Sheppard (the last in the pretty little liars series). I love reading, surprisingly, and i have a vast collection of books and sagas. I prefer to stay away from gor and blood books for no reason but i prefer mystery and murder type things - The Enemy-type-book is quite new to me, i do like comedys though, Angus Thongs and Full-frontal snogging interested me a bit and tickled my taste buds whilst reading. I either buy books from Amazon, prezzies from fam, or take my sisters ones, very rarely do i pay full price but once in a while Waterstones is a treat :).


  • Monday my art teacher has decided not to teach us so he has got this random girl to teach us bout butterflys :/
  • Got of my one week Latin Progress before
  • Sold my first batch of Cookies.Inc
  • On monday i also went out after school with jeanette, i did do a haul.
  • I've had a good week, grades improved, nice friends, annoying friends - or enemies nd had a blast with loads of people
  • I have a batmizfah tomoz night and probs will have photos up, i'm wearing an asos dress with taylor swift-inspired-hair-and-makeup
can yall tell me what books you are reading or want and dya like my weekly summeries?

xxxx lusm 

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English test on monday

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Taylor Swift, baby

Hello everyone,

what a rushful day it has been - starting in and presenting a speech which my group (including Jeanette), then having a hectic break which included me trying to giveaway a choco croissant cause of calories - ended up eating eat :( (47 minutes of WII FITT COMING UP- ---- oooo exercise routine and tips might also be coming up), then having to do maths during like group time then english took place then SPANNISH (trial) which i love but contemplating prefering italian or Spanish, i like both but gonna wait till my italian trial. Then lunch which included a DRUM LESSON!!, with my lovely teacher Collin then FRENCH!! (i do like my langueges) where i was called a professional, then music eh, THEN DOUBLE LATIN WOOP (Hence the sarcastic tone well ermmm letter) well today during the rest of lunch me and elle, o me and elle the wonderful few months that have past in our friendship LUSM. well we went to the i.c.t lab to look up hairstyles for a batty/batmizfah and we both want curly updos, well she especially does so we researched taylor swift.

Taylor if u did not know, i worship, i think she ALWAYS looks impecable and has started tthe curls, ok well no not STARTED but she reinvented it to cool amazing STUFF. i want to be her practically, crossed with Naomi from 90210 (her body), Misha Barton/Marissa Copper face, Taylor Swift eyes, Taylor swift hair, taylor swift eyes (i could go on and on).  i love her! she looks amazing always so these are some nice ones by her:
i will start with loose hair/not up:

Beautiful, classic, simple, wow

Our Song Music Video, take away the realistic face and put a sim one it looks like a sim - screen shot

Teardrops on my guitar spiral curls

Classic, fun, amazing, curls

also pay attention to those special curls and the amazing makeup, SHE ALWAYS LOOKS FABULOUS, skin flawless, eyes feline, perfect lip. JEALOUS.

i love this one even though not mad on the pic or earings but i love the look of the textured bun

Cute, formal, sweet, i love the big spiral at the front

i LOVE ADORA, J'ADORE this plait bun curl thing, the bangs are soo cute, the smokey eye = TO DIE, messy bun, ooooooo jelousy can be a bad thing

Wow the classic the beauty, eyes remind me of Elle Fowler's - AllThatGlitters21 pirate tutorial but still amazing

This is probable my favourite, the flower, the texture, the beauty of it i LOVEEEEE, i want it - I WANT ITTTT


Taylor Swift's Love Story hair, it is gonna look amazing

oooh and another one which i love

hope u enjoyed my rave on tay swift, i adore her Better Than Revenge song, LUSM xxxx btw all u viewers who view me (aka the 24 shri lanked people, canadians, u.s.a'ians, ukians, swedianians - i checked my stats PLEASE FOLLOW ME, it really means a lot and i hope u can...)

ALSO COMMENT WHICH PICTURE I SHOULD DO - please,  whoever views this but is yet to comment i iwll find out AND HUNT U DOWN, i say that the nicesst way possible BUT PLEASE, desperate nearly-13 year old girl here waiting for hair choice


Monday, 17 January 2011

Collective Haul: Lush, Boots - makeup and Skincare, Up and Coming :)

Hey my lovelies,
Today not only did i receive 30 followers, thank you very much new follower i hope you enjoy my many posts :), i also went out after school with my like BESM FOR ESM Jeanette , as many of you should no i was meant to go out with her yesterday but she had to cancel so today we made plans...We have to have are usual Starbucks after we went to Boots, i had a lovely Strawberries and Cream Frappy and JJ had a lovely (?) hazlenut hot choco mmmmmm. 

Well i have a bit of a collection to show you, a bit o lush (As usual), a bit o boots makeup and hmmm cnt think but i will...

Well i will start of this collective haul with Lush, since it is smaller and i bought it first, Sunday.

I bought:

Frog Prince 
Appaz a new smell, never seen well smelt before. White blossom, jasmine, neroli, rose and rosewood makes a sweet and unique sent. 

Dragon's Egg
I bought this because on Saturday i have a friend Batmizfah and i wanted to be all glittery, it is a lemony blend of popping candy (!) , glitterly swirls surround its trail and it is awesome! I was going to use Sunnyside Bubble Bar on saturday but found out in store the glitter doesn't stick to you :(, but used it today and it is AWESOME

Boots Today, which was very fun!:

Soap & Glory Greatest Scrub of All (for all Skin Types - the facial exfoliator with smooth-boosting spheres that pop when pressed!)
I found this after i saw Fleur De Force 's favourites, i think, and she mentioned how much she loved it and Jeanette also loves Fleur so when we both saw it we were like OMG  buy it!
Soap & Glory The Greatest Scrub of All has a strategic blend of super-gentle silicami particles, and salicylic acid loaded scrub beads, the more you scrub, the more Soap & Glory The Greatest Scrub of All smoothes. Like DIY microdermabrasion. Suitable for all skin types – if you adjust the frequency according to whether you are sensitive, dry, normal or oily.
I used it today AND WOW, my skin is soo soft! The packaging is also a +, it reminds me of Benefit packaging, pastels and sweet.

I never had heard of this company before but it's packaging and claims just STOOD out to me.
Good Things Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser (Mango and Blueberry)
Smells AMAZING the mango surprisingly is equal to the Blueberry, the only downfall is once u used once as soon as u open to use it again it just like spills out :(, but worth it. It made my skin feel so soft, it is a clear liquid and so nice! Cheap and cheerful as my mother would say... The packaging also looks very vegan and natural and good for you which it is, another +

St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub 30ml.
I got the mini one cause after i see how Becca from Euchante  swears by it i wanted to get like the £1 mini one just to try out and review so some time by Mid Feb my review for this will be up. I'm really excited for this! The packaging it eh for the small one it is cute and the actual thing is nice but it feels like the first time ur opening it like it feels like ur squeezing all the contents up even though ur not....

My last but certainly not least product, last since it is makeup, :

Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Effect Mascara
The packaging is wow, it stands out a lot, the brush is MASSSIVE IT IS HUGE LIKE A BLOCK bigger then Bad Gal Lash by Benefit!!!!!  It is amazing though, it can come dry though but luckily mine is quite wet, both me AND jeanette ahve seen Fleur get this so she already bought hers so i bought mine, it reminds me of DOLL lashes which i love the luck of, vulimizes LENGTHENS and does EVERYTHING needed! I love it, another review coming up. 

Well ttyl, XXX lusm

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Ma Birthday brings all the prezzies to the yard, and im like read this post.

hello hello hello, my friends. This is a quick birthday wishlist since my birthday is in a few weeks, February 5th and yah so here we gooo...

From A&F - my sister works there so hopefully she will get me something

Beauty and Random

Conair Inifiniti You Curl Chronicle Wand - my lovely friend Jeanette said she will try and get me this :D

It's Raining Men by Lush Valentines Day Collection, my other sis said she will get me this and somethign else

Vera Wang Princess Body Lotion - i want this sooo bad, my fave perfume

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Katy Perry Teenage Dream collection by O.P.I ft Katy Perry, mini set..i love that uniquie blue with chunks of pink in and the one on the left is just like wow - the sister who might get me the lush thing said shell get me this

Yankee Candle Gift Card

Topshop gift set

i wont get all of this sadly ,wish i would but oh well, have a good few days. Weekly summery will be up in a few days as would a review on hmmmm...secret