Thursday, 2 June 2011

Victoria's Secret Wish List - Bikini Galore

Hiii Tulips,
Another day, another wish list. Today is an American classic summer shop of:
i, as usual, was admiring some amazing things on their website and decided to blog about it! - nothing odd there. Today there is a variety of cover-ups, bodycare and deffinately BIKINI'S....
shall we see my pics?

Retro One-Piece (black)

Off-The-Shoulder Tee Dress (Coral Crush)

Ombre Sequin Triangle Top

Neon Paisley Push Up Triangle Top (White - i only want the top to wear with white bottoms)

Sequin Embellished Triangle Top

Wild One Daily Body Wash 

Sweet Craving Indulgent Body Cream

Love Bitten Nourishing Body Lotion
Custom Tan Adjustable Self-Tan Lotion with Shimmer (btw this is Dulce from DulceCandy's Favourite)
(preffs in nude or black)
Floral T-Strap Sandal
Removal Bow-Suade Pump

well that's enough for now :)........

OOooh just a quick thing is that coming up I have a post i am REALLY EXCITED ABOUT since it is my own creation (in a french accent)...A homemade face CLEANSER, a harsh one but is good for oily skin or ones with declaration such as scaring, freckles or pigmentation. I use it to try to get rid of my freckles, which i dislike (No offence to all you freckle-lovin people and or have freckles), it doesn't get rid of them but does lighten them and removes redness also it is a miracle for new spots, i had a new red one which i accidentally scratched and now it completely has gone past the scabbing stage just from 15 mins of this treatment.



well au revoir mon amis, oh yeah i finished writing my end of year engligh essay so if you want to read it, comment below and i'll post it - it is a continuation essay from a part of Daphne De Maurier's, A Frenchmans' Creek

well now i do have to go so


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