Monday, 27 December 2010

Days With Vivi, lusm

may i just say that this is my 91st blog post to all my blog-loving-reader(i would love to hear what u like dislike nd need to improve on below in the comments remember they make my day, if there good)

well currently im at my bezzem (vivi/viviana/vivz/viv) house, sleeping over from a wild boxing day party where there was like a lucky dip prezzie thing from vivi's lovely mothers santa sack and i recieved:

Chanel Paris Purse/wallet..

box picture

outside box

inside i love it

jumper from jack wills, read my boxing day sales haul to read about it, no im not gonna sleep it in but currently im just coooold... and my hair is partly curled & partly unbrushed..

the purse is a black leather mini wallet type thing its really cute with a cute coin thing in the middle, 4 card slots, and a note section SO CUTE

and me and vivi r really close and each time we have a sleepover (often) we usually make a photo album..

vivis hair is slightly curled with a babyliss curling wand and ya thats kinda it LUSM i hoped u had a good boxing day xxx

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