Saturday, 29 January 2011

4 Things Tag

Today i'm doing a tag someone requested, the 4 things tag, it looks awesome so here it goes:

4 Things In my Bag:
- Pink Ipod Nano
- Mini Mirror Keyring
- Phone
- Starbucks Voucher

4 Things In My Purse:
- Money
- Boots Advantage Card
- Topshop Vouch
- Lush Receipt

4 Favourite Things in My Room 
- Wall Painting
- TeddyBear Light
- Books
- Lush Bag

4 Things You Always Wanted To Do:
- Be an architect
- Have a world famous blog
- Have a youtube
- Date Matt Lanter

4 Things I am Currently Into
- Cher Lloyd
- Bloggin
- Youtube 
- French

4 Things I bet you didn't know bout me:
- I have only ever been to one school 
- my cat is called Splat
- My dad lives in South Africa

4 Songs I cant geyd out of my head:
- Better Then Revenge - Taylor Swift
- Whip ma hair by willow smith
- turn my swag on by cher lloyd
- Empire State of mind by Glee

4 Shows You Watch:
- Pretty Little Liars
- 90210
- Glee
- Skins

4 Things Passionate About:
- Smily Emotiocons
- Anti-bullyign
- Losing Weight
- Makeup

4 Things You have learnt from past:
- Power = Selfishness
- You don;t know what u got till u lost it
- nobody is perfect
- Trying hard might not always lead to succeeding but at least you feel good.

4 Places You would like to visit:
- L.A 
 - Thailand
- Turkey
- Portugal

4 Things you did yesturday:
- Listen to my ipod
- watch my sister in drama performance
- maths homework
- breath 

4 Thigns Looking forward to:
- Chinease takeaway
- Birthday
- Party
- Brighton 

hope u have a good weekend xx wats ur 4's?

Friday, 28 January 2011

Hope-to-be Spring-Summer Trends 2011

Hello old chaps, or well young chaps for my younger readers like me - ahhh sorry for my annoying rambles - trying to get hold of them to make them smaller but a girl gotta say what a girls gotta say,

well let us find out what today's post is about:
(well what i forsee of it)

Trends, yes, holy trends pray to the lord. What do you think is going to be the next big thing? 
Colour block? Belts? Clogs? Acid Yellow?


wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE ruffles, pretty little things they are. They make a not-so-try-hard outfit look amazing! I LOVE THESE, and i think they could be a great addition to Spring/Summer 2011 Trends, just think bout it - girly dresses, heels, bags - clutches, hair accessories, TANK TOPS, skirts - the list is endless....


I think a 2 year comeback is in order, wow look at those bangles, the dresses, the shoes, the hair. PLEASE COME BACK FOR 2011.


I LOVE LACE, lace is added detail for those pretty little things we call: FASHION, i love it. U can wear it prettily and calmly like the 1st picture, or like a dramatic black swan taking the dance floor - aka 2nd picture. PLEASE BE IN FASHION 2011...

GRECIAN Dresses:
this dress is soooo cute, i love grecian dresses. the pastel colours, the one shouldered, THE DRAPING, big thing 2011 i hope..


sailor hasnt been a big trend for a few years, a few years ago it was RAGING. i hope it comes back, the stripes and the blues reds and white are soo cute, Jack Wills i heard is doing sailor themed spring - actually i know ive seen the catalogue :D


I LOVE THESE DRESSES, i think colour block is tooooooo harsh but these are soo cute.
i also tihnk as a sub-section:

accesories and hair:

big, bold n bright oversized bags

BIG CHUNKY pretty bangles

PLAITS, r think they are coming back

HOPE U ENJOY, what do u want to be big 2011 x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Would i do a youtube? Better question : would you like me to do a youtube?

Yes oh yes, the news has arrived to ALL OF YOU,

i'm quite excited for telling you all this, but i am probably starting a youtube, a beauty youtube. One of my best friends, Jeanette/JJ, had a blog, emphasis on the HAD called, the web html she does still own but EVERYTHING had been deleted, including the posts but she said she might start a youtube.

This idea interested me quite a lot, since i have thought of it many times, one time making a video but then realized i forgot my youtube password. I've chickened out many times but now i think it is time to face the facts.


Many people inspired me after I started a blog, one of my favourite bloggers who do follow me: Julie at made a youtube which i love - she is amazing i hope one day you come to london and you can do a meetup or something - PLEASE. She inspired me loads, with many other youtubers such as - Becca at , Beccy i think from , obvs Blair and Elle, Fleur at

I am still using my mothers computers though, but my BIRTHDAY, MY 13TH BIRTHDAY, is on February 5th - for any of you who like buying prezzies :) is very soon and i am getting a MacBook, from my dad. I'm so excited, i'm probs only going to use my Imovie or Photobooth, so not amazing qualitity but hey for a 12/13 year old ITS GOOD, well Jeanette's camera is amazing but oh well, thought that counts. I would probably making my videos very soon during the dates of 1st feb - 7th feb, obvs beauty related :D

Well as you can here i am pretty pumped but still nervous, i hope u all follow and watch and comment obviously i will still be blogging but youtube as well. 

I need to know one thing though:


Well now i have said the main news thought i would do just a quick FOTD :D....

i'm in my school gym kit so no point doing an OOTD so here it goes:

My hair:

inspired from a photo in the knitwear shoot for the Weekly News of the World fabulous magazing aka my bible, a one sided messy plait with an added flower.
For my face im wearing:

- Scarlet and Crimson Punk Your Eyes eyeliner for my upper lash line
- Eyelash curl

- Natural Collection Warm Pressed Powder using mac 249 brush i think the big blush brush by mac.
- Sephora blush in Classics Never Die Section using same brush

Lips -

- Collection 2000 colourstay dabbed on in Pink Shock
- Mac Syrup lipstick

Last but not least section is about my class's dance for our schools dance show

brief on dance show : years 7-10 + any gcse/a level dance to a routine with costumes etc...

Our class has terrible music but our dance is quite cool like its quite rhythmic - i do drums but im TERRIBLE with rhythm so if we had something like Pokerface by lady gaga our dance would be WICKED AWESOME, but our costumes were fitted today which i LOVE. in the middle of the dance we have cartwheels and stuff - not from me DUH dont u know me better then that im terrible at those so those people have priority of the 2 choices for costumes - we where different things. They have an AWESOME pink leopard print one knot tied shoulder dress but that weird stretchy material or , like me, have a velvety felty dark red mixture of colours one shoulder dress. it sounds eh but its nice on and quite slimming :). We started having a class convo once fitted about hair and makeup we decided we WANTED, a plait like french braid round the head then with a huge flower - preffs red which i already have. with matching lipstick and heavily lined eyes, i settled with a friend, Ella who is participating many ideas and kind of the head of it that i would try and find a photo 

so here are some pics we love:


we have settled on a lipstick:

Collection 2000's Colourstay Lipstick in queen of hearts, i've been on skype to Ella and Jeanette whilst writing this.

XXXX for today, birthday soon, and ttyl and see u soon youtube...

fyi :

youtube for my non uploaded video account -

Twitter - 

lusm x

Monday, 24 January 2011

I seriously diss: Rimmel's 60 Second Polish

hey everyone this is just a quickie (post - dont start going inappriopiate on me sucker),

well i dont like doing these posts, seriously i dont, but sometimes i feel like i have to! Today i'm dissing/disliking publically Rimmel's 60 Second Polish in 260 Funtime Fushia.


Lovely Colour
Nice-ish packaging
Easily accesible to buy
Range of many colours
good price

Discusting brush
ewwwwwwwy formula
terribly drying time - NOT 60 SECONDS
Ranges from eww to very eww.

I got this for a prezzie a while ago but never used it till saturday, well for an hour till re-paint a diff colour. I loved the colour but the 'PRECISE' brush was not so precise as i declare. I HATED IT, i thought it made the nail polish go on weirdly so i found another rimmel polish brush and swapped it thinking it would be better. NO. turns out it was the RUBBISH, NUL, TERRIBLE FORMULA!!!!! IT WAS EW. JUST UTTER EW, IT SMUDGED AT ANYTHING and just looked common and tacky. complete eww. just utter ew, do not buy...

1/10 - one = pretty colour BUT NOT ON NAILS


well g2g cause im bout to have a LUSH BATH with Frog Prince by the valentines collection, might do a review

au revior my fellow bloggers,

ur comments and follows bring me joy....

btw i reccomend these books (might do one of these weekly)

The Enemy - ????
Bang Bang You're Dread- N. Mandeer (i tink)
Pretty Little Liars - Sara Sheppard

Wants to read - 13 Reasons Why

Sunday, 23 January 2011

My Weekend.

Hello hello hello hello hello my beautiful followers and readers,
I had such an amazing weekend, it  started of with waking up early on saturday to get my hair done for my friend's batmizfah, i loved it it was taylor swift inspired, in a few weeks i would have pictures up (new computer for my bday), picture below:

it looked quite similar and i liked it very much, then my friend Elle came round so we can get ready and my makeup was quite similar to Taylor's aswell.
The girl whose batty it was looked AMAZING, she looked like a fairy wearing this BRIGHT pink dress which was tight at the top with a tutu bottom half WOW, with diamantes on. The party room was decorated pink, with a photobooth - yes i was there a lot, pictures soooon. Well at around 11pm an announcement came on so we all rushed to the stage and guess who came on:

i do love them very so, so me and my 2 friends (Grace and Millie) did get to the front first and YES, Harry Styles held my hand (!!!!!!), Liam held it and so did Zayne, and guess what is sitting in my room right now. NIAL'S DRUNKEN FROM WATER BOTTLE, Grace to Harry's before i could :(. 
I was soo happy!
and Zayne smiled at me many many times and Harry held my hand for like 10 minutes, i was so happy. He literally held out his hand at me and i grabbed it and never let go till my friend pulled me off cause his finger started going white since i was holding it to hard :/ oh well it was fun and romantic.


and in less then 2 weeks it is my BIRTHDAY! x so exspect a lot coming up, reviews, disses,looks and hauls 
! xxxx