Friday, 3 June 2011

Nail Art! Lovin It!

Hey Jubbles (- interesting choice of name)

Shorter post today on just how much i've been LOVVVIN Nail art. ok now just a brief explanation on how i like it on me..i prefer not to do ALL 10 fingers in it, preffs choosing one nail on each hand, usually ring finger but accidentally when i tried out my recent one i did my pinkys. With the one finger paint boldly i usually pick a colour out of the art and paint all the others the same one or a variable close colour. I've tried cupcake nails once and it turned out OK and recently i've tried Aztec which I LOVE! and so heres a few i want to try out, again probs on 2 fingers.....

Prints - i prefer newspaper printed ones where you get ethanol dip it in newspaper and print it on a flat colour.


hmmm an escapade of smudge colour?

Hypnotising nails - probably something i will try next.

newspaper print

Random variation of wicked nail are, i love the square on in the bottom left and of course the leopard print..


and now are you ready for something totally out of this world. this is like no other nail thing.:

AN ACTUAL ZEBRA. LIKE HOW COOL IS THAT! ok too hard for me but come on that is just too cool.
i LOVE it...what sounds do Zebras make? nnnaaaaaaay hmm interesting question..

ok for my recent one i have these:

ok it is quite messy on the edge but i quite like it. The dark magenta on my hand is Katy Perry OPI in The One That Got Away....the actual print is L.A Colour's Lightning, a random BarryM blue and a random white. But the black i used liquid eye liner and it worked really well. just use a good topcoat. i think it looks really good, i LOVE IT!!!

what are your recent nail art designs or trends you love?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Victoria's Secret Wish List - Bikini Galore

Hiii Tulips,
Another day, another wish list. Today is an American classic summer shop of:
i, as usual, was admiring some amazing things on their website and decided to blog about it! - nothing odd there. Today there is a variety of cover-ups, bodycare and deffinately BIKINI'S....
shall we see my pics?

Retro One-Piece (black)

Off-The-Shoulder Tee Dress (Coral Crush)

Ombre Sequin Triangle Top

Neon Paisley Push Up Triangle Top (White - i only want the top to wear with white bottoms)

Sequin Embellished Triangle Top

Wild One Daily Body Wash 

Sweet Craving Indulgent Body Cream

Love Bitten Nourishing Body Lotion
Custom Tan Adjustable Self-Tan Lotion with Shimmer (btw this is Dulce from DulceCandy's Favourite)
(preffs in nude or black)
Floral T-Strap Sandal
Removal Bow-Suade Pump

well that's enough for now :)........

OOooh just a quick thing is that coming up I have a post i am REALLY EXCITED ABOUT since it is my own creation (in a french accent)...A homemade face CLEANSER, a harsh one but is good for oily skin or ones with declaration such as scaring, freckles or pigmentation. I use it to try to get rid of my freckles, which i dislike (No offence to all you freckle-lovin people and or have freckles), it doesn't get rid of them but does lighten them and removes redness also it is a miracle for new spots, i had a new red one which i accidentally scratched and now it completely has gone past the scabbing stage just from 15 mins of this treatment.



well au revoir mon amis, oh yeah i finished writing my end of year engligh essay so if you want to read it, comment below and i'll post it - it is a continuation essay from a part of Daphne De Maurier's, A Frenchmans' Creek

well now i do have to go so


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Girl Crush: Leighton Meester/Blair Waldorf

Helloooooooooo blog readers,
Today i'm...............happy because the sun radiates a certain joy into my body let alone with UVA Rays well for me they don't really do anything so shall we say UVB Rays/Burn rays...

Today as i write, i am watching Gossip Girl - to be exact Season 2 Episode 19. OOoh talking about tv, i recently have watched loads of films, tell me if u want like a Movie Review thing cause i have been contemplating that. 

Well whilst watching it and having steaming jealousy rise up in my blood for the beauty and the wits of Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blake Lively or do i mean /blake lively............Well recently i have been looking into Leighton Meester.

Did you know she here career started with adverts for Tamagotchi's and Clearasil? 
how cute was she?

then she had a few roles in random in tv shows and then bam she got acting lead roles in many scary movies. Starring in films such as:
Drive-thru and Killer Movie. 
i've seen drive-thru and i have to admit her acting is pretty admirable. Killer Movie i'm yet to see but seems so good. Coming up she has Monte Carlo coming out featuring Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy along with herself of course.

Whilst watching Gossip Girl i am a huge fan of Blair Waldorf, Leighton's character. So today's Girl Crush doesn't really feature Leighton as herself but Blair in all her Upper East Side Socialite Glory. She has amazing clothes and beauty on the show, as she should with the biggest budget out of all the girls but i absolutely love her clothes!

I want to try to do a hair tutorial for this one /\ it is so pretty! 

Her style is vintage, expensive and really cute!
If you watch the show you know her hair IS AMAZING! She always has such cute accessories, i found the best picture showing and advancing all her bows and scarves and ribbons and flowers! I

I loved her hair when it was darker and had bright accesories, like that BRILLIENT red bow in the first picture. I love her hair so much! It is perfect. I want to do a few hair tutorials for hair like it, especially the one with the plait and pink fleur!

So now if you were thinking 'i want a bit of a background on Blair' or if your thinking it now, YOUR IN LUCK!
She is describe on wikepedia as ' as a privileged, comically vain overachiever living on New York's Upper East Side
Blair's tendency to overachieve has been noted as a primary difference between herself and her predecessors. While reviewing the series' introduction, Janet Malcolm of The New Yorkerremarked that unlike some of her forerunners, "Blair already has all the money and position anyone could want. She is pure naked striving, restlessly seeking an object, any object, and never knowing when enough is enough." While discussing the collective Gossip Girl characters, she went on to state that Blair's issues made her "both a broader caricature and a more real person than the others."[7
Leighton said that during the casting they asked her to be
'Bitchy and Nice, Ugly and Pretty, Young and Old, Stupid and Smart, Innocent and Slutty, Blonde and Brunette' - quite tricky if you ask me...
Blair is my favourite character...

do you want some information on Leighton?

TTYL mon amis,

and thank you so much for my 100 followers! It means so much to me! i love you all!

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Au Revoir 


Monday, 30 May 2011

Topshop Wish List

Hello my amazing followers and readers,

wowie 95 followers. NEARLY 100, i remember the ddays when i was stuck on 41 and 27 but now my blog is becoming..................bigger. And thank you so much for it! It means so much, it practically brings a tear to my eye, i love you all so much.....

Now let's get our beauty ooooooooon. I've been lookin at the topshop website and love a few things, so i shall show them here:

Blue Stripe Seersucker Ruffle Bikini - £28.50 
I think this bikini is really cute, i like the stripes and the ruffles and the horizontal stripes will take the eyes of your body flaws or uncertainties and focus on the ruffle detailing. perfect

Tan 3/4 Sleeve Blouse - £75
odd choice for me but i think it could look really cute with black leggings and black booties. I can even imagine myself wearing it with black leggings, black boots/booties, hair up in a messy pony, slightly bright lipstick, depending on the event either smokey makeup or just my collection 2000 eyeliner and mascara! I love it.

White Broderie Anglaise Zip Front Suntop - £23
I think this is adorable, maybe even with the next skirt. It is adorable, i don't really know how to wear it though? Blue skinny jeans and beige boots. Now i have an idea, my blue A&F jeggings, imaginary cowboy or just beige boots, hair down with curls or even with another messy pony, peachy coral to even pink lipstick with lined eyes (upper lashes) and thick lashes.

 Multi Animal Print Bodycon - £25
I love (!!!) Animal Print just in general and as a skirt i think it is really cute. Maybe with a white or cream vintagey shirt (like the last top) and stilettos if your a heely person with a bright clutch. 
Rose Bud Tilly Top - £28
With high waisted shorts, some bright shoes, neautral makeup i can see myself wearing this! It is totally cute with the floral trend, cropped trend, white trend. If you can find a fault with this write it below, accept i can see one mini-flaw, is it going to be c-through in person?

Shirred Frill Blouse - £32
Vintage, ruffled, long, sheer. AMAZING. i love LOVE LOVE THIS TOP. 

Do you have any FABULOUS finds from topshop recently? 
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