Saturday, 16 June 2012

Summer 2k12: Bikini Bliss

Hey Raindrops,

I'm back with my annual summer series, this year called Summer2k12, and i'm starting off with my bikini post! 

I've already bought a few bikinis this year, you'll see my favourite it my Summer 2k12: Clothing Haul coming up but today i just saw that Victoria's Secret is having a sale! Suckishly i live in the cold UK and it doesn't ship to me....

But V.S does have this design thing on their website where you can buy any 6 tops and any 6 bottoms for $50 i was like woah and started designing! You can mix them up, chose the style, colour and size of course! 

here are the ones i designed:

This one must be my favourite i designed! I love the cute tie dye bandeau style top and that bow detailing on it is so cute! The bottoms are the plain white double-string hoop stye by V.S, i chose this style cause i thought it would be tres girlie and cute!

colour blocking anyone? I love the supportiveness of this bandeau and the colour is stunning! Will look perfect with a tan! The dark bowtie bottoms are soo cute with aqua insides! Perfect

 This provocative little number is super hot! I love the deep colour and the simpleness of it! Will suit anyone..
Doesn't everyone just need a simple black bikini? Everyone needs a LBD, so why not a LBB? Little Black Bikini for anyone who could not guess :) 

 This summer i'm going on holiday with two of my friends this year and you definitely need fun bright bikinis as much as you would need oxygen, this purple supportive one with ruched bottoms is so cute and the coral triangle style is simple and awesome and these would look great on tans!

If V.S shipped to the UK i would soo buy these! and they would only be like £37 for all 6! BARGAIN ALERT!

Perdi @ WMRDX

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Nastygal Wishlist

Hey Raindrops

i know long time - no see and everything! I've been super busy! I had a bunch of projects, and atm i'm bang in the middle of my summer exams, i started today...I've done maths 1 (non-calc), Latin, French writing and English all today! I say they went quite well except for maths, french was a dream and latin was eh :) tomorrow i have RS, History and Science, i m not doing RS or Hist gcse so its not worrying me so much, science our sets for next year already have been decided - im in top luckily, but history i want to try extra hard for history though cause i love it! I finish on monday with Maths 2 (Calc), Music (ikr - such a joke), Italian and Geography...

I've done a lot of shopping too, collective haul coming up! But moving on from my life i just thought i should take some of my recently found out blogging news and share it:

Faye from IS BACK in business, i loved her and she's back!

Chloe from is also taking off really well - love her 

back with some wishlisting, i found and loved some of there things!!

This amazing piece is from River Island and costs £40, the rest are from Nasty Gal

 in love with the back of this!

This It's £70/$110 dollars of pure love! 

What do you think of these? Any recent loves? Anyone seen anywhere selling any white hi-low/diphem skirts/dresses?!!  Comment down below! 

Love you all
Perdi @ WMRDX