Thursday, 28 April 2011

Updates: Thursday Thoughts, Update Pages, Few to Follow

Just a quick post, to show how much i love you all, i'm trying to update wmrpx (watermelonraindropx) at least every other day...
So a new segment, well it might not be weekly but at least for this week:


So what are my thoughts about this Thursday:

- School has started and i'm already tired, homework well lack of is actually ok - i'm coping pretty well with it and now i have a few days off till Tuesday which is the day i start DOUBLE period of swimming, wohooo, at a newly furbished swimming centre in the centre of london, a quick walk from my school so i am kind of looking forward to that - actually i'm not but oh well

- THE WEDDING IS TOMORROW, come on you all know the one i am talking about! The ROYAL WEDDING between the amazing couple of Kate/Catherine Middleton and William aka Wills&Kate, the relationship our family have been following through the whole shindig...SO EXCITED, i want to see her dress. I think she will wear a strapless a line mermaid tail classic white dress, the ones that start of thin and clingy and drape out into a netted a shaped tail, like an eiffel tower:
/ \ 
kind of like that in a way, travels downwards, if she wears a big meringue dress i will be flabbergasted but she will look amazing.

- Jeanette, as you all know since i mention her in around 90% of my posts, jeanette was my first friend with a blog, we started at around the same time and we are best friends, i <3 her..Today she was hit in the head with a rounders ball, something i was not there to witness since she was playing rounders and i was on the other side of the park playing tennis (it was an optional thing of who does tennis first but you have to pay to have the first slot since actual coaches not gym teachers teach you). If it was on purpose or accident i do not care. I just hope when ever she sees this she knows how much i hope she is ok and she recovers, she was sent home before i could see her. I love her, in a non lesbiany way, and she means so much to me i wish no harm on her since i know she would not even wish it on her worst enemy - she is THAT nice and as harmless as a well hmmmm butterfly? feather? flower? all of the above? Get well XXXXXXXXXXX

- Sunglasses, i really want a pair of those cheep aviators, the £5 ones from Camden or Primark, i want a floral Cath Kidson almost design like Julie @ Musings of a Makeup Maniac aka a bright colour pair, possibly blue and a white pair...

- Shorts, i have really gotten into unusual shorts, like what a lot of people call 'fashion shorts', these are not the usual denim but more like scallop shelled edges or fringed pairs or brightly coloured pairs or ruffled pairs - i LOVE that style...I find them ££££ (quite highly priced) for something you can only wear with a white tee or just one teeshirt, like you can't wear hawaiian print shorts with a blue tee or a shirt so they are pretty un-usefull so unless you really love them and feel like splashing i won't buy them..

I guess those are all my thursday thoughts, OO AND BIG FAT ROYAL GYPSY WEDDING in 15 mins, cant forget that.....

tadaah, do ya digg these??

Now just another thing, i have updated my health & fitness page with quite a big log entry and then also mixed up my playlist a check those out if you wanna and please follow and comment it means so much,

AND NOW FOR A FEW TO FOLLOW, sorry Caz for copying the name - i couldn't think of anything else and thank you for listing mine in one of yours..

So my few to follow are:

Julie @ - her blog is one i've followed for a long time and she is a follower on mine, i love her youtube and her new blog layout. For cute posts with nice pictures and useful neutral tutorials = PERFECT
Lily @ - love her layout, her posts are perfect and the pictures are great.
Sophie @ - a friend of mine, her blog is really good, nice layout and a lot of posts about lush, good for those like me who are lush fanatics :)
Jessica @ - i love Jess's blog, she is so pretty and i love her bright lips and nails, her posts are short and sweet.
Gabi @ - a school friend of mine, her blog is actually really professional and the name is very cute, and her posts are very fashion-through-the-ages-very-sixties-involved which is actually a really new twist
Jeanette @ - my best friend and an amazing blogger, her posts are so good and a mixture of high-end/low-end makeup and clothing so please check em out...
and my sisters:
Tati -please ignore the obnoxious name:

So check em out, and pleaaaaaaaase comment and follow and tell me what you want to see up and coming and anything you want to see more of and tell me if you want to be featured in a few-to-follow and PLEASE follow!!!

sorry for the lack of pictures/no pictures in this post

X from Perdi @ wmrdx


  1. I love that you ask us readers what we want to see in your blog, but I love bloggers that post what they're passionate about whether it's what we ask for or not and I love reading about they're daily lives. If you feel like you have to blog for everyone and not yourself, you may get bored of it or annoyed or uninspired. Anyway I hope you don't mind me being honest with you, I like your blog and want to see you blog for a very long time.
    I am so, so excited to see the royal wedding tomorrow, this is the first one for me to remember and I cannot wait to see the dress and the bridesmaids and the kiss on the balcony.
    (I think this may be the longest comment I've ever written:))

  2. Aww, thankyou for mentioning me in your blogpost. I'm gratefull. and...OMG I CANT WAIT FOR THE ROYAL WEDDING! i can't wait to see kates dress, i bet it will be soooooo lush and amazing, she will look so beautiful! i am one of the only ones in our school that actually care about the wedding lol. it's history in the makeing, they will one day be king and queen :D x

  3. @Helen oh thank you so much for being truthful, i really appreciate it. And trust me what i do is inspiring and i want to keep it that way, this is why your one of my favourites, you stick it to the urmmm man no blog so goo you! i'm glad you like my blog and i can see you actually care about what you do and what you see, i hope i am like that to i would hate to be any other way since i did it for my sake. Ooh that royal kiss on the balcony jelous right? xxxx

    @Sophie, oh your ever so welcome. AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE ROYAL WEDDING AAAAAAAAAH ONLY 10 HOURS TILL ITSTARTS.... AHHHH..well the wedding starts but it starts at 8 so woop if im up. SAME even though i live in london i was the only one who was so excited i even found a british flag in a classroom, like a tourist one, and blew it round the whole day. GO WILLS&KATE, everyone made fun of me cause in my homework diary (lame i know, the school is forced to make us) i drew a (terrible )picture of her and wrote wills&Kate 4evz, and I WATCH ALL the tv shows...i cant wait for a king and queen GO MARRIED COUPLES!!!

    XXX ly all

  4. oo and helen, in totel that beat your longest comment hahahaha :) <3