Sunday, 7 August 2011

Forever 21 & Topshop Wish List

.Hi again, 
I know it's long time no post but i actually have written one but deleted it for many reasons mainly personal and also i've moved house. At the moment i'm watching How I Met Your Mother in bed, just chilling actually now i'm watching Switched At Birth online whilst burning my Yankee Candle. Snuggling up in bed, ready to finish my current book: Fallout by Sandra Glover. 

I have been looking online since school starts in a month tomorrow/Sunday and i am really looking forward to it and i recently sold my Drum Kit for a bit of £££ but a few £££ then i'd like but in the current day £££ is £££ (* £££ is money/hundred(s). So now i'm saving up to blow it all b4 school starts, well except for a bday present for my muma, any ideas? ANY! i need a few. I might just get her like a hugeeeeeeeee candle from Yankee Candles but think that might b a bit impersonal so possibly makeup or a custom palette - thats actually a really good idea but kinda expensive, i know The Makeup Store do 6-Palettes or 8 or summin and i dnt know how much the palettes cost but it's 11£ for 3.5g of eyeshadow where MAC is £12.50 i think for 1.5g and TMS has amazing pigmentation, colours and variety. Well besides from that i'm saving for a back-to-school shopping spree. tres ex-SIIIIITE-TED. 

Anyways i went to Forever 21 Oxford Street the other day and saw some AMAZING things all for the £10-£20 price range and then went on the topshop webby and loved it so thought i would do a wish list and i ammmm.....Sooo here we gooo, starting with Topshop

Metallic Nails in Heart of Gold - £6

Nails in Peeping Tom - £5

Nails in Celestial - £5

Nails in Lacquered - £5

 Nails in Mover and Shaker

Floral Playsuit by Wal G - £32

Sailor Playsuit by Wal G - £32

Winnie Playsuit by Motel - £42

Charleze Playsuit by Goldie - £58

Knitted Contrast Peterpan Top - £36

Knitted Guernsey Block Jumper - £40

Fur Collar Cardigan by Rare - £52
i would love this, imagine how comfy but i wish the orangey rusty pink colour was a different colour like maybe a grey or brown or blue

Casey Jacket by Goldie - £56

now on to Forever 21:

Seashore Stripes Dress - £18.75

Abstract Drawstring Dress - £24.75

Geo Strapless Dress W/Belt - £18.75

Floral Lace Top - £18.75

Chantilly Lace Top - £12.75

Sequin Bib Slub Top -  £19.75

Oversized Suedette Top - £14.75

Floral Slub Top - £12.75

Striped Boyfriend Shirt - £9.75

Stripes & Bows Top - £12

Cuffed Woven Pants - £16.75
Dainy Floral Lace Skirt - £12

Ribbed Bandage Skirt - £16.75

Metallic Lace Knee Length Skirt - Originally £14.75 now £3.99 but in stores is £12.75

Lace Covered Skirt - £9.99

Beautiful Satin Skirt - £16.75

Lace Yoak Jumper - £19.75

Superlice Knit Jumper - £19.75

wow now it's late, nearly 1am so i'm gonna go to bed but now a quick update. I have another 15 Questions coming up in a few days, the surprise blogger will remain a secret...for now. I'm going to the gym tomorrow haven't been for a few days, i nearly have like a full routine. What shops have u found with great new-year clothes???? any recent finds? Wondering if any of u would want to do a 15 Questions get to know the blogger series email me at so get those keyboards typed on!!!!!! 


XOXO wmrdx

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