Saturday, 26 January 2013

Birthday Wishlist 2013

Two posts in 48 hours? I know, unbelievable. I was going to publish this post later on in the week but as my birthday, February 5th, is coming up, my friends' asked me to do it earlier. So here it is..

I live in these shoes, i've had the black on white type so many times and I find I break them so easily to the point my current pair have wholes in and are actually falling apart. But these shoes are so comfortable to me and i've worn them since I was around 9. I usually only get the black on white but the off-white on white looks really nice and i'm loving the white on white and black on black look. I usually only have one pair of good Vans at a time, but i think I could do with all four. I only wear plain (white or black, or off-white) Vans, as the coloured ones remind me too much of Hipsters.

but for coloured shoes...
I prefer coloured Converse, like I prefer black or white Vans, but I think they're both staples in my wardrobes. Again I just went through the Offspring (Sneaker store) website and chose four couples I think'd be pretty cool and i'd be able to wear a lot. I love the burgundy colour especially. 
Who couldn't do with some of their luxuries? From their Pink sweatpants to bikinis, i'd love anything from there so a voucher would be really useful. Not much I could say about this, i've bought so much from the store in Bond Street, London recently and could do with so much more. I hope they put their bikinis in stock soon, as i've never actually bought them in-store before and I think I need them in my life for Summer, so a voucher would be useful. 
A bit more random, but I see bloggers from the top such as llymlrs to smaller names have dresses like this, slouchy and comfortable. I linked the exact one in the name, but it's the Petite Stripe Band Back Dress. No, I am not petite - i'm actually 5'77'' (not quite 5'8'' but more than 5'75'') but I saw this dress in-store not realising it was petite but it actually comes up quite long even on a petite person, so for a short dress that I thought it was meant to be, a size 10ish (possible size 8 but i want it to be slouchy) would fit perfectly and be a good length for a short dress for Summer. Maybe a Topshop voucher would be better, but either way I love this dress.

I obviously love makeup and fashion and I do think a big part of good makeup is down to the brushes and I think it's about time to invest in Sigma brushes, as most bloggers and youtubers do. This is the Travel Kit: Make Me Classy (the black version), and is already quite expensive for a travel kit so I don't really expect this as a present, yet it is My birthday wishlist so I thought i'd put it in. I do really want these.
This is a bit of a cheat present, as I know i'm getting this from my father but I thought i'd still mention it. It's tradition in my family to get a contract phone when we're 15 (how young i'm about to turn) but the phone of our choice, and we've all ended up choosing iPhones. The iPhone 5 came out rather recently, and i'm so excited to get it. I'll definitely do a 'What's on my iPhone' post with all my apps. I'm definitely getting the black one, very excited.
 Wii Zumba Fitness 2
A bit more random than anything else, but I love Wii workouts like Just Dance and other fun games like that. My school has started doing Zumba during Gym classes, if you're in that gym slot. I'm actually not in that gym slot, i'm in Spinning, but only three students in Spinning showed up and two of us wanted to do Zumba instead instead of going to a gym and do spinning with three people and our coach, so we stayed and did Zumba and it was the funnest thing ever. At first I was nervous and embarrassed but by the end is was totally shaking it and it was a blast but I was purple by the end, I drank two bottles of 75ml waters just in that 45 minute session. It was amazing. So having a Zumba fitness game would be so fun.
I think Mac is a really good present from anyone to anyone as they're a good price range and everybody would appreciate it. For eyeshadows, there is so much I want, but a few would be All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Naked Lunch, Mulch and Club. But besides from eyeshadows I do think they're lipsticks are really nice, in colours like Lovelorn, Cream Cup, Girl About Town, Angel, High Tea and Sweetie. Or any lipglass even. Like most bloggers, I love all things Mac. 

This is the Manfrotto MKCE-HO1 Compact Tripod, for digital compact cameras (everything but DSLRs, I have a Canon Ixus). Manfrottos' are rather expensive, between £30-£50, so even a Hama or a Camlink would be appreciated. Any type would be, but I think my posts and blog would turn so much better with better photos, and to take better photos a tripod seems necessary. 

This is all I can think of for now. Any requests comment below, I read and respond to as many as possible and each one makes me day better. 

What's In My Purse: January 2013

Haven't blogged that much in January but going straight into a post with 'What's In My Purse: January 2013'. 

The purse is by Hermes Paris, and it's blue with silver detailing. It has a loop closure, with a gorgeous silver buckle engraved with Hermes Paris on it, I don't know the exact model as a present, but i'm sure you can find out by googling it. 
This is what it looks like as I open it, you see the buckle closure and two cards, I kept the Hermes card in it and on the left is my Transport For London (tfl) Zip Card for Under16's travel. 
Bird's Eye View from inside the purse. Behind the two card holders is a section for cards and notes. It has three sections for cards, I use one for loyalty cards, one for vouchers and one for debit card & boots advantage card and other hard cards like that.
So here's what's in this section. I have loads of loyalty cards for example Crepe Affaire, Mori, Millie's Cookies and two bubbletea gift cards (bubbletea isn't sold everywhere, but it's gotten quite big in London, leave a comment if you want to know furthur detail) for Chaboba (Camden) and Bubbleology (Soho, Nottinghill, Harvey Nichols). For vouchers I have Hollister, Accessorise, Westfield London and a gift card that covers Topshop/Miss Selfridge/Topman and more. Other cards I have is my Nationwide Smart Card, Costa Coffee card, Boost vibe card, Boots Loyalty Card and my school's old card. I also only had £20 in cash, as I often pay using money on my card.
In the third section it comes with a pouch, for coins. 
All that's in there is the pouch, containing coins and a Nando's table receipt - threw that away haha.
In the pouch I have some coins, I usually sort them out to keeping pounds and silvers in there and emptying in my coppers into a piggy bank. I also have a plaster because I am the most accident prone person, and always end up bleeding so I'm always prepared. 

So that's what's in my purse. If anyone likes these posts, please tell me in the comment section below because I might do a 'What's in My School Bag' or a 'What's in My Bag'.

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