Friday, 29 July 2011

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who'll be The Prettiest at This Ball?

Am i excited or am i EX-SITE-TEEEEEEEEEED?
Correct Answer: ExCiteTEEEEEEED.
I congratulate you if you got that write, leave a Hug & Kiss below saying you did if you did.

Well i have an OOTD to start off with, i am going to a 'glorified diner' but like really glorified, Prince-soon-to-be-King Wills goes there, called Automat in london. Goin with my sisters, my mother and my sisters dad (one of my sisters have a dad, but we all used the same womb so we call each other full sisters :), high five for the womb comment! *hiigh five* ). I had to dress up but dress down.... So here it is:

Top - New Look
Shorts - Forever 21
Tights - Le Beboraque (my 3rd fave thing in my wardrobe so expensive: £30 for tights!)
Shoes, unseen - Aldo Ankle Boots
Red - OPI Pretty & Privileged 
Gold - Nars Varsaille
Blue - BarryM Blue Ice i think
Black Palm Tree - Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner
Top Coat (needed for eyeliner art) - Rimmel 
I would do an EOTD but i didn't look what makeup i used accept i know my Collection 2K 24 Hour Liner Pen in Black, Colleciton 2K new mascara the Super Size one, Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels.

Talking about Eye Makeup,i have a Masquerade Ball to go to in just over a month, the invitation was quite clever - a facebook event invite :). Ok so my friend who is throwing the bash is calling it a masked disco but in my Gossip-Girl-Influenced mind it is The Saint & Sinners party all over again. So a Masquerade Ball it shall be. I've been scrolling through the web looking for masks, a dress, details etc...I thought about this from eye makeup because through the mask your eyes must be: Intriguing. Imagine, i said this to my friend, a hot guy looking at your eyes from the otherside of the room, u looking back. His eyes pouring his soul into you, you thinkin woah his eyes are smokin and then he looks at your eyes and he's thinking 'woah her eyes ARE TIRED'. Tut tut people who think masks cover ur eyes. So dramatic eye makeup here i comeeeee. I've been looking at masks and thinking a lot about The Cinderella Story films (with Selena Gomez and Hilary Duff) and there beautiful outfits, well this is a masked party so those perfect outfits aren't too suited. So here is a look i think i might consider retrieving. 

Escapade Venetian Mask, White lace Cut Out Mask

H&M  Straight-Cut Ruffle Dress in Navy - Sale for £14.99
paired with either a thin silver or gold belt, people say silver usually goes more with blue but i think gold is like all nautical and even slightly sexier but with the mask i want silver seems appropriate. Black shoes? i could do gold belt with gold pumps or silver belt with black kitten heels? U chose...

As you can see i'm really excited for this party! And Season 4 of gossip girl is nearly finished, well for me watching it online, and i have become addicted. i get obsessed with things easily, 90210, Pretty Little Liars, America's Next Top Model and now this. You can tell by the Gossip Girl-esque post title, i think it was a pretty good imitation. It does seem familiar though so maybe it was like in my deep subconscious at one of the GG balls. Oh how i wish i went to those balls, had those dresses, had those faces. It makes me happy :) just thinking about it.....

Well i'm off for dinner, tomoz i'm going to the gym again but today i haven't due to watching gossip girl and having a bath and getting ready, i didn't want to be rushed home from the gym all sweaty and feel uncomfortable so i skipped it....

Au revior my lovely mermaid tails 

till next time.....



  1. I absolutely adore your blog it's so beautiful!!! Your writing style everything. That is one of my favourite episodes the masquerade ball :D Your outfit sounds beautiful, I love navy and gold!

    Could you do a tips for new bloggers post maybe sometime?


  2. ommfg, That is one of the sweetest comments I've ever had on my blog. Your are so sweet and nice and thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Btw i am also gonna leave this message on your blog cause i know sometimes people don't always check out if there is a reply and this touched me so much you deserve a response. Oh the Masquerade Ball episode, must be one of my faves to. I think Navy and Gold works better then navy and silver tbh. I dont know why, what do you think? That will deffinately be an up and coming post and i'm bout to check out your blog. THANKS SO MUCH bronagh

    and that whole thing with the Bx is a really cute touch so if you don't mind i shall copy it for this once :)