Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sophie Etc's London Meetup

On the 31st, I went to Sophie's meet up in London! It was a lovely day, filled with shopping, food and fun. Thank you so much for planning this day, Sophie, it was great - oh and I hope you don't mind the photo-theft in this post hah! 

L-R Me, Megan, Tallulah and Thalia - Sweetest girls ever!
Thalia and I
L-R Me, Jaye, Megan, Tallulah
Another shot of Megan and I

 Lydia from Blue Slushy 
The organiser Sophie from Sophie Et 
Jaye from Bed In The Kitchen 
Joni from Berry Crumble 
Charlotte from Charltom Winkle 
Mona from Chipped and Chapped 
Sophie from Ciao Sophie 
Thalia from Fashion Galaxies XO 
Chesley from Fashionista on a Budget 
Lisete from Lisette Loves 
Selina from Miss Fashion 1994 
Megan from My Name's Megan 
Amy from The Pretender 
Tallulah from Simply My Thing 
Sam from SJMWell 
Sophie from Sophie Said 
Angharad from Style Trunk 
Amy from The Camera's Lying

We started by meeting in Piccadilly Circus, dividing into groups to conquer Oxford Street and then a few hours later met back at The Diner, Carnaby Street, for a lovely lunch. 
I totally recommend checking out their links, they have great blogs and every single one of them is lovely.