Thursday, 14 June 2012

Nastygal Wishlist

Hey Raindrops

i know long time - no see and everything! I've been super busy! I had a bunch of projects, and atm i'm bang in the middle of my summer exams, i started today...I've done maths 1 (non-calc), Latin, French writing and English all today! I say they went quite well except for maths, french was a dream and latin was eh :) tomorrow i have RS, History and Science, i m not doing RS or Hist gcse so its not worrying me so much, science our sets for next year already have been decided - im in top luckily, but history i want to try extra hard for history though cause i love it! I finish on monday with Maths 2 (Calc), Music (ikr - such a joke), Italian and Geography...

I've done a lot of shopping too, collective haul coming up! But moving on from my life i just thought i should take some of my recently found out blogging news and share it:

Faye from IS BACK in business, i loved her and she's back!

Chloe from is also taking off really well - love her 

back with some wishlisting, i found and loved some of there things!!

This amazing piece is from River Island and costs £40, the rest are from Nasty Gal

 in love with the back of this!

This It's £70/$110 dollars of pure love! 

What do you think of these? Any recent loves? Anyone seen anywhere selling any white hi-low/diphem skirts/dresses?!!  Comment down below! 

Love you all
Perdi @ WMRDX


  1. Wow! loved your post! I really like those skirts and the studded blouse!!!

    1. thanks for the comment! I love them too, i really want them! xx