Saturday, 13 April 2013

Summer Must Buys: Pineapple and Flamingo Style

This is a bit of a random post but after seeing Hannah's post on her bikini wish list I have wanted to do a post similar ever since! I tried just doing a bikini wish list but decided against it and doing more of a Summer Trend Must Have/Take Part in post! 

The first featured swimsuit is by River Island, and is a cheap £25. The colours are very 'in trend' featuring a bright mint and chevron (another pattern i'm adoring this year). The back is my favourite,it's not clear in the picture but the upper back section is actually slashed and caged, and a lot narrower than it appears in the picture. The other swimsuit featured is by Tophop, and a bit more pricey at £34. Usually i'd be repulsed by the overwhelming colours and animal on the front but in person the wolf face is more faded and the colours are really vibrant and I think could be really flattering on. I think the black back would be quite slimming. 

The bikinis featured are by Victoria Secret: Pink, a brand i'm absolutely in love with and find me self always returning to whenever I am in Oxford Street, London. I have absolutely been in love with the flamingo pattern everywhere seems to be featuring but I feel pink has done it really well. They have the flamingo bikini top in multiple styles: bandeau, triangle push up and cropped (don't really know what the featured style is called?). At first I thought the featured style would be really babyish on, but i saw a picture LoLuFullyLoaded (youtuber) instagrammed of her wearing a tie dye one - which I also love but is not featured on the website, and saw it was really flattering! I tried it on and absolutely fell in love with the style and actually was really cute instead of babyish. I love the matching bikini bottoms, I adore the flamingos with the pink interior and is just really cute but I don't think you could wear them together as it would be, I guess, to flamingo-ey (hence the matching pink bottoms to go with the top) but I still really want the bottoms but have no idea what colour or shape top would match with the bottoms.

The dress seen is from Hollister, and comes in navy and kiwi green (another trend colour i've loved - also known as 'colour of the year'). I think the shape of the dress is super cute, it has a low V back and a small cutout at the front with a v-neckline. The print is really summery and has some fish, pineapples (MUST HAVE TREND OF THE SUMMER), shells and just really cute summer symbols. I love it but at £44 is quite pricey.

The next two items aren't definitely necessary but I thought were super cute. Both from Victoria Secret: Pink. The phone case matches the amazing pineapple trend, a trend I have been purchasing and is just really vibrant and summer. The water bottle is a new necessity for me. The website did not show the colour I wanted to feature, which is orange with white pineapples printed on it and I actually bought this late night shopping yesterday. My favourite thing about it is how sturdy and large they are, they hold something like 967ml, so nearly a whole litre of water and are really strong and close really tightly.