Friday, 8 April 2011

Celebrity: Miley Cyrus

i know i know, not posted for a few days but i had no inspiration..
i was thinking of what have i not done for a while and my celeb raves were off the radar so i was thinking whooo should i do....i felt like controversy nd decided Miley Cyrus, or as some of you know her as Hannah Montana?

well i'm not her biggest fan, hell no! but i do think she is pretty cool, Party In The U.S.A is one of my faves. what are your views on her?
i think she can be pretty stylish and cool with her i thought we shuld started with Miley Cyrus pictures, maybe Miley Stewart then Hannah Montana :).
I love her red carpet looks, her dresses are always amazing but still her day look is till chic and fun
here we goooo.

my favourite of hers is probably her silver embroided shoulder pad mini-dress she wore to the Camp Rock premiere.

shall we go onto the miley she plays in Hannah Montana? you can really see how young she was then, her style has become much more trendy but she does always look cute and it usually considers layering.

I quite like her younger was really sweet, some of the outfits she wears reminds me of what one of my sisters wears, like a skirt/tank top/cardi etc...

now for all our favourite, jks, HANNAH MONTANA...

As you all can tell her style is very.......bold. and sequiny...

i quite like Miley, what she has become not really but then i guess most celebrities end up like this who were in the spotlight from very young - i bet Justin Bieber becomes a drug addict and a pervert b4 u know it, jks - ish..but she is under a lot of stress from her parents...

since she is quite controversial, what are your views on her?

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