Saturday, 13 August 2011

15 Questions: No.2, Sam @ sjmwell

Hello my fantastic viewers,
After postponing it for days of me being lazy i have my 2nd 15 Questions Tag, featuring the LOVELY Sam from her amazing blog: it just me or isn't that banner ADORABLE! 
Well i send her my 15 Questions and she answered with incredible answers i think you will enjoy so lets get starteeeed....

1)       When did you start blogging and what made you create one?

I remember stumbling upon a blog one day from googling something and I just really loved reading & seeing other people’s style, after month’s I decided to make one of my own- it was also a way to make myself better- I was diagnosed with CFS at the same time so found blogging made me feel better in a way because I was writing about thing’s I love, I really enjoy it!

    2) Name some of your favourite blogs and/or youtubes?

3) When you're not blogging what do you get up to? 

I’m usually bargain hunting somewhere, I travel around to charity shop’s, bootsales & antique shop’s & buying new clothes, I absolutely love finding thing’s, if I’m not though I’m usually doing a d.i.y or down the seafront, i sound like quite a boring teenager ha!

4) What is your favourite makeup brand, are you able to limit it down to one?

ooh that’s a hard one, I discovered mac last year which sound’s quite silly but i don't have a counter near me so I quite love mac at the moment, but I’ll always love Maybelline, collection 2000 and l’oreal and a few other brand's.
gotta say i do love a bit of Collection 2K, especially their mascaras! 

5) What is your Holy Grail/Favourite beauty product you've ever owned?

I think it’d have to be my studio finish concealer from Mac, it cover’s my dark circles well and it’s lasted me ages so i don't mind spending a little more!

6) If you could only wear one piece of makeup for the rest of your life, what would it be?

hmm, either concealer or mascara!

7) What has been your biggest splurge on makeup?

I think the most I’ve spent is when I brought my studio finish concealer, I nearly brought chanel vitalumiere aqua the other day but I think I’d feel a bit guilty spending £31 on foundation…

funny you mention it, i looked into vitalumiere aqua the other day and i found it kind of weird consistency, especially for the price i look for the best of the best.

8) If you could go anywhere, it doesn't have to be a specific shop - it can be anything to a place, mall or shop, to go clothes shopping where/what would it be?

I’d go to Bluewater shopping centre, it’s sort of a pain to get to so I only go there once every so often but it’s the closest place for a mac counter, urban outfitter’s, laura mercier etc, my local shopping centre doesn’t have them so I love going there haha!

9) What is your favourite clothing store?

I love topshop but I also love new look, they have some really nice thing’s in there at the moment.

10) Do you have a favourite piece of clothing?

I do, I absolutely love my topshop jean’s- I have quite wide thigh’s & I’m short so I struggle to find decent skinny jean’s, topshop is the only shop that fit me perfectly, I’ve been buying them since I was 14 and would most probably cry if they ever stopped selling them! 

11) Has there been a piece of clothing that you've seen on a tv show or on a red carpet you'd kill to have?

I love this dress dita wore ages ago, i think she’s so beautiful and I often love a lot of what she wear’s
12) If you could have anybody's style whose would it be? Could be from a tv show OR real life?

I do love dita’s I love the 40’s-50’s look and she often looks quite classic, I also love apair-andaspare’s style- she always’s look’s so lovely in her outfit’s & even made a great skirt from a rug! I’d love to have her style- her blog photo’s are beautiful! 
13) What has been your favourite fashion and makeup trend, from this season or in general?
coral/pink lipstick! 
aaah i have suddenly fallen in love with pink lipstick due to my Girl Crush on Leighton Meester where i saw a picture of her with gorgeous eye makeup and crushing pink lips, thik baby pink with an icy overtone

14) If you could go anywhere on holiday right now where would it be?
Italy, spain or America!

15) Last but not least, what is your favourite Song for this summer?
I’ve been listening to example’s “stay awake” a lot lately, example’s great for them summer tunes! ;)

Now for the beauty behind the blog:

may i thank you again Sam for this amazing post and question answers and now i'm interested in my own 'Rug Skirt' hahaha....Any others want to do '15 Questions:'? email me at, i do have a post on Dip Dye's coming up so stay intune!


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Sunshine Blog Award: No.2

Hola Amigos, 

This is just a quick post b4 i write my next 15 Questions: post about my 2nd award, The Sunshine Blog Award so basically the blog that makes you smile like the sun, so thank you Etienne for awarding me this....

1) Link the blogger who awarded you this

2) Answer the questions:

What is your favourite colour?
Silver and Iridescent Pink, Turquoise and Purple

Favourite animal?

Favourite No.?
2, 22

What perfume do u wear?
Princess by Vera Wang

Something that identifies you?
My hair and bows. 

What is your passion?
Architecture, blogging, makeup, fashion, lush!

Last Eyeshadow used? 
Mac's l/e Tartan Tale Eyeshadow in Glamoura Castle

Favourite day of the week?
I have a few because i prefer to only discriminate thursday.
Friday - Rebecca Black has a song
Saturday - It's pepe's turn on the summerhood utube colab
Sunday - Meghanrosettes video on the summerhood
Tuesday - well i just love tuesday ooh and it's Tiffany's turn on the summerhood.
yeah thats it i think

Are your nails painted right now?
Oui oui mes ami, they are painted mainly Topshop Awol with OPI Last Friday Night over the top but on my 4th finger on each hand it is just Last Friday night.


So there are my five, congratulations nominees...dn't forget to do this post :)

Hope you're all having a good day


Monday, 8 August 2011

Update: Lush Cocktail Wish List and Lush Bloggers Game

do i have kneeyewes, pronounced news, for you!
Recently something amazing happened to me.
Life changing.
well not really.
But 1st i will give a background...

Around a year ago i discovered something:
Ever since i've had a growing obsession...but anyways there is something to do with lush more exciting! They are hosting a game! A 'bloggers game'. They have chosen a lot of bloggers, including big .com names such as Londonbeautyqueen and Richie Nickel, and me! I am so lucky to have been chosen by Lush to participate. So basically the rules are, the selected people, pop into the Lush in Westfield one day this week and b4 hand drop in a quick email to the Lushwestfield email saying the date ur coming and the estimated time so you are treated as a PROPER VIP, and pick up a mystery bottle of Lush Perfume and test it out. Then we MUST write a review on our blogs guessing what it is and describing it then the winners get a free perfume of their choice! HOW AMAZING! i'm so excited, i am popping in tomoz with my sister and hoping for the most amazing treats whilst, i love all the staff there especially one called Chloe who is LOV-EL-LY, maybes she'll be in tomorrow. 
But thats the BLOGGERS GAME i'm taking part in...

As i mentioned before, the lovely SA, Chloe explained to my sister and i about Lush Cocktails. Basically when you mix two products together in one bath :).....
And she showed us one called 'The Mermaids Tale' combo so basics this is MY wishlist....

 Dreamtime Bath Melt + Twilight Bath Bomb
both lavender scents, but one being uber relaxing and the other being a fizz of muscle warming fun
 Twilight Bath Bomb + French Kiss bubble bar
if you want lavender bubbles, this is the one!

Think Pink Bath Bomb + The Comforter Bubble Bar 
if you love PINK then this is the one for u. a deep bubbly magenta might just pop up in ur bath

nowwwwww for 'The Mermaid's Tail':

Big Blue Bath Bomb + The Sunnyside Bubble Bar
this makes the water feel like butter on ur skin. The seaweed in big blue is sooo moisturising and it is a lovely teal colour and mixed with the shimmering glitter it is looked to described as a magical mermaids tail. I love it

anyways thats it for today, my next post should be a '15 Questions' post but besides from that ttyl and hows your week starting off, as you can tell mines going preeeeeeeeetty great...

XOXO Perdi

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Forever 21 & Topshop Wish List

.Hi again, 
I know it's long time no post but i actually have written one but deleted it for many reasons mainly personal and also i've moved house. At the moment i'm watching How I Met Your Mother in bed, just chilling actually now i'm watching Switched At Birth online whilst burning my Yankee Candle. Snuggling up in bed, ready to finish my current book: Fallout by Sandra Glover. 

I have been looking online since school starts in a month tomorrow/Sunday and i am really looking forward to it and i recently sold my Drum Kit for a bit of £££ but a few £££ then i'd like but in the current day £££ is £££ (* £££ is money/hundred(s). So now i'm saving up to blow it all b4 school starts, well except for a bday present for my muma, any ideas? ANY! i need a few. I might just get her like a hugeeeeeeeee candle from Yankee Candles but think that might b a bit impersonal so possibly makeup or a custom palette - thats actually a really good idea but kinda expensive, i know The Makeup Store do 6-Palettes or 8 or summin and i dnt know how much the palettes cost but it's 11£ for 3.5g of eyeshadow where MAC is £12.50 i think for 1.5g and TMS has amazing pigmentation, colours and variety. Well besides from that i'm saving for a back-to-school shopping spree. tres ex-SIIIIITE-TED. 

Anyways i went to Forever 21 Oxford Street the other day and saw some AMAZING things all for the £10-£20 price range and then went on the topshop webby and loved it so thought i would do a wish list and i ammmm.....Sooo here we gooo, starting with Topshop

Metallic Nails in Heart of Gold - £6

Nails in Peeping Tom - £5

Nails in Celestial - £5

Nails in Lacquered - £5

 Nails in Mover and Shaker

Floral Playsuit by Wal G - £32

Sailor Playsuit by Wal G - £32

Winnie Playsuit by Motel - £42

Charleze Playsuit by Goldie - £58

Knitted Contrast Peterpan Top - £36

Knitted Guernsey Block Jumper - £40

Fur Collar Cardigan by Rare - £52
i would love this, imagine how comfy but i wish the orangey rusty pink colour was a different colour like maybe a grey or brown or blue

Casey Jacket by Goldie - £56

now on to Forever 21:

Seashore Stripes Dress - £18.75

Abstract Drawstring Dress - £24.75

Geo Strapless Dress W/Belt - £18.75

Floral Lace Top - £18.75

Chantilly Lace Top - £12.75

Sequin Bib Slub Top -  £19.75

Oversized Suedette Top - £14.75

Floral Slub Top - £12.75

Striped Boyfriend Shirt - £9.75

Stripes & Bows Top - £12

Cuffed Woven Pants - £16.75
Dainy Floral Lace Skirt - £12

Ribbed Bandage Skirt - £16.75

Metallic Lace Knee Length Skirt - Originally £14.75 now £3.99 but in stores is £12.75

Lace Covered Skirt - £9.99

Beautiful Satin Skirt - £16.75

Lace Yoak Jumper - £19.75

Superlice Knit Jumper - £19.75

wow now it's late, nearly 1am so i'm gonna go to bed but now a quick update. I have another 15 Questions coming up in a few days, the surprise blogger will remain a secret...for now. I'm going to the gym tomorrow haven't been for a few days, i nearly have like a full routine. What shops have u found with great new-year clothes???? any recent finds? Wondering if any of u would want to do a 15 Questions get to know the blogger series email me at so get those keyboards typed on!!!!!! 


XOXO wmrdx