Friday, 1 April 2011

Follow ME!!!!! OOTD

just gonna start of with a brief of my day: its friday friday gotta get down on friday - moving on, i had my phone confiscated AGAIN (2 days in a row, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but now i have it back), i got an  A* on my science test, then go full marks on a latin test, as did my besm Jeanette, follow HER BLOG NOW, link is ici, she is one of the sweetest and kindest girl i know. i LOVE YOU jj xxx. Moooving on, with Jeanette and a few friends did a macbeth proj in anglais then did a FRENCH TEST! urgh, hope i did well though.
what happened in your day today?

well moving on is something that means a lot to me.
my blog is one of the things that mean most to me, it is apart of my life which i love. i love seeing how many of you view my page, over 9000!!!! i am so happy with how many of you took the time to view my blog and each time i see an increase i think ONE of those people must of followed, but no. they dont. if i calculate the percentage of the amount of you that follow it is: 0.43303760033798055%. It would mean so much if i had the same amount of followers as i do views. MY BLOG IS such a big aspect of my life i want people to follow my journey with me, obvs i will continue blogging ever way but the more of you that follow the more of you that make my dream. 

You would really make my dream if more of you could follow or do anything to help my followers. I also do follow back obvs since you mean so much to me i felt that i want to give something back!

well moving on to a beautier note, AN OOTD. today i was feeling lazy, only a bit of Porefessional of my face to even it out.

Top - ASOS
Shorts = Forever 21
Tights = Random

I'm repainting my nails tonight but last time i painted them it was:


haha random pic, LUSM

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Day-to-Day Tag

I do not know what this tag is actually called, heheheeee, but i saw it on caz's blog, find it ici i <3 her blog SOOO CUTE. It seemed fun so thought id give it a chance:

One: What do you order at Starbucks (as i call it Starbs)?
I always order a Mocha frappuchino (frappy) cause they are sooo yummy, i also loved at christmas they had a latte not gingerbread i think it was caramal nutbread or summin but it was soooooooooo nice.

Two: One thing in you're closet you cannot live without?
My dresses and my tank tops, i cant specify. actually i can. My jack wills playsuit, i where so much in the summer, its pink and blue striped and sooo comfy.

Three: One interesting thing most people do not know about you?
I find pictures more valuable then memories, i don't question them - i dont even ask to see them, i think they have a deeper meaning then most people think. or that i'm very self-consious but confident enough not to let it show. or if your looking for a more physical approach to this question i would say: i'm a terrible, absolutely TERRIBLE, hula hooper.

Four: Name one thing you want to do before i die?
Be happy.

Five: What is the one food you can't live without?
Well if i can say a drink: Orange juice but food would be cookie dough :)

Six: What quote/phrase do you live by?
'It is our choices who we really are more then our abilities' - Harry Potter 

Seven : What do you like/dislike about the blogging community?
like - the amazing people you get to know
dislike - the priority to remain perfect to try and please your viewers.

Eight: What is your most listened to song on itunes?
checking now hehehehe....
oo there is a few with equal amounts so i'll list my top 5
Love the Way You lie pt 2 - Cher LLoyd
Viva la Vida - Cher Lloyd
Kids in America - One Direction
Only Girl In The World - One Direction
Diamonds are Forever - Aiden Grimshaw

Nine: What kind of style would you define yourself as?
I would say classical and romantical..fave trends are lace, short shorts and dresses <3

Ten: Favourite number?
2!!!!! only 2, nothing else compares. i have so many reasons to prove why 2 is my lucky number. cba to list.

Eleven: Two (hahaha) hobbies?
hmmm i like writing songs even  though i cant sing em and baking...

Twelve: Two pet peeves (yay- 2 again)
a) people with bad eating manners
b) Show-offs, they're so annoying, its like WE UNDERSTAND SHUT UP and then i b*tch slap them silly :)

Thirteen: Guilty Pleasures:
90210, pretty little liars, reading, One direction but my biggest one would be: 
MY LAPTOP, i feel guiilty cause i overuse it hahaha..

and a final picture to make you smile:

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Update :)

Hello hello hello,
i'm in an UBER good mood today since well i just had AN AMAZING DAY, not necessarily life changing but close....i might add some pics in the end just for lol.

Well it started off as a blah day at school yaknow da usual? then when i got home: 
I found out my elder sis passed her driving test, check out her blog ici and then came home to find out one of my books arrived today, which i ordered from amazon: L.a Candy by Lauren Conrad, from the Hills i <3 her, i cnt wait to read her book. ill do a book haul when the rest arrive. BUT THEN I SAW I HAD AN EMAIL
and i checked it duh!
her herself, i orginally emailed her asking if it was possible i emailed her a few questions and do a blog interview for this very blog, not thinking she would reply. BUT SHE DID.

she said: at this current point that she couldnt do the questions but she said to keep trying to attain your goals and shes sure with my perseverance i will (btw not word for word).
STILL AN EMAIL, i know right? i emailed back, just asking again etc.. and thanking her.

but she might do the questions :)

Well moving on to get to the more blogging things ill show u a few things im loving recently:



starbs :)

Fabulous mag

feather earings

bold necklaces

hair stuff and flowers


Primrose Hill Park, london

Macbeth - shakespeare

real flowers

and obviously:

Hey just a reminder saying that each time you press the follow button or comment it means the world, im sure to follow back.
peace x