Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Westfield Haulage :)

Bonjour mes beautiful readers,
how are you today?
Well today for me was AWESOME!!! I met with my amazing frien, Kyra, at 9am to go to westfield with my sister. We arrived at i think just b4 10 so shops werent open so we waited for a bit, had an orangina, and went shopping. it started off in Hollister, we wanted to not wait in line so we went as soon as it opened...I picked up to try on 2 pairs of shorts, camel and blue checked, tried them on. They were both.....nice but not needed or amazing and i also tried on this like grey and cream lace top.....Which i nearly loved but wasnt mad on. I ended up doing an impulse buy of a white ruffled skirt with bright blue small flowers, it also came with pink so i was deciding last moment but bought the blue - i later returned it....

I then went to Lush and bought:

Cupcake - Fresh Face Mask
Ok well i had five lush pots to bring back to get a free face mask and since summer is coming up i thought get a oily fm for my seasonal skin, do you want a review of this coming up? i can do?

Fluffy Egg
Fluffy Egg - Bath Ballistic
A repurchase, one i used already in my daily bath today, a egg form of Rockstar and an egg form of Snow Fairy. The scent is amazing, the colour is sooo nice, it turns it PINK!!!!!!!!!

Hippy Chick
Happy Chick - Bath Ballistic
Well it is meant to awaken you and smells like grapefruit when i first bought my easter lush stuff i didn't pick this up, today Kyra and i were the only people in there so i quickly asked this really sweet lush girl who i will talk bout later what she thought of it and one phrase 'it smells of lemonade', my reply: SOLD. Picked it up straight away, i wish i knew her name, she was LOVELY

Mrs Whippy
Mrs Whippy - Bath Ballistic
A definite repurchase of mine, think it might be my four of fifth time? The first few was eh but recently fell in love with the new vanilla ice cream and strawberry milkshake blend which also turns it pink yet a slightly paler one then Fluffy Egg, the scent is subtle yet divine..

Dragons Egg
Dragons Egg - Bath Ballistic 
A 2nd repurchase. A whirlpool of glitter and gold, Ke$ha in a bomb form (NICE), smells of lemon sherbet. It reminds me of sherbet fizz mixed with ke$ha  and a subtle scent of orchid coated in spice - does that make sense. THIS IS A MUST FOR THOSE RAVES ON A NIGHT OUT. They really wake you up and if you have a one shouldered top, once the dragons fireballs stop shooting it turns into liquid gold with strong glitter, so i suggest rub it up and down ur chest and your, bare, arm!!
Street Party Ballistic
Street Party - Bath Ballistic
Seem new? Not familiar? Never mentioned? Do you know why? BRAND KNEW FOR THE ROYAL WEEDING. It's the Dragon's Egg rival, oooooburn, has a mixture of 3 different types of glitter, hearts, and a metre long British flag in it. Smells of deep herbal citrus with undertones of lavy (lavender) and cubeba. If you don't want a light and fluffy (egg) fragrance but want a more calming yet fun and spicy deeper scent try this for the royal party explosion. 

TADAAAAAH THAT WAS IT...i also used a 10% of so all of this only cost £11.99, the face mask = free

Then for the FIRST time i went into Bershka, yes i was a Bershka version, but i fell in love!!! WITH EVERYTHING THERE. NOT ONE THING DID I HATE. Literally it is my perfect shop, everything is the following: leather jackets, fitted coloured/non-colour blazers, leopard and cheetah and one shoulder. Me, oui? One thing that caught my eye first was this AMAZING white one shouldered dress but i would wear as a tee with shorts with on the thick sleeve, like a really thick spaghetti strap, was a sequin peacock feather type design, it was soo cute a mixture of like teal/cyan, brown and red i think IT WAS AWESOME...In hollister i tried on some tan camel shorts thinking those are unique and cute but the most HIDEOUS look on they were just eh, nothing is good when its just eh, it was an ok colour but blended to much and the style was to fitted. So when i was in Bershka and spotted paper-bag styled beige khaki colour coming with a belt. I picked up a random size not looking till at the tills, a size or 2 bigger then usual but i liked the baggy look. I only had a bit of £££££ left so i bought the shorts only for £16.99, i wanted to of bought: 2 £39.99 blazers, £8 set of trio earings which go with the top i want and the shorts, 2 jumpsuits with uknown prices, 3 necklaces, one pair of sunnys, 2 more pairs of shorts and 3 more tees. luckily i made myself on try on the shorts and top.......I'll upload pictures of the shorts tomoz

I LOVE BERSHKA, i used to be able to say when the question was asked what is your favourite store: i would answer Jack Wills, topshop, a&f, but now cross all of those out and the new 1 word answer is..................
BERSHKA...look how me there sytyle is:

my shorts in white :) but with a diff belt :)

How was your day, any haulage? 

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  1. I love the westfield malls!!

    Cute blog!
    Follow back?


  2. You got some really good things, could you please do a review on that street party? x

  3. Congratulations on your 20, 00 hits!!!

  4. @janelle - i folled your blog obs..THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING

    @soph - thanks, i will do a review as with a Dragons Egg vs Street Party

    @Elle - thanks

  5. love westfield & lush! x

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  6. i love berksha too, always has such an array of stock in and love all your lush purchases, i definitely want to try out the happy chick bath ballistic after you mentioned lemonade! x

  7. @becca - YOUR MOST EVERLY WELCOME, if that is words? i love your blog wish you can follow mine

    @Jasmin - ooh yes DEFFS TRY IT OUT, i used it today when fizzing it does have the lemonady scent which isnt to strong to be lemon but fizzy and amazing, glad you love Berksha - we can be like twins!

    haha please follow and comment x