Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding

Sorry to be unoriginal but this post is going to be on, the famous couple: Wills & Kate,
the Royal Wedding was yesterday and from 8.30am i was up watching it of course Sooo when we did see the dress, woweeeee it was impressive...

shall we see some pictures?
Beautiful... the world catches a first glimpse of Kate's stunning dress
Kate's Sarah Burton dress made from ivory and silk is incredible, with a 3.5m train and a cartier tiara she looked amazing. Pippa Middleton, the made of honour, was also looking FABULOUS, her dress was a wedding dress on its own. She has an amazing figure as well.
Maid of honour... Pippa looks after the other bridesmaids
how adorable are the bridesmaids and paiges? I love the dress, so traditional and the champagne bow  on the back is ADORABLE..
Fashion faux-pas... Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice arrive
Fashion faux-pas? Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice arrived looking like the Ugly Stepsisters..
Hat's it... Posh doesn't look too happy
Some people thought they looked hideous, i think she looks amazing and so does he. It is quite hard to dress someone heavily pregnant but they look soo amazing.
Motherly love... Carole Middleton waves to crowdsPink lady... Joss StoneGot the blues... Tara Palmer-Tomkinson arrives in sapphire ensemble
Carole Middleton, Joss Stone, Tara Palmer

what was your favourite part of the wedding?

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Updates: Thursday Thoughts, Update Pages, Few to Follow

Just a quick post, to show how much i love you all, i'm trying to update wmrpx (watermelonraindropx) at least every other day...
So a new segment, well it might not be weekly but at least for this week:


So what are my thoughts about this Thursday:

- School has started and i'm already tired, homework well lack of is actually ok - i'm coping pretty well with it and now i have a few days off till Tuesday which is the day i start DOUBLE period of swimming, wohooo, at a newly furbished swimming centre in the centre of london, a quick walk from my school so i am kind of looking forward to that - actually i'm not but oh well

- THE WEDDING IS TOMORROW, come on you all know the one i am talking about! The ROYAL WEDDING between the amazing couple of Kate/Catherine Middleton and William aka Wills&Kate, the relationship our family have been following through the whole shindig...SO EXCITED, i want to see her dress. I think she will wear a strapless a line mermaid tail classic white dress, the ones that start of thin and clingy and drape out into a netted a shaped tail, like an eiffel tower:
/ \ 
kind of like that in a way, travels downwards, if she wears a big meringue dress i will be flabbergasted but she will look amazing.

- Jeanette, as you all know since i mention her in around 90% of my posts, jeanette was my first friend with a blog, we started at around the same time and we are best friends, i <3 her..Today she was hit in the head with a rounders ball, something i was not there to witness since she was playing rounders and i was on the other side of the park playing tennis (it was an optional thing of who does tennis first but you have to pay to have the first slot since actual coaches not gym teachers teach you). If it was on purpose or accident i do not care. I just hope when ever she sees this she knows how much i hope she is ok and she recovers, she was sent home before i could see her. I love her, in a non lesbiany way, and she means so much to me i wish no harm on her since i know she would not even wish it on her worst enemy - she is THAT nice and as harmless as a well hmmmm butterfly? feather? flower? all of the above? Get well XXXXXXXXXXX

- Sunglasses, i really want a pair of those cheep aviators, the £5 ones from Camden or Primark, i want a floral Cath Kidson almost design like Julie @ Musings of a Makeup Maniac aka a bright colour pair, possibly blue and a white pair...

- Shorts, i have really gotten into unusual shorts, like what a lot of people call 'fashion shorts', these are not the usual denim but more like scallop shelled edges or fringed pairs or brightly coloured pairs or ruffled pairs - i LOVE that style...I find them ££££ (quite highly priced) for something you can only wear with a white tee or just one teeshirt, like you can't wear hawaiian print shorts with a blue tee or a shirt so they are pretty un-usefull so unless you really love them and feel like splashing i won't buy them..

I guess those are all my thursday thoughts, OO AND BIG FAT ROYAL GYPSY WEDDING in 15 mins, cant forget that.....

tadaah, do ya digg these??

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Jessica @ - i love Jess's blog, she is so pretty and i love her bright lips and nails, her posts are short and sweet.
Gabi @ - a school friend of mine, her blog is actually really professional and the name is very cute, and her posts are very fashion-through-the-ages-very-sixties-involved which is actually a really new twist
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sorry for the lack of pictures/no pictures in this post

X from Perdi @ wmrdx

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wednesday Wants

Hey, if you are a good lil reader you will know this is my 2nd post, i mentioned it in my 1st, of today....A NEW SERIES CALLED:

soo basically this is a mid-week post, weekly, about what i want beauty fashion wise, lets join ourselves on a journey to Wonderland...shall we start.
Lampe Flat Sandels - Aldo
$60 ------£35-40(?)
In (l-r) Ice and Black Miscellaneous  (one or the other)
I love these feathered sandals. A mixture of boho-hippy-ethnic inspired crossed with chic glamour with the amazing colours. Ice - a white with modern roped detail with white and black feathers with a tiger pattern tip. Black Miscellaneous - the more dramatic chicer one of the 2, with the black rope straps and the black/green gradient with gold detail. HOT. 

Ellenthorpe Dress - Jack Wills
An annoying story about this dress. i tried it on bEFORE christmas but was out of chachangchachang so couldnt buy it, so on my birthday which i was with my friend elle in brighton we went to the amazing jack wills store and i saw they continued it onto the spring collection and i showed her about how much i was in LOVE with it. Just after that i had enough chachang to buy it so i was going to, but i was pacing myself for the right moment to splash out but then i found out Elle is buying it. So i'm not gonna be rude and annoying and buy it too even though arrrgh i was slightly annoyed that i couldnt buy it even though i saved up. and just when i was going to buy it i heard' oh guess what MY MUMS BUYING ME THE JACK WILLS DRESS' i couldnt get angry because it wasnt really her fault so i kinda ignored it.....

Eppleworth Plimsoles - Jack Wills
These are so cute, they come in a variety of colours (blue, red, yellow?, pink are the ones i can recall of the back of my head) and they are so cute, and much cheaper then converse. These are the classic JW ones and i think they are such cute classics, a must for me.

Enford/Broadhall playsuit - Jack Wills
Playsuits are ma thaaaaaang, i love the denimy look of the Enford one and the fact it can be dressed up maybe with the black sandals? But the Broadhall is sooo comfy looking, i wanna lounge in it right now! It looks casual enough yet chic to wear out of the house with oversized sunnies and the white sandals possibly. SO CUTE.

Ellerton Dress - Jack Wills
I never have had a dress quite like this, i love the fact it needs no belt even though the grey one might look a bit plain so either bright shoes or statement urm...SOMETHING. i love the silhouette to this dress and i have a semi-formal in a month or 2 i guess this will b perfect for..

Cowl Belt Jumpsuit - Rare 
As i said playsuits are ma thaaaang so i love this, i have a feeling it will suit me. I want to know what material this is, it looks quite luxurious, maybe felt or velvet could be suede. With an exposed zip, great with wedges and comes with an attachable belt. Perfect for moooi

What are your wednesday wants?
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OOTD: Fun & Sun for back to school!!!!

You know that feeling on a monday when you wakeup after a weekend, half hungover half exhausted! Well, not that i know, THAT IS HOW I FELT this morning, mid-week Wednesday was the first day i went back to school, personally i love the summer term: tennis skirt for gym, shorts, pretty tops, light weight nail polish, (oh wait this was meant to be school wise), rare homework, school trips, relaxed lessons, fun outsides, TENNIS, swimming (i like it but pools are BLEGH)..then there are the downsides: exams, revision, swimming, skirts paired with trainers (!!!! massive don't unless it is like Demi Lovato would say: 'who says, i can't wear my converse with my dress (soooo baby) ). well i look forward to it anyway, but of course it is the trouble to find WHAT TO WEAR, but tomoz is easy - cute tennis skirt, do-able trainsers (probs convys) and a white top......We had dance so meaning leggings or skirt, didnt want to be the only one in skirt so opted for leggings with my new shorts and my white cupcake tee with a tank top underneath so i can rip it off and apply my white polo.....

My outfit?

Top: Camden store
Shorts - my new Bershka ones
Leggings - Select
Earrings (Gold Dragonflies) - H&M

so this is just a small post about to go out for a bit o shopping but first i need some help with comin up posts, would you like to see the following:

- Wednesday Wants?
 (might do one tonight but that means 2 posts from me 2day)

- Lush Street Oarty vs Dragons Egg?

- Lush Happy Chick review?

- Lush Cupcake Facemask Review?

- Monthly faves?

- How to wear...........Shorts, playsuits, Hair updos, downdos, bags?

which out of those do you like and or other ones you'll like me to do, i might do a how to wear on my current fave shorts hmm...

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Westfield Haulage :)

Bonjour mes beautiful readers,
how are you today?
Well today for me was AWESOME!!! I met with my amazing frien, Kyra, at 9am to go to westfield with my sister. We arrived at i think just b4 10 so shops werent open so we waited for a bit, had an orangina, and went shopping. it started off in Hollister, we wanted to not wait in line so we went as soon as it opened...I picked up to try on 2 pairs of shorts, camel and blue checked, tried them on. They were both.....nice but not needed or amazing and i also tried on this like grey and cream lace top.....Which i nearly loved but wasnt mad on. I ended up doing an impulse buy of a white ruffled skirt with bright blue small flowers, it also came with pink so i was deciding last moment but bought the blue - i later returned it....

I then went to Lush and bought:

Cupcake - Fresh Face Mask
Ok well i had five lush pots to bring back to get a free face mask and since summer is coming up i thought get a oily fm for my seasonal skin, do you want a review of this coming up? i can do?

Fluffy Egg
Fluffy Egg - Bath Ballistic
A repurchase, one i used already in my daily bath today, a egg form of Rockstar and an egg form of Snow Fairy. The scent is amazing, the colour is sooo nice, it turns it PINK!!!!!!!!!

Hippy Chick
Happy Chick - Bath Ballistic
Well it is meant to awaken you and smells like grapefruit when i first bought my easter lush stuff i didn't pick this up, today Kyra and i were the only people in there so i quickly asked this really sweet lush girl who i will talk bout later what she thought of it and one phrase 'it smells of lemonade', my reply: SOLD. Picked it up straight away, i wish i knew her name, she was LOVELY

Mrs Whippy
Mrs Whippy - Bath Ballistic
A definite repurchase of mine, think it might be my four of fifth time? The first few was eh but recently fell in love with the new vanilla ice cream and strawberry milkshake blend which also turns it pink yet a slightly paler one then Fluffy Egg, the scent is subtle yet divine..

Dragons Egg
Dragons Egg - Bath Ballistic 
A 2nd repurchase. A whirlpool of glitter and gold, Ke$ha in a bomb form (NICE), smells of lemon sherbet. It reminds me of sherbet fizz mixed with ke$ha  and a subtle scent of orchid coated in spice - does that make sense. THIS IS A MUST FOR THOSE RAVES ON A NIGHT OUT. They really wake you up and if you have a one shouldered top, once the dragons fireballs stop shooting it turns into liquid gold with strong glitter, so i suggest rub it up and down ur chest and your, bare, arm!!
Street Party Ballistic
Street Party - Bath Ballistic
Seem new? Not familiar? Never mentioned? Do you know why? BRAND KNEW FOR THE ROYAL WEEDING. It's the Dragon's Egg rival, oooooburn, has a mixture of 3 different types of glitter, hearts, and a metre long British flag in it. Smells of deep herbal citrus with undertones of lavy (lavender) and cubeba. If you don't want a light and fluffy (egg) fragrance but want a more calming yet fun and spicy deeper scent try this for the royal party explosion. 

TADAAAAAH THAT WAS IT...i also used a 10% of so all of this only cost £11.99, the face mask = free

Then for the FIRST time i went into Bershka, yes i was a Bershka version, but i fell in love!!! WITH EVERYTHING THERE. NOT ONE THING DID I HATE. Literally it is my perfect shop, everything is the following: leather jackets, fitted coloured/non-colour blazers, leopard and cheetah and one shoulder. Me, oui? One thing that caught my eye first was this AMAZING white one shouldered dress but i would wear as a tee with shorts with on the thick sleeve, like a really thick spaghetti strap, was a sequin peacock feather type design, it was soo cute a mixture of like teal/cyan, brown and red i think IT WAS AWESOME...In hollister i tried on some tan camel shorts thinking those are unique and cute but the most HIDEOUS look on they were just eh, nothing is good when its just eh, it was an ok colour but blended to much and the style was to fitted. So when i was in Bershka and spotted paper-bag styled beige khaki colour coming with a belt. I picked up a random size not looking till at the tills, a size or 2 bigger then usual but i liked the baggy look. I only had a bit of £££££ left so i bought the shorts only for £16.99, i wanted to of bought: 2 £39.99 blazers, £8 set of trio earings which go with the top i want and the shorts, 2 jumpsuits with uknown prices, 3 necklaces, one pair of sunnys, 2 more pairs of shorts and 3 more tees. luckily i made myself on try on the shorts and top.......I'll upload pictures of the shorts tomoz

I LOVE BERSHKA, i used to be able to say when the question was asked what is your favourite store: i would answer Jack Wills, topshop, a&f, but now cross all of those out and the new 1 word answer is..................
BERSHKA...look how me there sytyle is:

my shorts in white :) but with a diff belt :)

How was your day, any haulage? 

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- repeat :)
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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Fun: Chocolate, Candles, Westfield

ello maties, 

Today is the resurrection of the, one and only, JESUS CHRIST.  Ok, i am not christian but hey i like me some chocolate so our family celebrates it anyway....
We get big eggs from our mother and then we have a separate easter egg hunt in my garden.....

 my big Galaxy egg which includes 4 seperate choco bars
My hunt treaties, yes i am biting the bag

I've really been into Candles recently, odd i know but i just am! It's is addictive, my favourite one which i've not burned yet is Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie and my jeese is this smells like homemade cookies bought from a store :) with notes of amberwood im thinking but i love it, it has quite a vanillery sweet scent but oh my days is this amazing. My friend, G (obvs not her full name), is in NYC right now, it was her birthday yesturday. So Grace/G when you read this, HAPPY BDAY BOXING DAY - yes i do celebrate the eves and the boxing, she is right new a Bath & Body Works, something you cannot get in England and she said whilst she is there she will get me 2 CANDLES, well it was originally do you want anything from new york (cause i owe you money)? i was like hmmm DUH..then what do you want? Me = dunno hmmm wait YES, i know where your hotel is down the road there is a Bath and Body works (insert link to map from hotel to shop here ...) and can ya get me a candle? G = surios which one? I went on the website knowing Frosted Cupcake was the answer to everything and me being the greedy girl i am wanted the big $19.50 one, around £11, and then noticed 2 BIG CANDLES FOR $ i asked her if she can do the 2 for $20 she said yeah so i asked for a Frosted Cupcake and the 2nd just chose at random, i'm slightly worried bout which one shell chose but OH WELL..... ILY G... 

Tomorrow i am going to Westfield, the one and only, with my amazingly lovely friend Kyra (pronounced Keyra) to get my other amazing lovely best friend Jeanette A BIRTHDAY PRESENT from a few girls in our class so woop woop.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR WEDNESDAY JJ.......i love you. I also want to get myself another candle heheheheee from Yankee Candles in Clintons and then maybe a few hair care products cause bigger,brighter, better, lighter is how i want my hair hahaha but i have none in mind? I have ash blonde hair and want Kate Hudson/Hayden Penettiere's colour, the medium blonde, preferably not Paris Hilton or Heidi Montag blonde.....OOO THE PERFECT BLONDE = BLAKE LIVELY, she is just like amazing. My perfect idol. Blonde, thin, inspiring. Everything i want to be...What hair care products do you want or recommend? LIke i want a volume mouse or the Got2B Volume Powder, Gemma who i met - gemsmaquilage on youtube showed in her Cheryl Cole Hair video, and i want like a lightening thing but prefs not shampoo/condit......i also have 5 lush pots so i'm gonna bring those back and get a free face mask, i also want to take a peak into Hollister, H&M, New Look - since i have vouchers......

Ok thought i'd make you smile so, insert there /\, a picture of me as a bunny...............

it means the world when i see i get a new follower or a few comments soo please follow, and comment to make me happy....

ooo like i said i will add a picture of my other dog:
wait cant find one, so TOMORROW I WILL....

Sorry with the lack of makeup/fashion posts again i repeat tomorrow or the enxt day will be haulage time :)