Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Topshop Lipstick Collection

I've been obsessed with Topshop makeup since I first tried it and my favourite cosmetic by them, besides their highlighters, are their lipsticks. I've gathered an average size collection of them and I thought I'd share it. If you want a look, you can find them here.
From l-r: Whimsical, Tease, All About Me, Brighton Rock, Rio Rio, Hazard
I have a variety shades, from a nude peach to a dark red and I use them all. Whimsical is a light peach, that looks amazing with a tan! Tease is a bubblegum pink that reminds me a bit of a mixture MAC's St. Germain mixed with a bit of MAC's Nicki Minaj's first lipstick. All About Me is a good dupe for MAC's Impassioned, it's a bright magenta with a few blue undertones. Brighton Rock is a muted bright pink, it's hard to describe - it's a favourite of mine. Rio Rio must be their most loved, it's not my favourite red by Topshop but it is really nice. It's a bright phone-box red with some orange reflects. Hazard is my favourite lipstick by Topshop. It's an opaque dark berry red and it's really glossy, looks great on pale/fair skins. 
Topshop lipsticks are around £8 each and I really recommended them. Do you have any favourites and recommendations? I really want Boom Boom, Screen Siren and The Damned.