Saturday, 2 February 2013

T-Shirt Wishlist @ Missguided Clothing

Another wishlist, I know i'm bad but today's one is featuring mainly tees by misguided
I get my IPhone tomorrow, how exciting? It's a birthday present from my absent father (he lives in South Africa) and i'm getting it on Sunday, instead of Tuesday (birthday) because well I want to instagram on my birthday haha. I'm also trying to get to 600 by tuesday, 3 more followers please, I beg you! 

I saw someone wearing this and found it super cute and edgy in a way, i love it! 
This is in the colour Khaki, and I absolutely love it!I love the leather pocket detail as well.
For the price I think these tops are worth it. I couldn't chose a favourite colour but I do love both the grey and the purple.
This also comes in Khaki, but I actually adore this top. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it's basically a floaty top with black sleeves and gold studs, not polka dots don't worry, and I just think it'd be really cute to dress up and down.
Neither of these are tops as you can tell but I found them both so cute! I love the maxi skirt, i don't own a maxi skirt yet and I think this ones really cute, it comes in Peach and Cream too but I think black would be the most useful. These shorts I can't tell what I think, the cut is a bit revealing, as it has a high dolphin side and lots of fraying which can be thought to be a bit too daring but I love how high they come on the waist and think they could be really cute. Thoughts?

Thursday, 31 January 2013

50 Facts Tag

Back with the '50 Facts Tag', I first saw this tag on llymlrs and knew I was going to do it, so here I go! 

1. I've always grown up having two dogs at a time, a King Charles Spaniel and a Chihuahua
2. Currently my Spaniel is called Cookie, and my Chihuahua is called Frosti

3. We also have a cat called Splat, and an eel
4. My favourite place to go on holiday is Ibiza, even though I feel most at home in Monaco
Picture of Monaco 2k12

 5. I first went away without my parents when I was 12, I went to Marbella with my cousins and sister Since I was seven i've always had long hair
7. My hair is naturally dark blonde and straight 
8. I wish my hair was lighter
9. I currently have a blackberry 9320, but get an IPhone on the 4th February
10. I'm part Polish
11. My full name is Perdita (per-dee-tah) but i'd rather be called Perdi or Perd
12. I have an actual fear when people crunch on food or if I can hear them chewing
13. I was once kicked out of a family lunch because I couldn't bear the sounds
14. My favourite colour is silver
15. I currently study Italian, i've studied French for 9 years but I'd love to be fluent in German, Italian, French and semi fluent in Spanish
16. I'm self-learning Russian
17. I started drinking coffee when I was just 13 and drink it most days
18. My Starbucks order is a 'Venti Skinny White Chocolate Mocha Frappachino with Extra Coffee' 
19. My favourite Starbucks is the limited edition Autumn 'Salted Caramel Mocha'
20. I can't wait to try a Trenta (bigger than a Venti, starbucks size) when I go to New York in October
21. I can't wait to try a Green Tea Frappachino
22. I'm going to New York with my school
23. My school does the coolest trips, Wi've been to Pompeii, New York this year and Iceland next year 
24. I read endlessly 
25. I drink over 2l of water a day

26. I love working out even though I am awful at every sport
27. My favourite appstore games must be Temple Run, Pocket Planes and Tiny Tower
28. I only have one piercing in each ear
29. I used to hate tattoos, but now i'm starting to like them but still don't think i'd get one
30. Maths is my hardest subject, I work so hard to maintain an A/B average
31. After Maths, Latin is my second hardest
32. My favourite sweatpant company must be Victoria Secret Pink
33. My favourite day in the year is Bonfire Night (November 5th)
34. My birthday isn't even in my top 3 favourite days
35. Roses are my favourite gift
36. The only Valentine's Day card i'm writing this year is to my Best Friend's boyfriend
37. I emptied a pot of glitter into the card to annoy him
38. I manage to find a way to blog, Skype and do my homework
39. Geography & Italian are my favourite subjects
40. My favourite bikinis are by Hollister

41. My sisters work at Abercrombi and Hollister
42. My 18th birthday will be on a Friday
43. I'm desperate to go to any IMATS
44. My favourite TV Shows are Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, The Lying Game, 90210 and America's Next Top Model
45. My favourite music artists are The Killers and Ellie Goulding
46. My father lives in South Africa and I rarely see him
47. I easily get anxious and overly paranoid
48. I get panic attacks sometimes
49. I can't help myself not spend all my money on clothes sales
50. I only started my blog because my sister had one and she convinced me to and then she stopped and I continued, and i've never once regretted it.

What do you think about this tag? If you've done it, link me it in the comments section!