Friday, 5 April 2013

Giveaway: MAC cosmetics & ASOS vouchers - 3 Winners

I haven't blogged in a while, nearly a month to be exact! Sorry about that. This year i'm really suffering with consistency, i've planned a few posts but just never got around to writing them. 

Ah, I started writing this yesterday and never got around to it but I'm doing it now! Sorry, Raindrops. I'm on Spring Break/Easter Holidays now, broke up on Thursday 28th and go back 17th April. Today is the first day I'm up though from a 6 day illness, which even required me to be hospitalised. I suffered from severe acute tonsillitis, but it was thought that I might have something more severe as last month I had laryngitis and bronchitis and the month before strep.Either way I'm back now with an amazing giveaway to say sorry! 

1st Place:
£50 ASOS voucher
3 Mac cosmetic items of your choice 
2nd Place:
£30 ASOS voucher
2 Mac cosmetic items of your choice
3rd Place:
£20 ASOS voucher
1 Mac cosmetic items of your choice

 To enter:
To enter you must follow me and write in the Hugs and Kisses section (bottom of the post) a comment such as 'Enter Me' and answer the question 'what are your spring/summer essentials?'. These essentials can be anything: beauty, fashion, food, workout, holiday etc. 
 You also should write your email address, extra entry details/links. 3 winners will be chosen by me based on thought, detail and personality. 
An example entry would be:
'Hi Perdi, Enter me. I follow you on GFC under the name Example123. I tweeted you, here's the link:, and i followed you my twitter name is @TwitterExampleName. I also followed you on facebook, my name is John Smith. That should be 3 extra entries. Thanks for holding the giveaway and well done on 400 followers xx'
Something like that would be a perfect entry! This giveaway will end on May 5th! 

It is international! And you must follow GFC on public not private! 
Extra Entries:
Tweet the link along with tagging @PStollerX = +1 entry 
tweet link in the comment
the tweet should say something like 'Enter @PStollerX's giveaway *link*, for ASOS vouchers and MAC makeup'
Make a post about the giveaway = +2 entries
link giveaway in the comment
Follow my twitter @PStollerX = +1
leave twitter name in comment
Follow my blog facebook = +1
leave facebook name in comment
Follow my bloglovin = +1
leave bloglovin name in comment 
Follow my tumblr = +2
leave name in comment
Follow my weheartit = +1
leave name in comment
recent add but:
Follow my instagram: perdi_stoller = +2
leave username in comment