Saturday, 9 April 2011

How I Would Wear: Asos Exaggerated Bow Mini Skirt - originally seen by meganheartsmakeup

as usual i was strolling through youtube and came across one of my favourites that had a new video, meganheartsmakeup, this video was a Spring Fashion Haul  and a big percentage of it was from ASOS, an online clothing website...check it out
and she showed us this AMAZING skirt, it was bright red and had an oversized bow hanging at the waist band, bows i <3, and i was like I HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT..
so i went on the Asos website, and since it is so easy to use i moved the price tag low, clicked red and pink and it was easy to find from there...and i loved it...

so i was thinking i dont want to do a product rave so i decided i will right how i would wear it because it can be quite tricky to wear it right.

The far left skirt shows the more edgy black skirt, teamed with a rockin leather, black tank and black wedged shoes. i love it. The red/pink/coral one shoes a feminine yet casual day time look, this is the one Megan bought, with a silver/grey pleated vest top. The one on the right, by far my fave look, shows an ultra-feminine cream one with the same grey tank and shoes but i love it.
I'll show you how i would recreated each colour to create three different looks, Party/Casual/Formal all from ASOS...

ready...let's go, 

This skirt with:
Image 1 of ASOS Pretty Wreckless One Shoulder Top
(Pretty Wreckless One Shoulder Top - £18) - casually tucked in
Image 4 of ASOS Leather Cropped Blazer
(Leather Cropped Blazer -£100)
ASOS Wide Patterned Textured Cuff
(Wide Patterned Texture Cuff - £15)
Lipsy Floral Garland Style Hair Band as seen on Pixie Lott
(lipsy Floral Garland Styled Hair Band, as seen on Pixie Lott, - £8)
Image 1 of Miss KG Memphis Bow Front Peep Toe Slingback Shoes
(Miss KG Memphis Bow Front Peep Toe Sling Back Shoes - £75)

Party - Check.....

this skirt with....
Image 1 of ASOS Tie Waist Woven Boob Tube
(Tie Waist Woven Boob Tube - £15)
Image 1 of ASOS Floral Pretty T-Shirt
(Floral Pretty T-Shirt - £35) - worn over the boob tube..
French Connection Bow Front Flat Pump

(French Connection Bow Front Flat - £35



this skirt with...
Image 1 of ASOS Short Sleeve Pussybow Ruffle Blouse
(Short Sleeve Pussybow Ruffle Blouse - £25)
Image 1 of ASOS FRANKIE Suede Fringe Sandal
(Frankie Suede Fringe Sandal Blue - £35)

ASOS Oversized '70s Sunglasses
(Oversize 70's Sunglasses - £12)



the skirt is:

£30 ( and worth it, i want it sooo bad)

how would you wear this skirt?

off to trot now, gonna have a bbq in the garden x

Friday, 8 April 2011

OOTD 08/04/11 casual park day, mani/pedi

Hey friends and blog viewers,
how are you on this fine day?

as most of you uk'ers known, it has been quite a nice day today..and what a fun day it has been, it started off with me and ma soeur/sister sat in our garden, i was reading Chosen, the 3rd house of the Night novel and sitting in the sun....i was expecting to see my friend Grace at 12pm but turns out she only woke up then so we made it 1 so i sat and waited.......then she arrived, finally......
we have a tradition of on the first full day of holidays, we started Easter hols yesterday round midday, and we meet up at my house and go to Camden and get magazines, sometimes starbucks, bit o food like sandwiches - i had cheese and ham from Cafe Nero but we ate in Starbs where i had a skinny WHITE chocolate mocha frappy and she had a choco frappy...we then went to sit in Regents Park in the sun......

we were there reading magazines such as: More and i think Heat was one then 2 really hot shirtless young adults doing karate...mmmm

we strolled down to camden again to book manicures - shape & paint and pedicures - shape & paint scheduled for 15:30 at Camden's Nail & Beauty, £4 for mani and £8 for toes-  cheapest i've seen..btw this is the new Top Nails, that shut down and now they opened up a cheaper one in a new place with the same lOVELY people...

obvs i chose o.p.i and since flip-flop season is in i thought i would get a colour on my toes to mach my fave Havaianas which i made, brown with pink strap, and since i've not been able to buy it myself or seen it at a salon i chose: Katy Perry's Teenage Dream, grace got this with the black shatter topcoat on top but i found that would clash with my flippys but grace's were black and studded so it looked so good, here is a google image of what they look like on hands..
it was a slightly thicker coat though on my toes, i love it <3, they also didn't file them too low and nicely shaped them which i find places like Prim do. i <3 it...

i looked at the prices and i think and a full manicure + french polish is £13, i noticed grace got the shatter coat and teenage dream for still £5 no added so i realised if i found a light pink i could ask for a white tip and it would still be £5 <3 i found O.P.I's Passion which looked slightly darker in the bottle, after only one coat - which they only offer, it didn't make a difference more like a high gloss top coat which i didn't liked so i begged for another coat and they did - next time i might go with Essie's new French Affair as a base, wait i'd add the plain colour next..
this is looks like quite a few coats, the girl did the tips quite well, not to big or small and i like the look of it....but still a bit to faint...
next time i go, on my toes, if i dont get teenage dream i'm gonna get something from the pirates of the carribean collection (potc).. i really like Sparrow me The Drama, Planks A Lot and Mermaids Tears with the silver shatter coat on top..
these all would look really pretty on toes <3, i probably would always get a french on my hand, i quite like Steady as a ROse though for the base colour now i've looked closely at them....
oo i'm also gonna show you a picture of my outfit, im wearing a playsuit from a stall in Ibiza, i got in the summer...

i <3 this,

how has your friday been?

Celebrity: Miley Cyrus

i know i know, not posted for a few days but i had no inspiration..
i was thinking of what have i not done for a while and my celeb raves were off the radar so i was thinking whooo should i do....i felt like controversy nd decided Miley Cyrus, or as some of you know her as Hannah Montana?

well i'm not her biggest fan, hell no! but i do think she is pretty cool, Party In The U.S.A is one of my faves. what are your views on her?
i think she can be pretty stylish and cool with her i thought we shuld started with Miley Cyrus pictures, maybe Miley Stewart then Hannah Montana :).
I love her red carpet looks, her dresses are always amazing but still her day look is till chic and fun
here we goooo.

my favourite of hers is probably her silver embroided shoulder pad mini-dress she wore to the Camp Rock premiere.

shall we go onto the miley she plays in Hannah Montana? you can really see how young she was then, her style has become much more trendy but she does always look cute and it usually considers layering.

I quite like her younger was really sweet, some of the outfits she wears reminds me of what one of my sisters wears, like a skirt/tank top/cardi etc...

now for all our favourite, jks, HANNAH MONTANA...

As you all can tell her style is very.......bold. and sequiny...

i quite like Miley, what she has become not really but then i guess most celebrities end up like this who were in the spotlight from very young - i bet Justin Bieber becomes a drug addict and a pervert b4 u know it, jks - ish..but she is under a lot of stress from her parents...

since she is quite controversial, what are your views on her?

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Trends: Leather Jacket

Hey readers,
another Summer/Spring trend post but this time on a more EDGY look: A Leather Jacket, currently im using my sisters one but i am gonna buy one :), i love wearing it.....
I find it adds a nice edge to all my outfits if it were a skirt and top, a plain tee and jeans with converse (i love this look) or a party dress (my favourite) - it adds a really 'who is that chic' vibe because not many people do it,  i know i am on Thursday to a big partay im going to - tres excited <3.......

Well here is how some celebrities where it:

I love these but my favourite ways to wear them are:

With a day dress:

Then with a plain tee and jeans <3

Loads of celebs do this for a day look, i personally love it....On thursday i am wearing a black velvet playsuit from Asos, with black tights and shoes with a classic jlovesmac21 silver/grey smokey look and a silver flower....I'm so excited...

What is your favourite way to wear a bit o leather?