Monday, 4 April 2011

What A Girl Wants: Heeled Brogues

New series girlies!!!!!!!
What A Girl Wants - me being the girl, instead of my usual wish lists more of a PRODUCT WISH LIST, choosing 1 product i actually might buy...

This one is starting off with:
there is one pair i am IN LOVE with, i've shown them b4 on this blog but now becoming a bit toooo obsessed, mental asylum here i coooooome.

These are from Topshop and are the:
JOPLIN Off White Heeled Lace up Shoes (aka brogue heels/heeled brogues).
They cost £65 - eh, in this current day its not TOOO much but still can make a crunch to my wallet....
100% leather - ooo fancy :)
and they are a 3inch heel, not too high and appropriate for my age. I LOVE EM. I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH. 

i want them, even though my mum DESPISES them (if your reading this, i <3 you)

i <3 these sooo much

are you a fan of brogues and heels? and the mixture?

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