Sunday, 31 July 2011

15 Questions: No.1

Hello again my Wizards and Witches, 

Today i have a new series which is endless and shall be continued, the series name:
But in other words Blog Interviews with bloggers and youtubers.
To start off this fantastic quest is Hannah from or more commonly known as:
I have sent her the 15 questions and she replied promptly with 15 perfect answers. So alongside with having one of the cutest blogs i've seen she is very adequate with her answers and she just seems like a lovely person. Her answers are in black and my notes are in pink. So here we go with the Premiere of 15 Questions...........

1) When did you start blogging and why?
I Started blogging around this time last year after reading other blogs and thinking ''oh wow! I want one''. I also thought it would be something extra to do in my spare time.
I started around the same time, with the same thoughts but it becomes addictive and takes over your life, eh? 

2) Name some of your favourite blogs or youtubes?
Fleur De Force, Belles Boutique, Sunshine Sam! There's so so so many more; too many to list.

3) When you're not blogging what do you get up to?
I like spending time with friends and boyfriend, going to the beach and shopping! I've also recently got a new job so thats keeping me busy as well.
Hannah and Boyfriend: Pactrick, how cute are they as a couple?

4) What is your favourite makeup brand, are you even able to limit it down to one?
Definitely. Benefit! 

5) What is your Holy Grail/Favourite beauty product you've ever owned?
Erm, that would probably be Benefit's Coralista Blusher.
Interesting, i've never tried any of the Benefit blushers but now i wanna try Coralista and Sugarbomb and i also wanna try ChaCha Tint - could tht be a dupe for Coralista?

6) If you could only wear one piece of makeup for the rest of your life, what would it be?
That's a difficult one! Mascara or Blusher!
I would say eyeliner cause u can like darken ur lashes actually mascara cause u can get like coloured ones and use that as like a weird blush or lipstick :) cheater i know.

7) What has been your biggest splurge on makeup?
I don't tend to buy expensive makeup products! I stick to cheaper things and got given loads of Benefit stuff from friends and family.

8) If you could go anywhere, it doesn't have to be a specific shop - it can be anything to a fashion city (Paris, Milan etc.), mall or shop, to go clothes shopping where/what would it be?

9) What is your favourite clothing store?
Miss Selfridge or Topshop! 

10) Do you have a favourite piece of clothing?
My floral playsuit from Marks and Spencer - it's beautiful and can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion.
/\ Said playsuit
I admit it too, my playsuits are my favourite things to wear. Comfy and fashionable. And also for the lazy ones out there they are suitable for you because you only chose one thing, the days of saying what top with what bottom are OVER.

11) Has there been a piece of clothing that you've seen on a TV Show or on a red carpet you'd kill for?
TBH, i don't watch much TV although i'd quite happily have Serena Van Der Woodson AND Blair Waldorf's wardrobes from Gossip Girl.
As you know, i couldn't say it any better myself. 

12) If you could have anybody's style whose would it be? Could be from a TV Show or Real Life?
Oh this is a very hard one! There are loads of celebrities style I love! If you check out my girl crush posts on my blog you'll see some of my favourites.
another type of posts we have in common: Girl Crushes

13) What has been your favourite fashion and makeup trend, from this season or in general?
Fashion - Bralets and generally florally things!
Makeup - Coral!!!

14) If you could go anywhere on holiday right now where would it be?
Greece! I'm in need of a hot holiday

15) Last but not least. what is your favourite song this summer?
Glad You Came - The Wanted 

check out Hannah's blog here

Thank you again, and you should all go and follow her now! If anyone is interested in doing a 15 Questions message me @