Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Trends: Leather Jacket

Hey readers,
another Summer/Spring trend post but this time on a more EDGY look: A Leather Jacket, currently im using my sisters one but i am gonna buy one :), i love wearing it.....
I find it adds a nice edge to all my outfits if it were a skirt and top, a plain tee and jeans with converse (i love this look) or a party dress (my favourite) - it adds a really 'who is that chic' vibe because not many people do it,  i know i am on Thursday to a big partay im going to - tres excited <3.......

Well here is how some celebrities where it:

I love these but my favourite ways to wear them are:

With a day dress:

Then with a plain tee and jeans <3

Loads of celebs do this for a day look, i personally love it....On thursday i am wearing a black velvet playsuit from Asos, with black tights and shoes with a classic jlovesmac21 silver/grey smokey look and a silver flower....I'm so excited...

What is your favourite way to wear a bit o leather?


  1. I am just about your biggest fan!! I loved your outfit the other day with your leather jacket. My favourite way to wear leather is either jacket or bag. Love you and your blog! x

  2. All these picture are too much fantastic i like it...

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