Thursday, 1 November 2012

FallHaul 2012: Lush

Sorry i've been gone for a while, i've been focusing on work and i just recently went away to Italy! I got back on thursday night so i've been just catching up on sleep and planning things for my current half term. Saying i went to Italy sounds so lovely doesn't it? Like i went to Rome - Lizzie McGuire-esque, but actually i went to Pompeii, Italy with my school. It was boiling there so it wasn't actually awful. But personally i wouldn't spend four days going through museums and ruins again, but my next post will be about it and showing some pictures - hopefully up and written straight after this post.

Today i'm doing a holiday lush haul since everything has come out, i thought i'd need to do some purchasing and i ended up with quite a lot and just bought more...silly me :p 

My current Lush storage. I do want to get a pretty vase or bowl to put them in so i can display them better than this, but i prefer this to a draw so i can smell them all the time :)

My little haul

Father Christmas Bath Bomb - £3.25
This is too cute. I bought it mainly for the face of it. It is described to have the scent of mandarin oil and orange flower absolute.
The Enchanter Bath Bomb- £3.20
This is the halloween bathbomb, i picked up a few of these actually - cheeky me.Scents include lime, neroli oil and frankincense.

So White Bath Bomb - £3.20
A returner! Coming back this year bigger and better. An apple scented bath bomb - that doesn't feature apples! How queer? But does contain Bergamot Oil, Rose Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute and Neroli Oil.

Candy Mountain bubble bar - £2.45
The classic bubble producing candy floss and bubble gum scent! The same scent as Snow Fairy shower gel

Party Popper Bath Bomb - £2.95
This bath bomb has got to be the coolest thing i've seen from Lush in a while. First it's shape! It's like a Unicorn's horn, but not. It could be because it smells divine,Honeydew Melon (don't think i've seen that in a bath bomb yet), Bergamot Oil, Tangerine Oil, Rose Oil, Rapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil. It's sweet and fragrant, if you imagine Lush having a scent - or the first smell you smell when you walk into a store, i think this personifies it! Not only that it has POPPING CANDY in it! I will do a review on this once i use it because i think it's one of the most interesting bath bombs Lush has ever created.

Cinders bath bomb - £2.25
It might be a small one, but a three year running returner? I think so! Small and yellow, ok to admit it does make your bath go a funny colour and looks like a bath full of urine, but with a scent of what smells like Fireworks and Autumn - cinnamon/gingerbread etc..Not only is it scent amazing: cinnamon, almond oil, sweet orange oil, gardenia essence, IT CONTAINS POPPING CANDY AGAIN. This time you can see it, the red granules at the top. The first time i bought it, i had no idea it was popping candy and it was a few years ago and it was a new formula and there was way too much of it in the one i had so i felt like i was just in a massive exfoliator. Till i realised it crackled - silly me hehe

That's all for now, Raindrops. I'll try and get another post up as well as i haven't blogged in a month - sorry again