Wednesday, 27 April 2011

OOTD: Fun & Sun for back to school!!!!

You know that feeling on a monday when you wakeup after a weekend, half hungover half exhausted! Well, not that i know, THAT IS HOW I FELT this morning, mid-week Wednesday was the first day i went back to school, personally i love the summer term: tennis skirt for gym, shorts, pretty tops, light weight nail polish, (oh wait this was meant to be school wise), rare homework, school trips, relaxed lessons, fun outsides, TENNIS, swimming (i like it but pools are BLEGH)..then there are the downsides: exams, revision, swimming, skirts paired with trainers (!!!! massive don't unless it is like Demi Lovato would say: 'who says, i can't wear my converse with my dress (soooo baby) ). well i look forward to it anyway, but of course it is the trouble to find WHAT TO WEAR, but tomoz is easy - cute tennis skirt, do-able trainsers (probs convys) and a white top......We had dance so meaning leggings or skirt, didnt want to be the only one in skirt so opted for leggings with my new shorts and my white cupcake tee with a tank top underneath so i can rip it off and apply my white polo.....

My outfit?

Top: Camden store
Shorts - my new Bershka ones
Leggings - Select
Earrings (Gold Dragonflies) - H&M

so this is just a small post about to go out for a bit o shopping but first i need some help with comin up posts, would you like to see the following:

- Wednesday Wants?
 (might do one tonight but that means 2 posts from me 2day)

- Lush Street Oarty vs Dragons Egg?

- Lush Happy Chick review?

- Lush Cupcake Facemask Review?

- Monthly faves?

- How to wear...........Shorts, playsuits, Hair updos, downdos, bags?

which out of those do you like and or other ones you'll like me to do, i might do a how to wear on my current fave shorts hmm...

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  1. your outfit is really cute, i love the cupcake tee! ^__^

  2. @al aww thanks Al, please follow and your comments mean a lot

  3. Love the vest.

  4. @Helen - oh merci, i love how much of an active follower/blogger you are, your always one of my firsts comments, it means a lot XXX