Thursday, 30 December 2010

Will you say i do? I have...FleurDeForce AND MissGlamorazzi

Hello hello hello, if u cannot tell by my well spelt-so-far i am on a sugar rush and and excitement rush, as i always spell better throughout (must of been the Wii Fit Plus + a  banana, ice and tangerine smoothie, plus quavors)...

Well i am soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!! I have recentely seen that Fleur, an AMAZING youtube whom i love and have previously met is doing another meetup with...............


if u do not know her she is an america utuber in the beauty community who is friends with Fleur and together and ITS GONNA B AWESOME!!!!!

well, at Westfield, London, at 2pm on Monday 3rd January come to the open planned starbucks on the ground floor and meet them, im gonna be there wearing a blue and pink striped jumper, chesnut long uggs and a&f jegggins if any of u wanna meet me..................All of u londoners get ur booty down there to meet all of us...


come and have fun wooooooop xxxxxx

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My Milkshake Brings All The Boys to the Yard and there like 'read this post'

Hahaha cheesy title i know but it is fitting to the post on blenders: smoothies, milkshakes, crushes...

Well my eldest sister is always obsessing over exercise, healthy eating, being healthy we bought a random blender...Argos Cookworks Blender XB9155 which is really good and u can chose between low and high...

For the past 2 days nothing in my kitchen has seemed appetizing for breaky so i made smoothies, the first i had was Jumbo oats (should be porridge), banana, milk and ice which was kinda powdery but nice u should add honey to it but the deal is that they are low cal and my this morning one was Ice, berry flavoured yougurt, blueberries, strawberries. They were both quite yummy. i say keep it on low whilst ur tidying things up whilst
blending or anythign and when ur watching it transfer to high.(btw its on a dial type thing)

I LOVE crushes like yesturday i was in westfield and bought ANOTHER Boost drink, last time i had Tropical Storm Low Fat Smoothie this time i tried Watermelon Crush. Crushes r just like ice drinks and this feature watermelon, low fat orange juice and loads of ice which was sooo good so in summer i will deffs be making this ..There really fun to make some blender drinks i wanan try are:

Watermelon Frappe:

  • 1.4 kg (3 lb) watermelon, seeded, peeled and cut into cubes
  • 100 g (4 oz) caster sugar - i would substitute to if NEEDED one tablespoon of canderal sugar with ice
  • finely grated zest and juice of 1 large orange
  • finely grated zest of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice 

Tropical Breeze:

  • 1 cups of grapes

  • 3-4 strawberries, stems included

  • 1-2 pieces of watermelon (seeds included)

  • 1-2 pieces of cantaloupe (seeds included)

  • 2 pieces of pineapple (core included)

  • 1/3-1/2 piece of banana

  • 1 cup of ice

Mango Paradise:

  • 1 1/2 cup mango juice

  • 1/3 cup strawberries

  • 1/3 cup peaches, fresh or canned

  • 1/3 cup vanilla yogurt

1/3 cup rainbow sherbet - hmm could find a substitute such as maybe a sprinkle of Rainbow Drops or something 

Chocolate Banana Smoothie:

  • 1/2 cup milk

  • 1 banana, peeled and broken in 4 pieces

  • 1 cup vanilla yogurt

  • 1 Tbsp. chocolate syrup - i would substitute to 1/4 a bar of dark chocolate or one table spoon cocoa powder

Orange Snowman Crush:

  • 1 (6 ounce) Can Frozen Orange juice concentrate

  • 1/2Cup Milk

  • 1/2Cup water

  • 1/2 Cup sugar

  • 1/2 Tsp. Vanilla extract

  • 14 Cubes Ice

Ive had a Wii Fit for a while now and both me and my 2 sisters wanted Wii Fit + and for xmas my mum got it for all of us, we used it today, and i made my own routine which i really enjoy and from it i found out i burnt an ice lolly off in calories (good for summer then) and it persists of 7 moves, one being just Deep Breathing which my mean sister sabotaged for me by PUSHING ME and the others being very basic such as Jack Knife, Leg Extensions, Torso twists...very basic and quite fun....also the game Perfect 10 is and my sibs were talking and we might all save up and buy together the XBox and that new game for it, the fitness one, it looks good.....

Well thats it xxxx stay healthy and these r really good low cal snacks and meals xxx hth

OMG 2499

omg hey hey hey
omg my blog has been viewed 2499 times, ONE MORE FROM 3000 i cant believe it, especially since only 28 of u followed.

ok ur comments, follows and everything just make me soo happy im really glad my blog is going really well and guess what im gonna ask?

IF YOU ARE THE 3000 person to visit my blog, click the follow 

thankyou for making my year, all of u!

Happy Nearly New Years!!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

New Years Res'z

Oh Dear my-lovely-jubbly-followers-who-i-adore and since im in a good mood hello my-reading-but-not-following-biatches/readers...

Christmas is over and New Years has (not-ish) officiallllllllllllllly started, im a natural party goer, loud music+hot outfit+a chair = IM there, dancing on a high up chair (ALWAYS) well this year notin much is going on, a friend is coming round and me, friend and my fam are all spending it on my mothers bed watching the telly :)......probs with a takeaway of some sore.....kinda lame but to me it sounds fun and friendly, with a fire and cozy jumpers..lovely
well as soon as we know christmas is over and the average 9000 calories is consumed, we have a brieff thought New Years Resolutions ..aka Res'z.. a lot of people do wait loss, money saving blah blah blah but these are mine:

  • In school, be more quiet in lessons and in general
  • Be me, yes in my blog u c (hopefully) the calm cool and collected girl, but im always over exuberent, over excited, over energetic. i might b like that but this year i really want to be me, find my true character and be it!
  • Pursue my architecture dream, continue being more creative with my architecture and focus more on it then my shallow side.
  • Find my hobbies and extra activities:                                                  I  appaz photograph beautifully (i for some reason question my beauty) and i would love to try modelling, even whilst watching this im watching America's Next Top Model (cycle 15 episode 10, wait just finished that now episode 11), i would love to also maybe do some more on my drumming, i've done drum lessons for the past for years AND i am quite good but done no grades nd id like to pursue it furthur. Hmmm also my cookies: Cookies.Inc my website is is my company for my own recipe cookies. 
  • Deal with my emotions properly! nobody excepts my mum knows this but i deal with anger so badly. I dont need anger management but i get soo angry and keep it all in! My sisters, dad, parents, life, school, teachers, friends and this ALL causes me grief which instantly turns into anger. My sister, eldest, turns everything into depression and my other sister turns everything overdramatic sadness/crying. And my anger is probably the most volatile of all but i never know when im going to break down so i guess i need to work on that and start gently letting stuff out. :)
  • Lose 1st losing weight cheers me up and ends up lightening my mood when im able to wear just tank tops or anything tight fighting, end of jan i have a bodycon dress and would love to like utterly FABULOUS.  Im not gonna do anything drastic and this is a very far in reach res since i need  it, i feel like it distracts my anger a lot to think about a far goal..
This is all i have so far but i know i want to try and achieve all of these, this time next year maybe ill say become more depressing HOPEFULLY that wont happen but lets c, merry holidays xxxx

Monday, 27 December 2010

Days With Vivi, lusm

may i just say that this is my 91st blog post to all my blog-loving-reader(i would love to hear what u like dislike nd need to improve on below in the comments remember they make my day, if there good)

well currently im at my bezzem (vivi/viviana/vivz/viv) house, sleeping over from a wild boxing day party where there was like a lucky dip prezzie thing from vivi's lovely mothers santa sack and i recieved:

Chanel Paris Purse/wallet..

box picture

outside box

inside i love it

jumper from jack wills, read my boxing day sales haul to read about it, no im not gonna sleep it in but currently im just coooold... and my hair is partly curled & partly unbrushed..

the purse is a black leather mini wallet type thing its really cute with a cute coin thing in the middle, 4 card slots, and a note section SO CUTE

and me and vivi r really close and each time we have a sleepover (often) we usually make a photo album..

vivis hair is slightly curled with a babyliss curling wand and ya thats kinda it LUSM i hoped u had a good boxing day xxx

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day Sales: Lush & Jack Wills

Hey my lovely-reading-followers-or-non-following-freaks-who-should-follow,

Christmas is officially over, the turkey and extras are in my full tummy and all the prezzies are strewn across my room, i am sure ill get round to doing a haul but im sure ill be doing reviews on most of the products (Lancome Juicy Tube in Lychee, Phill Smith blonde enhancing trio, Nicky Clarke classic flexi-rollers, a&f jeggings+ more maybe) and today im gonna haul the boxing day sale shops........I went to two since cba to do more since i was on the Kings Road.
I went to Jack Wills first and bought two things since one was quite expensive,

Greenholme Skinny Sweatpant  - £34 reduced from £39
Stalham V Neck Sweater - £89 reduced from £129

i love these 2 items, the jackie trackies (as i nicknamed them) feel like thick grey soft warm leggings and they look perfect under uggs, wear the usual wide leg ones look really baggy and masculine where this is quite cool and nice. And that jumper still quite pricey but god almighty it is soo soft there are similar ones in solid colours but this is the only thin soft cashmere feel and i love the original jwils (pronounced jw-ills as i nicked it) stripes...

Then had another trip to lush, i have as u know already used twilight and last night used Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment. today i just bought:
  • Gingerbread bubble bar (so now i have 2)
  • 2 more Twilight Bath Bombs
  • Another mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment
so thats all i got xxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Wishes

this is just a quickie post to say merry christmas one and all, and i will be doing an xmas haul shortley but i dunno would u prefer it for tomoz since im going to do a shopping sale spree in jack wills YAY.......hmmm i dont know but merry xmas xxx

Thursday, 23 December 2010


just another outfit of the day xx

lips - stroke of lust by mac with toffee by barrym lipgloss
a random brown eyeshadow with no name
eyeko grafitti eyeliner black
eye curler
beauty uk lash fx mascara

jack wills jumper
earmuffs = primark
jeans from select


hey, i finally worked out how to work my comp cam so blog posts r waaaaaay easier..last night went to an xmas party and this is what i wore:

Blue Sequin Blazer - Select Fashion
Black V Neck - Primark i think
Jeans - Select Fashion
Necklace - Mikey Jewelry 
Feux Rainbow Snakeskin Belt - Primark

Natural Collection Duo Eyeshadow in Mocha/Latte - the light brown all over lid
Beauty UK Pallette 4 - peachy over brown to lighten it
Eyeko Grafitti Eyeliner Pen black - on upper lash line
Eyelash Curler
Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara

Natural Collection Coverup Cream (my face has been quite clear since my new lush fm)
Wild Beauty Highliting Cream

Mac Stroke of Lust lure collection
BarryM Toffee Lipgloss (LOVER COMBO)

inspired by Elle Fowlers curled hair, didnt turn out amazingly i love curly hari though i used foam rollers kept thiem in my hair for 8 hours ish and took them out sprayed and clipped back

hope u likke xxx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Lush Haul.....Lush Review: Twilight Bath Bomb

Hey everyone,
went to Westfield, London today and went to lush...i bought quite a lot and my friend bout me n xmas here we go, all the pics were taken on my comp cam except my review section...

 Lush bag yayaya

Gingerbread Tin:
Includes: Gingerbread Bubble Bar - a fave of mine that is perfect for a winter bath but wasw sold out separately :( but it was an xmas gift yay!) 
Candy Cane Bubble Bar - smells greast turns the bath baby pink
Cinders Bath Bomb - spicy with popping candy
Lil Lush Pud - never tried it xxxx
 MMMMM Melting Marshmellow Moment

The Boog Bath Ballistic

Satsumo Santa Bath Ballistic - an xmas tradition of mine, to use on xmas eve

Catasrophe Cosmetic Face Mask - just tried this LOVE IT, ill do a review on it once ive used it a few times ill do a review

 Inside look
Crp swatch, the blueberry blue thing 

Ok now for the review on Twilight Lush Bath Bomb,
which i just used in ma bath, hence the wet hair in the photos

these pics r from the web since i well like just used it:

Lush Picture
Lush Says:

 Everyone seems to be in love with twilight at the moment. Whether it's the film series or that enchanting period betwixt day and night, we can't work it out. If you're stressed out and feeling like a member of the un-dead, this relaxing ballistic will stake all of your troubles and scatter them to the winds with scents of lavender and Ovaltine
Random google pic

google pic of it starting to fiz

End result haha

Ok my review starts now:
I BOUGHT twilight today and my first thought was WOW its huge, one of their biggest,  i loved the pink girly colour and the stars and moons r really coooooool. it smelled: pink, it was sweet yet subtle it has a faint scent of lavender.. Once the pink froff it turns into a purpley bluey colour with a less sweet smell nd more lavendrly floral, i loved it deffs gets u 2 sleep well.....
Whilst having this deep relaxing almost sensual bath i was reading Flawless by Sara Shepard, the second of the PLL series and relaxing.....I was so relaxed that i never noticed the calm glitter running round the bath, it was pretty glitter shades of muted blues and greens. It was glitter that u couldnt feel or irritate ur skin but looked pretty almost as if the water was made from crystals. It was so pretttttttty.
I should of mentioned the lavender was contained inside the bath bomb, the pink outside is just a shield for the bluey/indigo inside....This was the first bath bomb i tried which actually let the froff round the bath and didnt just follow the bomb itself...
This was my favourite bathbomb so far and I WILL BE REPURCHASING!!!!!!!
priced at £2.90  ithink  but soo worth it

hth xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 20 December 2010

Review: O.P.I Pretty & Priviledged

Hey lovely-jubbly-followers-and-readers-who-should-follows,
Todays random blog post is a review: O.P.I Pretty & Privileged. Tomoz i am going to Westfield with a few friends so i decided to paint my nails, i bought Pretty & Privileged after finding out that 90210 girls sponsered/designed 3 colours. Silver designed the beautiful shimmery purple Queen of West Web-Erly, Annie designed Sweet as Annie-Thing , the perky lollipop red, and Naomi designed Pretty &  Privileged, the gorgeous cranberry.

Slowly, i'm gonna buy Queen Of West Web-erly next but this is a review on Pretty & Privileged.
Ill Start with colour:
ok imagine, a dark red juicccy cherry, then imagine it glazed over so it is shiny. bam thats pretty & privileged. its a dark red cranberry, with light-reflecting shimmer its not pure red with some pink undertones.
wow when i bought, i rarely use it since the prcie and since 90210 means a lot to me that i like to savour it, but i first tried it and BLAH ewww now i love it. The texture is thin but opaque, i did JuicyStar07's trick which is one centre sweep, two left, to right. I tried using this with other companies it didnt work but with opi it really did. The colour is creamy but not as light as other polished :/, it dries quickly. The brush size is PERFECT weirdly flexible, i would think to despise but no useful indeedy.

this is just ONE cote, look how opaque, the second coat adds the xmassy redness to the cherry cranberries hahaha....

as i mentioned how much i l over the brush to this i just put 17 High Gloss Topcoat ontop, it has a usual small nd thin brush, precise and nice but nothing conpared to this one btw...
and the gloss add the extra sheen to this pretty pollish

4 1/2 Stars

woooooooo xxxxxxx

Friday, 17 December 2010

Could she be of inspiration?..........................................

Lady Gaga, yes o yes o yes....ok u either love or hate her.NO, i am not a die-hard fan of this talented celeb but a mild fan, yes-o-deedy...

Im sorry but Telephone is a piece of creative genius///originally written from Britney tthough, we all know hit me baby one more time or Womanizer but if u say Telephone by Gaga u instantly are overwhelmed by the overpowering creativity to it. IT WOULD NOT BE THE SAME IF BRITTANY SPEARS SANG IT, no offence...i hated her at first pokerface and just dance were so tacky at first, they were so new. There was no music like it. But u get used to the upbeat tune and the overpowering auto-tune..or the perverted videos...Bad Romance probs changed my view on her...
Ok enough of MY views on her, lets get down to the meaning of the blogpost, behind her ice blonde locks and the OUTRAGEOUS clothing, the meat dress was PURE EWW. But behind all of that is left good makeup inspiration weird i know. But in a way we all know the trends : bold lips, strong smokey eyes, coral lips, berry, NUDE lips....i just noticed but Gaga did them first u just dont notice them like the sexual subliminal message in disney things (look it up on youtube). Here are some pics to prove it:

 a good dupe for this lipstick is Syrup by mac...The glowy pale skin is all so new its hard to take in..nice glasses btw

The bow, the bow, the bow, i LOVE bows and this probs what made me love them, the hair bow. Creative Genius. Matt skin, bronzed cheekbones and that light coral lipstick, the only similar thing i can think of COULD BE Sweetie by Mac..

This is a subliminal message for a silver/grey dramatic smokey. This highlighted features and coral lips and blush (I LOVE THOSE LIPSSS) with the drama of those power lashes and the glitter silver smokey..and how cool are those rhinestoned nails

 she looks very pink here, might be the overpowering but o-so-pretty blush, a good dupe might be urmmmm Pink Swoon by Mac and that lipstick with the goldish peachy centry just looks belle...Her EYES though are the things that stand out, so powerful.
 Put on a bikini and a pair o shorts and shed look like a bronze goddess coming back from a beach trip, her pinky lips make her skin look flawless and the added bronzer is pretty.
When i see this i can just here Jay saying Fierce, beautiful WORK IT GIRL (i was watching Americas next top model earlier)....She looks different then the other more subtle looks, the red lips stand out even with the red satin hood on her and the dramatic liner also suits...

Crazy - YES
just takeaway the outragiousness and u got pure beauty. How many of these looks have u used (RHETORICAL QUESTION)? pink lips, bronzed godess, silver smokeyeye? sound familiar right i know weird huh and lady gaga's done em all..
.IM gonna STOP judging her as a crazy women but as a pretty girl with a agressive creative side....
DO u think she looks pretty in some of these????????/

Ok personally as a sum up of her, i think she has gone down in music history along with Elvin and MJ, she has changed the music world and there is NOBODY like her.
Always remember to be unique, just like everyone else.

Cutting Down the Calories

Hey poppets,
its me, long time no post (few days)............................well it is winter time, xmas is coming up :)..........calories intakes coming up and then if that happens so would my weight. I am at a healthy weight for my age, slim NOT thin, not chubby not fat. I wish i was thinner though, doesnt everyone......I have tried cutting down the cals, never worked. THIS TIME I AM DETERRRRRRRRRRMINED!!!

Ok, so i won't completely stop with the sugar, junk, choco etc...but will cutdown...
What i am hoping to lose is min 5lbs and MAX 1st, i would love to lose a stone by feb 5th (My 13th bday), well that is just a not-completely-random-but-nearly-random date i would love to lose that amount but it is unlikely unless i go VERY determined! 5lbs i would love, 7 would be even better (half a stone), i won't use a weighing scale but i would notice, my cheekbones would come more out and the tummy will be slimmer. I have pretty thin legs and similar arms but i hate my face, it is quite round so any weight put on DOES show which i hate cause if i
suck in my cheeks i look fab x...

.i was thinking to myself earlier after reading a blogger do a blogpost on how she is an amateur  fashion model, my mum used to model and i would quite like to model. But i am confident but would feel better being thinner, u always hear those stories of 'how i was confident with my weight, so i started modelling but with all those size 00 models round me i felt uncomfortable so i started not eating' bla blah blah.........ok im not certain bout modelling but it looks fun :)....

My weight-loss program will hopefully involve more exercise and less cals:

Low cal,eg: cereal. Cereal are complex carbs, instead of instant energy they produce energy which comes out over the period of the morning so ur less likely to be hungry. The cereal i would chose is Weatabix, with its bland ewy flavour u can add stuf. I recomend Canderal Sugar. Canderal is a low cal , 2cals per teaspon, sugar which can be bought anywhere, it is a great substiture for sugar cause sugar is 20cals per teaspoon. I love having one or 2 teaspoons of canderal and some grapes with my weatabix, i recomend have 2 pieces of weatabix instead of one, it will fill u up. Other options i would eat would be fresh fruit saled or a boiled egg.

Jacket potatoes are always a good option, quite low cal, filling and energy giving. other options could be Sushi, we ca nget small boxes of sushi at my school but we pay with a swipe card (they give us one at beginning of year nd u swipe into school with it and buy food on it) but it is priced at £3.48 for a box of like 5 things. One of smoke salmon bagels are ok..Smaller portions are apealing to me, salads or soup is also a good option..

I recommend having a bigger dinner, ur more likely peckish in the evening after dinner if u have an early dinner, which is better cause food is more likely to digest properly, so have a more balenced dinner such as grilled chicken and chips with vegetables. Chicken or minastrone soup, small amount of pasta etc....Try and get protein in here as well....

Fruit & veg:
I love fruit, but too much mixed together can be too much sugar and put on weight. Try and have them for dessert or have a small fruit saled for lunch or breakky. Veg, not as big a fan of this but my mum does make a meaaaaaaaaaan veggi soup, my eldest sister used to be veggie till recently and she always cooked this and it is good! with a mixture of a bunch of yummy veg i usually hate such as Courgette (ewww, who tries to be a cucomber.) tastes good with the mixture.....I recommend celery and fennel, because these are NEGATIVE calories if u eat them fresh, with the coldness and vitamins in them they are negative calories meaning that ur fat cells and energy have to work to heat them up and store as energy, LOSING CALORIES just by eating, i wish that worked with McDonalds.........

Special K mini breaks are really good and low cal, fruit and veg duh, no cereal bars!! they are to high in sugar and fats, a naughty snack i love, i have a pack next to me now at 113 cals are Vimto Chewy Sweets, yummy!!!!

Chocolate & Junk:
Cutdown at these!!! have none at lunch, i only have one bit of chocolate usually, it recently has become a habit of only having my Advent Calender, today i had a Wreath, there small and yummy, i have mine after breakfast. Try and eat a lack of sweets, drumstick lollies r a fave of mine but they are not good for u!! and they r addictive, grrrrrrr. stay away from u binge foods, like ice-cream, many people i know LOVE mint choco icecream (ew-ish). stay away from it but if u crave it, frozen yougurt is a good sub. Junk food, try and limit it down to like One maccyd's a month or one tackaway a month, i personally LOVE chinease yum yum....

Alltogether i hopefully should lose weight, im gonna do more walking etc....exercise plans i dont really stick to but i will do a reg update. hopefully one a week, for u 2 see how im doing, feel free to join me on this weight loss adventure xxxxx

Monday, 13 December 2010

An Asos Outfit

Hey everyone,
many good bloggers have done this and entered a competition to win a 20% off ASOS outfit. I thought i would try this just for fun and see what i can do...I might do more then one of these since they are really fun to do!!!

Outfit One
Sexy Semi-Formal Party

Rare One Sleeved Organza Ruffle Dress - £38
(I just bought this, currently sold out thanx to me)
 You can chose either: Both £45
inspired by Pixie Lott
ASOS POSH bow heeled shoe in the style of Pixie Lott, for a much smarter event
Black Lace
 ASOS Wooly Bow Aliceband With Stone Embellishment - £7, usually £10
Total : 38+45+7 - 20% = £72....

I hope you like XXX hth