Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Fun: Chocolate, Candles, Westfield

ello maties, 

Today is the resurrection of the, one and only, JESUS CHRIST.  Ok, i am not christian but hey i like me some chocolate so our family celebrates it anyway....
We get big eggs from our mother and then we have a separate easter egg hunt in my garden.....

 my big Galaxy egg which includes 4 seperate choco bars
My hunt treaties, yes i am biting the bag

I've really been into Candles recently, odd i know but i just am! It's is addictive, my favourite one which i've not burned yet is Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie and my jeese is this smells like homemade cookies bought from a store :) with notes of amberwood im thinking but i love it, it has quite a vanillery sweet scent but oh my days is this amazing. My friend, G (obvs not her full name), is in NYC right now, it was her birthday yesturday. So Grace/G when you read this, HAPPY BDAY BOXING DAY - yes i do celebrate the eves and the boxing, she is right new a Bath & Body Works, something you cannot get in England and she said whilst she is there she will get me 2 CANDLES, well it was originally do you want anything from new york (cause i owe you money)? i was like hmmm DUH..then what do you want? Me = dunno hmmm wait YES, i know where your hotel is down the road there is a Bath and Body works (insert link to map from hotel to shop here ...) and can ya get me a candle? G = surios which one? I went on the website knowing Frosted Cupcake was the answer to everything and me being the greedy girl i am wanted the big $19.50 one, around £11, and then noticed 2 BIG CANDLES FOR $ i asked her if she can do the 2 for $20 she said yeah so i asked for a Frosted Cupcake and the 2nd just chose at random, i'm slightly worried bout which one shell chose but OH WELL..... ILY G... 

Tomorrow i am going to Westfield, the one and only, with my amazingly lovely friend Kyra (pronounced Keyra) to get my other amazing lovely best friend Jeanette A BIRTHDAY PRESENT from a few girls in our class so woop woop.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR WEDNESDAY JJ.......i love you. I also want to get myself another candle heheheheee from Yankee Candles in Clintons and then maybe a few hair care products cause bigger,brighter, better, lighter is how i want my hair hahaha but i have none in mind? I have ash blonde hair and want Kate Hudson/Hayden Penettiere's colour, the medium blonde, preferably not Paris Hilton or Heidi Montag blonde.....OOO THE PERFECT BLONDE = BLAKE LIVELY, she is just like amazing. My perfect idol. Blonde, thin, inspiring. Everything i want to be...What hair care products do you want or recommend? LIke i want a volume mouse or the Got2B Volume Powder, Gemma who i met - gemsmaquilage on youtube showed in her Cheryl Cole Hair video, and i want like a lightening thing but prefs not shampoo/condit......i also have 5 lush pots so i'm gonna bring those back and get a free face mask, i also want to take a peak into Hollister, H&M, New Look - since i have vouchers......

Ok thought i'd make you smile so, insert there /\, a picture of me as a bunny...............

it means the world when i see i get a new follower or a few comments soo please follow, and comment to make me happy....

ooo like i said i will add a picture of my other dog:
wait cant find one, so TOMORROW I WILL....

Sorry with the lack of makeup/fashion posts again i repeat tomorrow or the enxt day will be haulage time :)



  1. ooooh yummy chocolate! :)
    happy easter my lovely! xxx

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  2. Hope you enjoyed your choccy... If you want I can send you a picture of Cookie, I have one of him when he was asleep xx