Friday, 1 April 2011

Follow ME!!!!! OOTD

just gonna start of with a brief of my day: its friday friday gotta get down on friday - moving on, i had my phone confiscated AGAIN (2 days in a row, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but now i have it back), i got an  A* on my science test, then go full marks on a latin test, as did my besm Jeanette, follow HER BLOG NOW, link is ici, she is one of the sweetest and kindest girl i know. i LOVE YOU jj xxx. Moooving on, with Jeanette and a few friends did a macbeth proj in anglais then did a FRENCH TEST! urgh, hope i did well though.
what happened in your day today?

well moving on is something that means a lot to me.
my blog is one of the things that mean most to me, it is apart of my life which i love. i love seeing how many of you view my page, over 9000!!!! i am so happy with how many of you took the time to view my blog and each time i see an increase i think ONE of those people must of followed, but no. they dont. if i calculate the percentage of the amount of you that follow it is: 0.43303760033798055%. It would mean so much if i had the same amount of followers as i do views. MY BLOG IS such a big aspect of my life i want people to follow my journey with me, obvs i will continue blogging ever way but the more of you that follow the more of you that make my dream. 

You would really make my dream if more of you could follow or do anything to help my followers. I also do follow back obvs since you mean so much to me i felt that i want to give something back!

well moving on to a beautier note, AN OOTD. today i was feeling lazy, only a bit of Porefessional of my face to even it out.

Top - ASOS
Shorts = Forever 21
Tights = Random

I'm repainting my nails tonight but last time i painted them it was:


haha random pic, LUSM


  1. well done on your science test! and i love Forever21, they have such amazing things! x

  2. Congratulations on your 10,000 blog hits, I know it means a lot! Love that nail polish

  3. thanks, i didnt delete u or unfolllow u on ur blog btw x

  4. Really? Under my friends it says only Etti, can you check your facebook inboxes please. I love your new background. -Your biggest blog fan :p xx

  5. yeye i dont know what to rp on fb, oh well......but who says i hate you? thats confused me, but i deffs dont even know how to delete a friend so thats confusing