Monday, 30 May 2011

Topshop Wish List

Hello my amazing followers and readers,

wowie 95 followers. NEARLY 100, i remember the ddays when i was stuck on 41 and 27 but now my blog is becoming..................bigger. And thank you so much for it! It means so much, it practically brings a tear to my eye, i love you all so much.....

Now let's get our beauty ooooooooon. I've been lookin at the topshop website and love a few things, so i shall show them here:

Blue Stripe Seersucker Ruffle Bikini - £28.50 
I think this bikini is really cute, i like the stripes and the ruffles and the horizontal stripes will take the eyes of your body flaws or uncertainties and focus on the ruffle detailing. perfect

Tan 3/4 Sleeve Blouse - £75
odd choice for me but i think it could look really cute with black leggings and black booties. I can even imagine myself wearing it with black leggings, black boots/booties, hair up in a messy pony, slightly bright lipstick, depending on the event either smokey makeup or just my collection 2000 eyeliner and mascara! I love it.

White Broderie Anglaise Zip Front Suntop - £23
I think this is adorable, maybe even with the next skirt. It is adorable, i don't really know how to wear it though? Blue skinny jeans and beige boots. Now i have an idea, my blue A&F jeggings, imaginary cowboy or just beige boots, hair down with curls or even with another messy pony, peachy coral to even pink lipstick with lined eyes (upper lashes) and thick lashes.

 Multi Animal Print Bodycon - £25
I love (!!!) Animal Print just in general and as a skirt i think it is really cute. Maybe with a white or cream vintagey shirt (like the last top) and stilettos if your a heely person with a bright clutch. 
Rose Bud Tilly Top - £28
With high waisted shorts, some bright shoes, neautral makeup i can see myself wearing this! It is totally cute with the floral trend, cropped trend, white trend. If you can find a fault with this write it below, accept i can see one mini-flaw, is it going to be c-through in person?

Shirred Frill Blouse - £32
Vintage, ruffled, long, sheer. AMAZING. i love LOVE LOVE THIS TOP. 

Do you have any FABULOUS finds from topshop recently? 
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  1. Adorable items, I adore the bikini! xo

  2. I'm always finding lovely things in Topshop.
    Love the rose bud t-shirt.

  3. definitely a fantastic wish list!! love the 3/4 sleeve blouse-its beautiful <3

  4. @val i know its so cute!

    @helen i'm always indecisive at topshop, but this time i actually like quite a tad to much x

    @augustalolita haha may i just say i love your GFC name, and that top is a must have but a pricey one infact x